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Top 23 WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives Sites of 2024


Quick Overview
  • Top 23 WatchCartoonOnline alternatives sites for 2024 offer a variety of options to stream cartoons and anime for free in high quality, catering to nostalgic viewers seeking a throwback to their favorite childhood shows
  • Websites like KissAnime, YouTube, and CartoonCrazy provide a diverse range of content with user-friendly interfaces and options for ad-free viewing or premium plans
  • Platforms such as Disney Junior, Vimeo, and Comedy Central also offer extensive cartoon libraries and additional features to enhance the viewing experience, ensuring a trip down memory lane for cartoon enthusiasts in 2024.

Cartoons are Amazing? Isn’t it? Tell me which was your favourite cartoon series that you can watch anytime and anywhere. I know after crawling lots of websites related to Anime Sites to Stream Anime for Free in High Quality, Finally, you have landed to the right article. Here in this article, We have added Top Best Alternatives for WatchCartoonOnline in HD and 4K Quality in 2024.

Top 23 WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives Sites of 2019
WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives | itechhacks

Let’s Relive the Good Old Days?

Waking up late in the morning, having your favorite meal for breakfast, sitting in front of the TV for the whole day, watching our favorite anime and cartoons, going out to play in the evening with our friends, and then finally calling it a  day. Kind of the best routines I used to have in childhood. Oh! I really miss those days when life was really that simple.

When it was all about watching cartoons, our favorite cartoons! Cartoons were really the escape route from the stressful life of childhood. (Which, by the way, we miss when we’ve grown up)

Watching cartoons was the only entertainment we had, no? 🙂 Like sit around like lazy sloth bears and watch cartoons all day long and no one used to say anything. And now, when we are engrossed in our phones, our parents want to burn that thing down right away. (Which is no hidden fact, let’s face it!)

Now that we are stating the facts, let’s say one more that life isn’t getting easier. It just gets more and more tiresome day by day. And to add more spice, it is the interesting people that we have in our lives. (Just kidding… 😆 No offense to anyone).

I am sure by now you must have realized that life is really very complicated. When we should actually be enjoying our life as a child, we wish to be grown-up. And when we are all grown-up, now we want to go back to those carefree days. I, for one, wish for nothing more but the carefree days.

Watch Cartoon Online

Well, now that I have started to really think of it, cartoons were not just an escape route but also the center of our universe. I mean that was our life all about, wasn’t it? At least, mine was! 😕 

I am seriously ready to trade everything that I have for those carefree days. For all, I know that is the best phase of anyone’s life. That is the phase when we’re innocent. However, in this process of growing up, we learned the hardships of life, and this made our life nothing but more and more and more complicated.

In these complications of life, we’ve forgotten to appreciate the little things in life. Little things like playing in the rain or dancing around for no reason at all.

It is very easy to make children happy, you see? To them, life is about little things. They do not care if they have more money or they don’t even care about the status of fellow beings. All that matters to them is their TV because that’s where the cartoons come, no?


They get so involved in these cartoons that their lives start to encircle around them so much so that they follow their routines as per the timings of their favorite cartoons.

To be honest, when I see my 6-year-old cousin doing the same thing as I did in my childhood, my mind wanders and always lands upon the same question (EVERY TIME) – “When did life get so complicated?” “Where are all the good days gone?

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WatchCartoonOnline.io Reviews & About?

Today, all the adults can worry about is working, meeting deadlines, and in some cases, how to raise their children, and the list is never-ending. We all have something or the other going on in our lives, and it makes our life not any simpler.

If it were ever in my hands, all I will do is make adulthood simpler. No pressure, just work so that you can earn and sustain a livelihood. No luxuries, nothing. Trust me when I say this, all this sounds like a fairy tale to me.

Neither fairy tales ever come true nor we could go back in time; the real question is so what do we do? Just live our life with this much pressure and probably die soon because of it? Clearly, that’s not my idea of an idea, and I am really hoping it’s not yours too.

What we should actually focus on is how to make our lives better. What to do which could not only make our lives bearable but also a little more entertaining. By entertainment, I really do not mean all those nasty people we have in our lives.

What I mean by entertainment is – How can we add a few seconds, minutes, and hours of joy to our lives? I do it by watching cartoons, frankly.

