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How To Watch Netflix Together from Remote Distance Online


Quick Overview
  • Netflix offers a variety of content for shared viewing experiences, even when physically apart
  • Utilize the Netflix Party extension on Chrome for synchronized viewing on computers
  • Use the Rave app on Android and iOS to watch Netflix together by sharing links and streaming simultaneously on multiple devices

In today’s world, where physical distance often separates us from our loved ones, finding ways to stay connected is more important than ever. Netflix, a global leader in streaming entertainment, offers a plethora of content that can be enjoyed together, even when miles apart. We’re here to guide you through the innovative ways to watch Netflix together online, transforming your remote movie nights into a shared, enjoyable experience.

How To Watch Netflix Together from Remote Distance Online
Watch Netflix Together from Remote Distance Online

Watching movies/TV shows is one of the hobbies of numerous people around the world! Many new movies and many new episodes are released every day for people to watch in theaters or on their television sets. Apart from these, people also stream movies and TV shows online. Netflix is one such media streaming website where you can find almost every movie and TV show. You can use the app version of this website to stream movies/TV shows on your smartphones.

There are quite a few people who like to watch their movies/TV shows alone. But, there are also some people who do it in pairs. For those people, it is not always possible to be beside each other every time they are watching a movie or a show. There can be situations where one person is at some other place or couples who are in a long-distance relationship!

To overcome this difficulty of faraway, you can make use of methods which allow you to watch Netflix together even when not present at the same place! These methods are listed below.

Note: Before you go ahead with any of the methods listed below, you must have an active Netflix account and you must also know your username and password! Without a Netflix account, you cannot stream videos on either of the devices.

How to Remotely watch Netflix together on your Computers?

#1 Netflix Party Extension:

People who watch Netflix on their computer can download and install Netflix Party extension on their Google Chrome browser. Then, go to the Netflix website and start streaming the video that you wish to watch together. Now, tap on the Netflix Party icon and share the link with your friend. The same video will start streaming on your friend’s device.

Both the devices will now be synchronized and if any of the people pause the video, the same action will take place in other person’s device. In such a way, you can start watching Netflix together remotely!

How to Remotely watch Netflix together on your Android & iOS?

Note: If you are using the same account to stream videos on both the devices, your Netflix account should be able to stream videos on two screens at the minimum.

There is an app designed for Android as well as iOS devices and is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively. The name of this app is Rave. Android users can download it from HERE and iOS users can download it from HERE.

The steps to be executed are as follows:

Step 1- Download and install the Rave app on both your smartphones depending on your operating system.

Step 2- Launch the app on your smartphone. Now, you can either join a Rave or create your own Rave and let others join you.watch Netflix together on your Android & iOS

Step 3- Click on ‘Netflix‘ from various options such as YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, etc. Now, log into your Netflix account by entering your username and password (You only have to log into your account once when you are new to this app).

Step 4- Search for the movie/TV show which you wish to watch together on Netflix. Be patient till the video starts streaming. Now, immediately pause the video since you need to share the link of the video with the person whom you are watching it with!watch Netflix together on your Android & iOS

Step 5- To share the link, click on the ‘Share‘ option located at the bottom of the screen. A list of options will appear from which you can choose to either share the link over Whatsapp or any other available option.

Step 6- Now, on the other device, click on the shared link and open it on Rave app. If this is the first time you are using this app, you will have to log into your Netflix account. Once your credentials are verified, you can start streaming your video on both the devices simultaneously!

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These are the methods that you can use to watch Netflix together remotely on computers or Android/iOS. Both of these methods are easy to understand and execute.If you know of any such useful method using which you can watch Netflix together remotely, then please let us know about it in the comments section below. Cheers! 🙂

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