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Top 10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers of 2024


Investing real money in prison servers earns rewards for players. There are a lot of additional features, such as access to unique mines, more expensive items, etc. You can choose from an array of Best Minecraft Prison Servers/Minecraft jail servers. They can all provide you with a fun and profitable gaming experience. Many modern features on servers make gameplay a lot more enjoyable.

If you’re still undecided, you’ve come to the right place. Nonetheless, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers, which we’re confident you’ll enjoy.

Top Best Minecraft Prison Servers of 2024

The majority of prison servers begin with maps that are crowded and limited. To rise through the ranks, you will need to earn and spend money. You can access the entire map once you reach the top level. In each map, there are PvP and battle zones. Overall, it’s a lot of fun to play on the prison server. Let’s see which Minecraft Prison servers are the best to play on.

MC Prison

There is no way to begin this list without mentioning one of the very first prison servers. The MC Prison server is a well-known and popular one. Thanks to this server’s flexibility, you can accomplish nearly anything in prison. You will find prison cells guarding gangs on the premises, among other things. As one of the oldest prisons in the country, it is also very exciting.

IP Address: mc.prisonfun.com

Purple Prison

Purple Prison is the best prison server if you’re looking for the best. The Purple Prison game mode is where players level up through mining, building, and trading. At first, it is quite basic. On the server, massive PvP activities are conducted four times a day.

Prison servers in Minecraft are best to run on Purple Prison. Additionally, the Purple Prison Server’s exceptionally well-kept community contributes to its popularity. The server is quite popular. The server has gained the support of many individuals. It is definitely worth a try.

IP Address: purpleprison.com


There are no bugs or lag on this OP-Prison server. The crew is amazing as well. This server is cutting edge in terms of innovation. Everything is so exciting. Even experienced players will discover something new and exciting on this map.

Some of the fascinating enchantments available on the server include explosive pickaxes, lightning pickaxes, etc.

IP Address: play.jailsmc.net


The Pluteria server is yet another excellent prison server. This server has numerous exciting options that can keep you entertained for hours. The server is an online prison where you can play Minecraft.

The game set in space has ten levels that players can progress through. As they do so, planets become available to them. The majority of the game’s time will be spent mining resources on the planets. That’s great.

IP Address: play.pluteria.com


MiningSuperior is a network for the future. It was designed with player input in mind. New concepts are added all the time. Transparency was the top priority. It has proven to be one of the most popular servers when it comes to prison games.

IP Address: minesuperior.com

OP Blocks

Minecraft’s OP Blocks is a candy-filled prison. This may seem odd at first. It’s actually pretty cool. You will be able to unlock colorful candy mines as you climb the ranks.

Everything works out smoothly, so nothing is unusual. This server is perfect for anyone seeking something unique and interesting. Several users have expressed their satisfaction with it. You may also enjoy it.

IP Address: play.opblocks.com


It’s definitely worth trying out this server. The community is very active and regular updates are provided. It’s possible to enchant objects, level up, buy crates, even get married on this server.

IP Address: server.mineville.org


OP-Prison server WildPrison is attractive. A custom build, weekly payouts, and custom enchantments are included.

IP Address: play.wildprison.net


You can experience Skyblock at its best with TritonPVP. Featuring configurable islands, missions, and visual borders, this is a one-of-a-kind server.

IP Address: play.tritonpvp.net

Minecraft Central

Server Minecraft Central takes pride in keeping its content up-to-date. New seasons are introduced on a regular basis as well. The server has personalized content and rewards for voting, so it is worth looking at.

IP Address: mccentral.org


This is about the 10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers. Now, you can pick any of them and enjoy playing Minecraft.

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