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How to Make Netherite Sword in Minecraft 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Netherite swords are the most powerful in Minecraft, requiring a complex crafting process.
  • Obtaining Netherite involves mining ancient debris in the Nether, smelting it, and combining with gold ingots.
  • To create a Netherite sword, players need a diamond sword, a Netherite ingot, and a smithing table for upgrading.

In Minecraft, swords are considered melee weapons. They are used in close combat with mobs. And, the netherite sword should be one of your ultimate Minecraft goals if you are a true hardcore fan. It is by far the most powerful sword available in the game.

However, everything has a price. Because making it is tough. And there are many steps involved.

But, don’t worry. Here will explain how to make a netherite sword in Minecraft.

How to Make Netherite Sword in Minecraft 2022

How to Make Netherite Weapons in Minecraft

Minecraft emphasizes the importance of armor and weapons. It is especially important when the difficulty of the game is hard.

And, against hostile mobs in a game, the items used for crafting weapons and armor make a huge difference.

Generally, Netherite-made weapons are the most durable and do the most damage. Netherite can be obtained by ancient mining debris that appears in the Nether.

And it can spawn anywhere between Y levels 8 and 119. But, it mainly spawns at Y 15 and higher.

How to Get Netherite?

A Netherrite weapon in Minecraft can only be obtained by having four ancient debris blocks.

The ancient Debris needs to be smelted to obtain netherite scrap once it consists of four blocks.

In the crafting table, players can combine the four pieces of Netherite scrap with four gold ingots to create a Netherite ingot.

There is also a recipe book in which they can find the recipe for Netherite ingots.

Things Required

Directly making a Netherite Sword is not possible. It must be made of diamonds. And, after that, you must upgrade it.

It can also float in lava. And, it deals 9 damage with 4.5 hearts (in Bedrock Edition). The Java Edition deals with 8 health points (4 hearts).

To make the Netherrite Sword in Minecraft, you only need two things.

  • 1 Diamond Sword
  • 1 Netherite Ingot

A smithing table is needed for this. And, if you don’t already have one, don’t worry. We’ll show you how.

The easiest way to make Netherite Ingots is to mine Ancient Debris in the Nether. Next, you have to make Netherite Scrap.

Netherite ingots can then be produced by mixing the scraps of netherite with gold ingots.

How to Craft Smithing Table

It can also be said that this is one of the main parts of Making Netherite Sword in Minecraft. There are only two things you need to make a Smithing Table.

  • 4 Wood Planks
  • 2 iron Ingots

You can now open your crafting table. Put the items on the table as shown below. Move the Smithing Table to your inventory.

It converts diamond gear into netherite gear. Also, it can be used to make any villager a toolsmith.

The smithing table can also be controlled by the following commands:

Java Edition 1.14 and higher command: /give @p smithing_table 1
PE, Xbox One, Switch, Win 10, Education Edition: /give @p smithing_table 1 0

Mining Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris is commonly found in the Nether at Y=15. So, pick up diamond debris with a diamond pickaxe of at least II.

However, lava can be encountered while mining. For this reason, multiple fire resistance potions are recommended.

Ancient Debris can also be found in some Chests found in Bastion Remnants.

Build Netherite Scraps

A furnace or a blast furnace is needed in order to make Netherite scraps. The first step is to open your furnace.

Then, insert Ancient Debris into the box on top of the furnace. And, fill the bottom fuel box with any fuel item. Then, place Netherite Scrap into your inventory.

At least four Netherite scraps are required. You will also receive 2 experience points.

Build Netherite Ingot

The final form of Netherite needed to make the Netherite Sword in Minecraft is this.

And, in the crafting table, you need to combine four gold ingots and four netherite scraps to make netherite ingots.

Mining gold ore requires an Iron Pickaxe or higher, otherwise, it won’t drop anything.

There are also some chests in Bastion Remnant that contain Netherite Ingots. And, you can receive six netherite ingots if you have a Netherite block.

Next, we will make a diamond sword using the Netherite sword recipe in Minecraft.

Make Diamond Sword

Diamond swords have +7 damage. And, there are only two materials needed to make a diamond sword.

  • 2 Diamonds
  • 1 Stick

These two should be placed on the crafting table. Then, take the Diamond Sword from the inventory to the crafting table.

Diamond Sword can also be found in Ender City. Now, all our tasks have been completed.

So, let’s build the Netherite Sword in Minecraft.

Make Netherite Sword

Let’s now make a Netherite Sword in Minecraft. The Nether update introduced this weapon. And, this is the strongest sword in Minecraft. Also, it deals more damage.

Netherrite weapons also have the benefit of not being destroyed by lava.

Then, open your Smithing Table, and place the diamond sword in the first box. then, add the netherite ingots to the second box of the smithing table.

Final Words

We hope that now you know the exact steps on how to make a netherite sword in Minecraft. Thanks for reading this article. We hope that you found it valuable.


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