However, there is one glitch to this as well. The cartoons which used to be telecasted in those days are not on TV anymore. And trust me, these new cartoons won’t give you that kind of satisfaction which we used to get back then.

Since nothing is impossible and for every glitch, there is a solution. We have an answer right in our hands to watch our favourite cartoons anytime, and most importantly, anywhere.

And that my dear reader is the sole purpose of this article – To let you know the best alternatives to watch cartoons online of 2024.

So now, without any further details, let me walk you through these fantastic websites where you can watch your favorite cartoons online in HD and have a chance to relive those golden days, which sadly would never come back.

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WatchCartoonOnline Website Alternative 2024

1. KissAnime


This is one of the best and popular anime or cartoon series streaming platform where you can watch almost all the latest and old anime and a few cartoon series as well.

To get yourself free from the ads, you surely can buy its premium plan, in which you can watch your favorite series without any interruption.

The site accepts the request for anime and cartoon titles which aren’t included in the library.

Website: https://www.kiss-anime.ws/

2. YouTube


One of the oldest and the most popular website to watch videos online. The site is the best to observe any kind of videos you wish to watch and most importantly, it allows the user to download the videos as well. Not only to view or download but also YouTube is the best platform to upload your own videos. This is one of the best video search engines offered to you.

Website: https://youtube.com

3. CartoonCrazy


CartoonCrazy is another app which offers you a series of anime and cartoons. This app is a better option for English dubbed anime. It provides the user with a big library for the latest anime. The app has an okay experience of interface and user experience. It allows you to watch anime and cartoons in the highest quality possible. The domain name is not stable though, it changes many times.

Website: https://www.cartooncrazy.tv/

4. ToonJet


ToonJet is of the popular website to watch cartoons online for free. This site lets you watch cartoons without any registration. To get yourself additional options, you have the opportunity to sign up as well.

Signing up gives allows you to have your own profile page and also you can comment on cartoons and rate them.

Website: https://www.toonjet.com/

5. AnimePahe


This is just another one of the best websites for anime lovers which offer the users several subbed and dubbed anime. Another, WatchCartoonOnline Alternative, The best part about this is that its home is ad-free and are easy to understand. This website shows the latest released anime on its homepage.

The site is quite reasonable for interface and user experience. It also provides you with the thumbnail and title of anime, and once you click on it, there it is… your favorite anime.

Website: https://animepahe.com/

6. CartoonsOn


This website provides you with your favorite cartoon series. This website offers a small library and if you have an available picture on the internet, then bam! You have an outstanding chance to watch the cartoons on the website.

The user experience is not that great though because it directs you to other websites and ads which ruins your streaming experience.

This website is an alternative to KissCartoon and has around 5 million users from all over the world.

Website: https://www.cartoonsons.com/

7. Anime Flavor

Anime Flavor
Anime Flavor

This is one of the websites for you to watch anime online for free. The site is organized in alphabetical order where you can just tap on your favorite anime, and there you go… watch your favorite anime. Also, you will be provided with some information about the anime and its summary.

It also has the list of popular websites on the top of the site from where you can pick any of them to watch it.

Also, it has a number of cartoons to watch without signing up at any time.

Website: https://animeflavor.com

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8. 9Anime.to

masterani.me alternative 2019

This website is dedicated to cartoon lovers where you can get a huge collection of cartoon series. It also allows you with the opportunity to search your desired cartoons in the search bar.

The user experience of this website is good enough; however, you will be directed to another site for advertisement purposes, which can be ignored because they get opened in another tab.

The best feature of this app is “Light off” because it removes all the unwanted things, and only the video is played on the screen.

Website: https://9Anime.to

9. Disney Junior

Disney Junior
Disney Junior

Where the magic begins – the slogan of Disney junior. This website is for adults where they can find all the cartoons online without any payment.

The user interface is also straightforward. Here you can search for your favorite cartoons and enjoy watching them – relive the good days.

Other than this, there are additional services such as games, a music bar, and the ability to download cartoon apps, and more.

Website: https://disneyjunior.disney.in/

10. OtakuStream

Disney Junior
Disney Junior

This again is one of the best websites to watch the latest anime online. It also offers you a feature of Light/Dark which you can select as per day and night.

