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Top 15 KissCartoon Alternatives Sites of Anime 2024


If you look at the past, in the old days only kids/children would watch a cartoon, streaming on the Television, etc. But nowadays you would find not only kids but also young ones watching them. But many people above a young age are also watching some Anime or cartoons. Anyway, In this article, we have listed the top 14 Kisscartoon anime streaming site alternatives of 2024.

With that said, you can see how the Anime scenario always catches the thought of young adults. But the young adults don’t have much time from their busy schedule to take a chill pill, relax on a couch and watch Television. Thus people have come with some websites that could stream such Anime cartoons on the web for free. But all websites like these free streaming sites are not free.

KissCartoon is one of the best Anime/Cartoon streaming websites for a long time. But some time due to crashes and bans it goes down from the web and no anime or cartoons are available. Thus millions of people have reported the issue like why it goes down and what are the alternatives to such a website that goes down and what’s the reason.

Let’s see what’s KissCartoon. KissCartoon is a website that is a popular website out of hundreds of such sites for Streaming Anime & cartoons for free. It doesn’t need any user even to sign up or log in and can watch content without paying any subscription fee; users can redirect to the website and watch any anime/cartoon for free.

Material available on the site is always updated and well organized in respected categories so that users don’t get lost in searching only, and can find what they want to watch. Furthermore, most of the content is present in HD quality, thus makes it fun watching the content and keeps the user addicted for more.

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About KissCartoon and Review

KissCartoon, for instance, features several US cartoons, Anime, and some movies and has thousands of beloved animated shows and films. It appeals to every section of age as kids look for some new cartoons and Anime whereas parents look for some meaningful animated movies for their children, and much more.

You can access the website and stream the content on your phones, computers, laptops or tablets. Since with the people’s feedbacks, KissCartoon may not be the best option; thus, you should first find out whether it is safe and legal or not.

Also, to keep in mind that KissCartoon was launched a decade ago and most of the mirrors available online now are fake 😛 or clones that no one has any information about and authority who is running them.

Searching over the web we found, legit KissCartoon was shut down in 2017 after the US ambassador requested criminal prosecution to Vietnam, as the site was based in Vietnam. And after the ban, it went sprang and became hard to manage with several copyright claims and threats. Thus we now see so many clone mirrors on the web some of the domains are:

  • Kisscartoon.org
  • Kisscartoon.me
  • Kisscartoon.io
  • Kisscartoon.co
  • Kisscartoon.su
  • Kisscartoon.mobi
  • Kisscartoon.bz
    And many more.

Thus from such activity of continuously switching between different servers and trying not to get another copyright claim. It shows a threat in the bigger picture to the users and as well as devices on which you are trying to access these website mirrors or the sites itself.

Many times, these JavaScript files can be a door to cryptocurrency mining using your computer’s resources, slowing your system gradually when you try to execute some process. It always creates a mess as many users have reported.

Thus, KissCartoon is not a safe website to surf upon. They extract and spread the
videos using a third-party file-sharing site as Put Locker, which makes it easy
for the user to watch the listed content.

The next question comes in our mind, is it LEGAL or not? 

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KissCartoon Legal or Not?

Well, you already know the answers to this, which creator lets any website to sell its content for free? No one. KissCartoon hosts pirated Anime and cartoons which is Illegal for any site/anyone to do. The people who manage the website doesn’t have any rights to transmit the content they are distributing right now.

That’s why such websites are infrequently found shut down or banned by the
CyberCell on the servers and no longer available to be accessed. That’s how
KissCartoon was found shut down from so many servers at different times. Thus you will find so many domains with a slight change in the domain name to keep it running on mirrors/clones, with no background knowledge about who is running them.

If you search KissCartoon on google, you can find a number of websites with matching domain names with KissCartoon as many among those can be put on the web by attackers/hackers having a considerable risk of viruses.

Most of the time when you go to such mirrors/fake/clones you click on any show or cartoon you want to watch, it opens up multiple pop-ups, and malware is loaded, and sometimes the videos aren’t even there on the window.

Thus if you search on the web, is KissCartoon Legal? The most popular answer that comes up is from Yahoo Answers:

The unauthorized uploading of (unchanged) media owned or copyrighted by
others is illegal, whether it’s for-profit or not, and no matter whether they state that they don’t own the media. However, Kiss Cartoon’s policy says that all videos on their site are not uploaded to their site and are linked to their site from other sources by its users. (Resources – Yahoo Answers)

So what are similar websites like KissCartoon?

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Alternatives of KissCartoon Website

1. WatchCartoonOnline

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Here is a site that is much similar to KissCartoon in our list with a clean and simple interface to interact with. Even kids can easily interact with the site and redirect themselves through to watch what they want to watch. It doesn’t show any adult-related Adverts. Thus it’s a better and safe option for kids.

2. KissAnime


It’s suppose to be dedicated to the Anime series. Thus it’s the best site to watch your anime series on KissAnime. It’s as popular as KissCartoon in the Anime category. Moreover, traffic around 26 million visits KissAnime to watch their preferences and mostly comes from the UK and the US.

