KissAnime was one of the best Anime streaming websites for a long time. But some time due to crashes and bans it goes down from the web and no anime or cartoons are available. Thus millions of people have reported the issue like why it goes down and what are the alternatives to such a website that goes down and what’s the reason. And today officially kissanime and kissmanga shut down after a long decade of serving on the internet.

(12+) Best KissAnime & KissManga FREE Alternatives of 2020

The Whole KissAnime site is operated and owned by KissCartoon Network, an
overseas firm that mostly hosts their website in potential areas where there are no enforced copyright Laws. It has a variety of content but has dedicated it
to Read Manga, Korean Drama TV series, comics, and cartoons.

As we told you, millions of people have been reporting and finding answers to
the question of why it goes down for a while for no reason. Thus KissAnime is
not a perfect website, and moreover, there is no ideal website to watch free Anime and cartoons available. There are pros and cons to every other website available on the web. So does KissAnime.

Why does KissAnime & KissManga Shut Down?

As on visiting such website, hundreds of advertisements are loading, and several pop-ups interrupt in between, thousands of users have reported that the KissAnime website has downloaded viruses through these pop-ups and advertisements.

Because sites like these get money by showing ads over them, and pop-ups, as you know pop-ups are loaded using JavaScript files which can be spread by hackers to intrude into your system. Since the adverts are not being shown under Google’s Advertisement network, thus, these can be a way to breach into your systems.

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KissAnime & KissManga Alternatives

1. WatchCartoonOnline

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Here a site that is much similar to KissAnime in our list with a clean and simple interface to interact with. Even kids can easily interact with the site and redirect themselves through to watch what they want to watch. It doesn’t show any adult related Adverts. Thus it’s a better and safe option for kids.

2. Anime Freak


Its supposed to be dedicated to Anime series. Thus it’s the best site to watch your anime series on KissAnime. It’s as popular as Anime Freak in the Anime category. Moreover, traffic around 26 million visits KissAnime to watch their preferences and mostly comes from the UK and the US.


3. AnimePahe


AnimePahe takes over cartoon series sections to better extinct for users. These guys do have a small library and limited options but if you can find what you want, then its always a win-win situation.

But on this website, you will be redirected to different sites several times; thus, the experience is a bit of a lower grade on it. Around 5 million users come across this website residing in the US, UK, Canada, etc.


4. CartoonsOn


It’s one of the best alternatives to KissAnime, but alongside that disadvantage is that it only puts Anime as content and nothing else. But it depicts as a paradise for Anime lovers. That why it doesn’t have much traffic acting upon it only the Anime lovers.



As the name suggests it’s a site for the Cartoon lovers out there, there is no section for Anime. Thus you get a vast collection filled with cartoons. Moreover, the redirection experience and the interface seems much better than the other sites.

It also includes a “Lights Off” feature that lets you focus only on the video that you want to watch and removes rest of the content present on the screen making it a much better experience for the user. All the content is present in HD quality for you to enjoy.


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It’s the same as KimCartoon, but with a different domain name, as because of the massive traffic on the other servers like one can redirect himself/herself on to this one to get a similar experience.


7. AnimeRhina alternative 2019

AnimeRhina is also one of the great platforms for Anime lovers. With a decent collection of anime and cartoon titles. You can go through the website with the help of Header directions and labels as Anime, Cartoons, Movies, and much more.

It has a good interface for user interaction, and everyone can easily use it. It has a convenient extension as downloadable content. It is not a slow site due to less traffic on it, and it has only 1-1.5 million users visiting over monthly statistics.


8. 9Anime

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This website is dedicated to cartoon lovers where you can get a huge collection of cartoon series. It also allows you the opportunity to search your desired cartoons in the search bar.

The user experience of this website is good enough; however, you will be directed to another site for advertisement purposes, which can be ignored because they get opened in another tab.


“These may be some not so Legit sites, but there are many Legit options also present on the web. Some are”

9. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network

Well, who doesn’t remember Cartoon Network? Everyone loves Cartoon Network since starting, and now they have come up with their website. It’s a phenomenal site for watching cartoons. It also provides some web-based games for children. It has an elegant interface, and excellent user experience can be expected from the users, and it gives the same.

Cartoon Network doesn’t provide you with any malware, also no pop-up windows to interrupt your screening. Furthermore being a legitimate website, it has an excellent Video Player that creates a friendly vibe for your experience.

10. Disney Now

Disney Now
Disney Now

It also offers content for free. As many of you might already have thought about Disney Now. Hence it only provides the shows that Disney provides, and the cartoon titles are limited. But the overall experience you get is irreplaceable and very smooth.

11. Netflix

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Who doesn’t know Netflix in 2023? 70% of the content consumption media is enjoying their shows, movies on Netflix, which already makes it a superb streaming platform. They target the audience of each category, whether kids, youth, adults, etc.

It has a seamless user experience and A-class HDR+ support for phones, tablets, etc. It also supports Ultra HD 4K for some Television models to enjoy your shows on. It has a minimal subscription amount that lets you get an unbelievable experience all over the content available.

You can easily find whatever you want to watch in the search section. Also, since everything is categorized, getting what you do is easier.

12. Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime

Alike Netflix, Amazon Prime is a streaming platform offered by Amazon itself that also holds its own charm. Amazon Prime is one of the best online screening platforms along with Netflix to consume content from. Like Netflix, it even starts with a minimal subscription and lets you watch your favorite cartoons, TV Series, shows, and whatnot.

The user experience is top-class, and the content is of the topmost quality. The interface is minimal with exquisite smoothness, that allows the user to keep addicted to the platform alongside the content they want to watch. It has everything sorted for kids, olds, and young ones.

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At the bottom:

Well, this is pretty much with the list of all the similar sites like KissAnime & KissManga 2023 where you can find your favorite cartoons. After a long tiring day, watching cartoons can make you feel better and may lighten up your day as well.  So for the final verdict, we would call for streaming everything on a legit platform other than KissAnime & KissManga and websites like these.

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