This app is known to have the best interface and user experience and doesn’t send any ads on its home page. The users are provided with the opportunity to sign up with Facebook or Twitter. You can search your favorite anime in the search bar and have your own gala time.

Website: https://otakustream.tv/anime/

11. Adventure Time

Adventure Time
Adventure Time

This website exclusively offers you all the adventure time videos in the U-HD 1080p video quality.

The site is easy to navigate for users, and it is specifically dedicated to a series.

12. SuperCartoons


The website is user-friendly where you can watch over thousand classic cartoons online for free of cost.

On this website, you can watch all the old animated Disney tunes and all those cartoons which you may have long forgotten by now.

The menu is clear and in the search bar, you can search for cartoons by typing the name of the characters as well.

What attracts the user is that they don’t have to download anything or register yourself before watching your favorite cartoons.

Website: https://www.supercartoons.net/

13. AnimeShow

Top 5 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites of 2018 | itechhacks Animation Japanese Series

This is another website to stream tons of anime worldwide where you can search for your favorite anime.

Though it has a big library of anime, this website is not liked much because of the pop-up ads when you click on the site.

Website: https://www.animeshow.tv/

14. Watch Anime Dub

Watch Anime Dub
Watch Anime Dub

This is another website for animes and cartoons where the domain name only indicates anime, however, URL of this domain is different.

This website is categorized like Dubbed cartoon, dubbed anime, movies, etc.

Besides this, the app has an excellent interface and user experience.

Website: https://watchcartoononline.cc/

15. Vimeo

Alternative for YouTube

This is one of the largest websites for watching videos. This website allows you to create, watch, share, and download cartoons for free. To get the benefit of additional features, you can also go premium.

Website: https://vimeo.com/

16. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network

This website offers exclusively all the cartoon network content and several web-based games for kids. This website provides you with an excellent interface and user experience since you do not get any pop-up ads.

Besides this, it has an excellent video player which enhances your streaming experience.

Website: https://www.cartoonnetwork.com/

17. Hulu

Top 5 Best Hulu Shows & Series To Watch Now!
Best Hulu Shows & Series

This website allows you to watch cartoons online for free of cost. It also provides you with the best quality videos which can be accessed without any glitches.

However, this website isn’t accessible in all parts of the world. To use it anywhere, one must have to use a VPN.

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18. Disney Now

Disney Now
Disney Now

This website offers its content only, so it’s limited. The user experience is excellent, and on top of it, this website has an ad-free platform.

Website: https://disneynow.com/

19. Cartoons8


This website offers you all those fun and exciting series which you may start loving from the very start of it. The site has a list for you of all the top cartoons and the most viewed ones as well.

Also, you will find subbed and dubbed cartoons.

21. MasterAni.me

Best Masterani.me Alternatives
Best Masterani.me Alternatives | itechhacks

This website is a good platform to watch anime and cartoons. It has it all categorized for you – popular, recent, being watched and whatnot!

The website has an excellent interface and the homepage s without ads, which the users like the most.

The categorization of this website has made it user-friendly and thus recommended among the major countries like the US and UK.

22. Comedy Central

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

With this website, you will have a vast collection of animated videos and cartoon series. You need not download anything or sign up anywhere. Here, you will watch your favorite series such as South Park, Ugly Americans, Drawn Together and many more.

Website: https://www.cc.com/

23. Disney Video

Disney Video
Disney Video

This website is one of the most magnificent for those who prefer anime. This site also allows you to watch Disney videos from several channels on this site. You will also have recommendations that are totally worth watching.

You can also watch clips and trailers of your favorite Disney movies.

Website: https://video.disney.com/

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Well, this is pretty much with the list of all the similar sites like watchcartoononline 2024 where you can find your favorite cartoons.

After a long tiring day, watching cartoons can make you feel better and may lighten up your day as well.

Amongst these options, you might as well pick the best one for yourself so that you can give yourself a treat because I know you work really hard, dear reader, and also, you want to go back in time just to watch these shows. I hope that you find your favorite cartoons here and have your own gala time. Happy Watching! 

I love surfing the web in search of different exciting things & write about Movies, News and Gadgets and that’s the reason I have started writing for itechhacks.


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