Website: https://www.kiss-anime.ws/

3. AnimePahe


AnimePahe takes over cartoon series sections to better extinct for users. These guys do have a small library and limited options but if you can find what you want, then its always a win-win situation.

But on this website, you will be redirected to different sites several times; thus, the experience is a bit of lower grade on it. Around 5 million users come across this website residing in the US, UK, Canada, etc.

Website: https://animepahe.com/

4. CartoonsOn


It’s one of the best alternatives to KissCartoon, but alongside that disadvantage is that it only puts Anime as content and nothing else. But it depicts as a paradise for Anime lovers. That why it doesn’t have much traffic acting upon it only the Anime lovers.

Website: https://www.cartoonsons.com/

5. KimCartoon.to

As the name suggests it’s a site for the Cartoon lovers out there, there is no section for Anime. Thus you get a vast collection filled with cartoons. Moreover, the redirection experience and the interface seems much better than the other sites.

It also includes a “Lights Off” feature that lets you focus only on the video that you want to watch and removes rest of the content present on the screen making it a much better experience for the user. All the content is present in HD quality for you to enjoy.

Website: https://kimcartoon.to/

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6. KimCartoon.biz

It’s the same as KimCartoon, but with a different domain name, as because of the massive traffic on the other servers like KimCartoon.to one can redirect himself/herself on to this one to get a similar experience.

Website: https://KimCartoon.biz

7. AnimeRhina

masterani.me alternative 2019

AnimeRhina is also one among great platforms for Anime lovers. With a decent collection of anime and cartoon titles. You can go through the website with the help of Header directions and labels as Anime, Cartoons, Movies and much more.

It has a good interface for user interaction, and everyone can easily use it. It has a convenient extension as downloadable content. It is not a slow site due to less traffic on it, and it has only 1-1.5 million users visiting over monthly statistics.

Website: https://www1.animerhino.io/

8. 9Anime

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This website is dedicated to cartoon lovers where you can get a huge collection of cartoon series. It also allows you with the opportunity to search your desired cartoons in the search bar.

The user experience of this website is good enough; however, you will be directed to another site for advertisement purposes, which can be ignored because they get opened in another tab.

Website: https://www.9anime.one/

“These may be some not so Legit sites, but there are many Legit options also present on the web. Some are”

9. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network

Well, who doesn’t remember Cartoon Network? Everyone loves Cartoon Network since starting, and now they have come up with their website. It’s a phenomenal site for watching cartoons. It also provides some web-based games for children. It has an elegant interface, and excellent user experience can be expected from the users, and it gives the same.

Cartoon Network doesn’t provide you with any malware, also no pop-up windows to interrupt your screening. Furthermore being a legitimate website, it has an excellent Video Player that creates a friendly vibe for your experience.

10. Disney Now

Disney Now
Disney Now

It also offers content for free. As many of you might already have thought about Disney Now. Hence it only provides the shows that Disney provides, and the cartoon titles are limited. But the overall experience you get is irreplaceable and very smooth.

11. Netflix

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Who doesn’t know Netflix in 2020? 70% of the content consumption media is enjoying their shows, movies on Netflix, which already makes it a superb streaming platform. They target audience of each category, whether kids, youth, adults etc.

It has seamless user experience and A-class HDR+ support for phones, tablets etc. It also supports Ultra HD 4K for some Television models to enjoy your shows on. It has a minimal subscription amount that lets you get unbelievable experience all over the content vailable.

You can easily find whatever you want to watch in the search section. Also, since everything is categorized, it gets easier to get what you do.

12. Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime

Alike Netflix Amazon Prime is a streaming platform offered by Amazon itself that also holds a charm of its own. Amazon Prime is one of the best online screening platforms along with Netflix to consume content from. Like Netflix, it even starts with a minimal subscription amount and lets you watch your favourite cartoons, TV Series, shows and whatnot.

The user experience is top-class, and the content available is of the topmost quality. The interface minimal with exquisite smoothness, that allows the user to keep addicted to the platform alongside the content they want to watch. It has everything sorted for kids, olds, and young ones.

13. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon as is one of the most popular cartoon streaming platforms among the children. As it provides a seamless experience and excellent quality content for your kids.

It has good quality with interactive shows which your kids will love no matter what.

14. SuperCartoons


The website is user-friendly where you can watch over thousand classic cartoons online for free of cost.

On this website, you can watch all the old animated Disney tunes and all those cartoons which you may have long forgotten by now.

The menu is clear and in the search bar, you can search for cartoons by typing the name of the characters as well.

What attracts the user is that they don’t have to download anything or register yourself before watching your favorite cartoons.

Website: https://www.supercartoons.net/

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Final Words:

Well, this is pretty much with the list of all the similar sites like KissCartoon 2024 where you can find your favorite cartoons. After a long tiring day, watching cartoons can make you feel better and may lighten up your day as well. If you can watch it on free platforms like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon then there’s no such issue of any legal cases. So for the final verdict, we would call for streaming everything on a legit platform other than KissCartoon and websites like these. Cheers!

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