Apple’s WWDC23 is around the corner, and like every year, we will be seeing some major software upgrades from Apple this year as well. The most popular update in the WWDC23 will be the new iOS 17.

As Apple fans, we are psyched to see what features and updates the new iOS 17 will bring. Ahead of the conference, we already have some leaks about the features that the OS will bring. As far as we know, iOS 17 will get a lot of new features, including the most demanded ones.

Let’s see all the features we can expect from iOS 17. Also, we will see the list of devices that will support the latest iOS and the release date.

Expected Features of iOS 17

iOS 17 will be the main highlight of WWDC23 that will be conducted this year. A few weeks before the conference, we have come across features leaks that we can expect in iOS 17, including:

iOS 17: Features, Compatible Devices, Release Date, and More

Control Center

This time, iOS will feature changes to the Control Center. Apple hasn’t really upgraded the control center since the iOS 11, but this time we will definitely see some changes. No information about the changes we will be seeing has been leaked, so we will have to wait until WWDC23 for that.

Improvement To Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island was introduced with iOS 16 for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but this time it is supposed to come on all the iPhone 15 models. Dynamic Island will have some improvements this time to make it more useful. It is also expected that Siri’s on-screen interface will be integrated into Dynamic Island to avoid on-screen pop-ups.

Journaling App

Apple is working on the Journaling app, which is expected to come to iPhone this year with the iOS 17 update. You can use this app to track your daily activities, which can later be used to determine what you do all day. This app will also suggest topics that you can write on. Reports also suggest that this app will be integrated with messages and calls and can detect your friends near you.

New Accessibility Features

This time iOS 17 may bring some more accessibility features to the iPhone. Apple in May previewed various accessibility features that will be introduced with iOS 17. Some of the accessibility features that you will see are assistive access, personal voice, live speed, Siri speed speech, magnifier point and speak, detection mode, etc. 

Third-Party Browsers Without WebKit

As of now, third-party browsers on Apple have to use Apple’s open-source browser engine WebKit. With iOS 17, third-party browsers can use their engine without using WebKit. Due to Europe’s Digital Markets Act, Apple may have to take this step. However, it is still not known whether this change will be worldwide or limited to Europe.

Updated Health App

Apple’s Health App will get new features with the iOS 17 updated. The Health app will come with support for mood and emotion tracking. Users will be able to log their mood on the app after the update. Not only this, but users can also answer questions about their day. Reports also suggest that there will be new features for users having certain vision-related issues.

Lock Screen Updates

iOS 17 may also feature some minor Lock Screen updates. It is expected that this time users will be able to change the font size on the Lock Screen. Users will also be able to share custom lock screens with other users with iOS 17. 

Other Features That You Can Expect From iOS 17

iOS 17: Features, Compatible Devices, Release Date, and More

There are a lot more features that may come to iPhones with iOS 17, including-

  • iOS 17 can come with Active Widgets. 
  • You will also be able to rename App library folders on your iPhone. 
  • Apple Music app’s interface might get revamped. Also, with iOS 17, the lock screen may show lyrics for the songs you are listening to. 
  • Also, the Find My app will be improved, and new functionalities will be added to it. 
  • Like always, iOS 17 will also have enhanced performance and stability. 
  • iOS 17 will also bring support for Mixed Reality Headsets on the iPhones. 
  • Apple might allow sideloading and also give support for Alternate App Store. However, as of now, this feature may be limited to European users only. 

iOS 17: Support Devices

iOS 17: Features, Compatible Devices, Release Date, and More

Leaks suggest that iOS 17 will not be supported on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. However, some leaks say iOS 17 will be supported on all devices currently running on iOS 16. We will have until the WWDC23 to know which devices support iOS 17. 

iOS 17 Release Date – June 2023

iOS 17 will be officially introduced at the WWDC23, which will be held between 5 June – 9 June. The public beta is expected to launch in June 2023, with the stable public version launching later this year between September and October alongside iPhone 15 series. 

Final Words

With WWDC23 coming around, there are a lot of leaks and updates we hear about iOS 17. This year, iOS 17 will come with many features that users have been waiting for for a long time. We have discussed some features you can expect from iOS 17, the compatible devices, and the release date. We will have to wait for the event to see what features iOS 17 comes with. 


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