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iPadOS 17: Features, Compatible Devices, Release Date, and More


iPads are already quite popular, and when it comes to buying a tablet iPads are the first choice for many users. The iPadOS 17 is expected to set a new par for iPads with all the new features it is set to come with. And with just a few days left for WWDC23, there have been a few leaks regarding the upcoming iPadOS17.

We can expect some multitasking features and enhanced performance with iPadOS17. With much to be uncovered, let’s see what features you can expect from the new iPadOS 17. Also, we will be discussing the release date of the iPadOS 17 and which devices will be compatible with it. 

iPadOS 17: Features, Compatible Devices, Release Date, and More

Unlike iOS 17, there are few rumors about the iPadOS 17. However, the features of iPadOS 17 will be quite similar to iOS 17. Let’s see what features we can expect from the new iPadOS:

iPadOS 17: Features, Compatible Devices, Release Date, and More

Lock Screen Changes

This time we are going to see some changes in the lock screen. Last year, iOS 16 completely revamped the lock screen with widgets, dynamic colors, and more customization options than before. However, the same was expected with iPadOS 16, but we didn’t see these features then. These features are expected to be introduced to iPad with iPadOS 17 this time. 

Third-Party App Stores

iPadOS 17 could allow users to install third-party app stores. If this feature is introduced with iPadOS 17, it will be one of the biggest changes in the history of the iPadOS. 

This change will be implied because of Europe’s Digital Market Act. This will not limit users to App Store for downloading apps; they can use other third-party app stores. As of now, this feature might be limited to European users only and might come to the rest of the world later.

Control Center

We might also see a revamped control center on the iPadOS17. We don’t know what new updates the control center might have, but there will surely be some changes in the control center. Well, we will have to wait for the conference to see what changes might be there. 

Third-Party Browsers With Their Own Engine

Third-party browsers installed on Apple devices won’t be limited to Apple’s WebKit. Browsers can not use their own engine and not WebKit from Apple. This change will be introduced with iPadOS 17 but might initially be limited to European users only. 

What More To Expect From iPadOS 17?

The above are some features that are rumored to come in iPadOS 17. The are some features we want iPadOS 17 to come with, such as-

  • Integration of macOS-exclusive apps on iPads. It was rumored that iPads with M1 and M2 (soon to be launched) chips could have macOS apps like X code, Final Cut, Logic Pro, and more. We want to see this updated with iPadOS 17. 
  • Apple hasn’t updated Mail, Calendar, and News apps for a very long time. We want Apple to update these apps this time with the new update. 
  • iOS 17 will support Mixed Reality headsets; we expect the same with iPadOS 17. 
  • Apple should also bring support for Apple Watch on iPads with iPadOS 17. As of now, Apple Watch can be connected to iPhones only. We want that Apple allows the connection of the Apple Watch with iPadOS this time. 
  • It would be great to see various multitasking features on iPadOS 17, making iPads more efficient and productive. We expect iPadOS 17 to include features like a stage manager, creating multiple desktops, adding files and folders on the home screen, and a shelf on the dock. 

iPadOS 17: Supported Devices

Last time, all the iPads that supported iPadOS 15 were updated for iPadOS 16 except for iPad Air 2 (released in 2014) and iPad Mini 4 (released in 2014). Keeping in mind the last update, we can expect the iPads that support iPadOS 16 will be able to update to iPadOS 17. Given below is the list of all the devices that could support iPadOS 17-

  • iPad Pro models released after 2018. 
  • All iPads that have M1 chip and upcoming iPads with M2 chip.
  • iPad Air 3rd gen and higher models. 
  • iPad Mini 5th gen and higher models. 
  • iPad 6th gen and higher models. 

iPadOS 17: Release Date

IPadOS 17 will be announced during WWDC23, starting on 5 June 2023 and ending on 9 June 2023. After the announcement, the first public beta could be released in July. The stable public update will be released a few months after the announcement at WWDC23. Considering the previous update release, Apple should release the public stable update in September 2023. 

Final Words

These were all the features that we could expect with iPadOS 17. We have listed the rumors and the expected features of the iPadOS 17, and you may or may not see the features listed above. We have also discussed the devices that could support the iPadOS 17 and the expected release date of the update. 


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