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Different Minecraft Biomes: List of All Biomes


Minecraft is a very famous game that you might know. In 2022, there were more than 170 million active monthly users. Due to the new updates, features, and exciting gameplay, the game is getting more and more love from the players. In the game, you get to know about the term Biome. The Biome is a Minecraft region with unique geography, environment, plants, and other characteristics. The biomes in Minecraft can be of any environment, like deserts or forests.

The players constantly struggle to find the best biome for building something, finding, etc. In this post, we will list all the Different Minecraft Biomes by which you can get the things you are looking for. Be with us till the end to learn more about the Different Minecraft Biomes.

What is Minecraft Biomes?


The Minecraft Biomes are a location that has their own temperature, geography, humidity, erosion, etc. These are based on the different environments such as forests, deserts, etc. The biomes have different scenes that you will surely love. We have listed the Different Minecraft Biomes below, so check them.

All Biomes List in Minecraft

Here are the different Minecraft Biomes that the players should know.



Plains are one of the common biomes that you will find in Minecraft. This type of biome is treeless, and the mobs that spawn here are pigs, sheep, cows, and horses. You will also get to see Sunflowers as they grow here. You will be able to find Sunflowers only in the Sunflower Plains.



There are three types of Jungle biomes that you will find in the game. The first one will be the normal one, the second is the Jungle Edge biome, and the third is the bamboo jungle. The normal jungle will be simple, whereas the Jungle Edge Biome is a mix of the transition from jungle biomes to others. The Bamboo Jungle is nothing but a mixture of large bamboo trees. You will also find the Pandas here.


The Forest is one of the best biomes that you will find in Minecraft. In the Forest, you will find many trees that you can use to harvest wood. Some other Forests include flowers, Oak, and Birch. You will also see the different colors of trees in the Forest. It might be light or dark. Along with it, you will also be able to find mushrooms that will be large in size.


The Mountain biome includes a lot of stone, floating islands, spires, and alcoves. It is one of the places where you can find emeralds, which will be great for trading with the villagers. There are different types of Mountain Biomes that you will find in Minecraft. One of them is Wooden and Gravel Mountain Biomes. In Gravel Mountain, you can get a lot of gravel blocks. Similarly, in Wooden Mountain, everything will be of wood.


Desert biomes include cacti, brown rabbits, dead bushes, sand, and sandstone. There you will be able to find desert villages, pillagers’ outposts, temples, and lakes.



Taiga Biome is a combination of jungle and forest biomes. It has trees and ferns. The Taigas are where you can find foxes, wolves, sweet berry bushes, villages, and much more. You will also find a variety of large spruce trees in it.

Snowy Tundra

Snowy Tundra

The Snowy Tundra is a biome that is covered with snow all over. You will also find water there, along with polar bears and rabbits.

Ice Spikes 

If you want to see big spikes of Ice, then you will surely love the Ice Spikes biome. These are large structures and clumps of ice scattered around the trees.


The Swamp biome is one of the most beautiful biomes, but surviving here is very difficult. It is because the slime spawns here at night, which makes survival difficult.


In the Savannah biomes, you will be herds of horses, llamas, acacia trees, and the Villages and pillagers’ outposts. There are different types of Savannah, and you can find deep lakes, waterfalls, random craters, etc, here.


You will find beaches whenever an ocean combines with another biome. Here you will find sand, sugar cane, shipwrecks, turtles, and much more.


The Badlands are made of gold and red sand. This biome is abandoned mineshafts. Here the hostile mobs spawn at night. There are different types of Badlands Biome. You will also find Wooded Badlands Biome in the game.

Stone Shores

Stone Shores are made whenever the mountainous biome are created near the ocean. It is small in size.

Mushroom Islands

Mushroom Islands are very rare to find in the game. It is usually generated in the ocean, far from the other biome.


You will see five different types of ocean biome. The first is the basic ocean which includes seagrass, help, and fish. The next is the Warm ocean which will look vibrant. These oceans have pufferfish, dolphins, and tropical fish. The next ocean is the Lukewarm ocean which does not contain coral reefs but has seagrass and kelp. The other two oceans are the Cold Ocean and the Frozen Ocean. The cold ocean contains dolphins, cod, and salmon, whereas the frozen ocean contains polar bears on the surface of the water.


River biomes are made through the cut of multiple biomes containing sugar cane, sand, clay, salmon, and squid. However, only a few hostile mobs spawn here. You will also find the Frozen Ocean, but it doesn’t have snow.

The Nether

The Nether is another beautiful biome, and you will also love this scene. It contains mobs such as blaze, piglins, hoglins, and ghasts congregate. The Nether has also been updated to include multiple biomes, including Soul Sand Valleys and Crimson Forests.

The End

There are five types of The End biomes. Several smaller islands and areas surround this type of biome. The End biomes are smaller and float between voids and more significant parts of The End. You will find the scene very lovely when you visit this biome.

Wrapping Up

We know that you were excited to learn about all the different Minecraft Biomes. In this post, we have listed all the different Minecraft Biomes. We hope you will surely love them. That’s it. Comment down your favorite biome that you liked the most.


1. What is the rarest biome in Minecraft?

The rarest biome in Minecraft is the mushroom Field.

2. What are the five end biomes?

Following are the five end biomes:

  • The End.
  • End midlands.
  • End barrens.
  • End highlands.
  • Small end islands.

3. What is the oldest biome in Minecraft?

The plains biome is the oldest in Minecraft. This biome consists of grass and dirt only.


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