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Download iOS 17 Wallpapers in 4K, 2K, 1080p For FREE


Key Takeaways
  • iOS 17 wallpapers are available for free download in 4K, 2K, and 1080p resolutions.
  • These wallpapers are sourced from Apple, featuring dynamic wallpaper options.
  • Various stunning wallpapers are provided, including a 3D black and neon wallpaper, a purple with dark shades wallpaper, and an iOS 17 dynamic wallpaper.

iOS 17 is now live, and everyone loves it. However, for the users who cannot update their devices to iOS 17, this can be quite a heartbreak. For them, iOS 17 wallpapers download and come as a remedy to their broken hearts. These wallpapers are directly sourced from Apple and are available in Retina display resolutions. Along with that, we have provided tha download links that will make the task easier. With that being said, let’s get started.

What’s Different About iOS 17 Wallpaper?

iOS 16 first introduced the concept of grid view in wallpapers for iPhone. This allowed iOS 16 users to use 9+ wallpapers at once. However, that wasn’t the biggest revolution for iOS wallpaper.

The biggest change was the introduction of dynamic wallpaper. This brought the users freedom, similar to live wallpapers that were already present on Android phones for a long time.

iOS 17 wallpapers are so popular because Apple always does something different. The wallpapers of iPhones are usually so much better when compared to other devices that every user, whether Android or iOS, wants to download and use iOS wallpapers.

Download iOS 17 Wallpapers itechhacks 2023

Download iOS 17 Wallpapers in 4K Full HD (2023)

Here we present some of the most eye-catching and astounding iOS 17 wallpapers. However, you need to remember that these wallpapers are not provided to us by Apple. Instead, we have sourced these wallpapers using the spy shots released from Apple’s iOS 17 update.

1. 3D Black and Neon Wallpaper

Here’s an excellent wallpaper that anyone would love to use. It doesn’t matter whether you use an iPhone or an Android Phone. A 3D black and neon wallpaper is an excellent choice for someone who wants something out of the ordinary.

However, there’s a catch. If you don’t have an AMOLED display on your phone, this wallpaper may not look that nice. Either way, if you can manage to keep your brightness increased, the display will look equally beautiful even without an OLED panel. Below is the download link to this iOS 17 wallpaper.

Download Now

2. Purple With Dark Shades

We feel this is one of the best iOS 17 wallpapers out there. First, the minimalistic looks that provide an alter shade of black along with the purple color provide a refreshing look. At the same time, the design is so simple that is doesn’t shout out to the user to look at it every time.

This wallpaper is suitable for anyone who is always using their phone or productivity because this doesn’t distract you from the sole purpose. Below is the download link to this wallpaper.

Download Now

3. iOS 17 Dynamic Wallpaper

This is the official iOS 17 dynamic wallpaper but without the dynamic properties. See, dynamic wallpapers are exclusive to iPhones and can only be downloaded from the store. If you have an Android phone, you can instead download live wallpapers and use them as per your requirements.

Nevertheless, this dynamic wallpaper features traces of yellow, pink, and black colors that blend quite well and give a rich feel. Further, there’s no need for an AMOLED display if you want this to look good. The download link for this iOS 17 wallpaper is provided below.

Download Now

4. Red, Violet, and Black

These three colors make up the next best iOS 17 wallpaper we have with us. The colors are matched together in an unorderly manner which makes it even more interesting. However, unlike the above ones, this wallpaper will be best suited for your device if it has an AMOLED display.

The wallpaper has traces of black, red, and violet combined in a modest way which makes it even more elegant. You can download this wallpaper by going to the link given below.

Download Now

5. iPhone X Like iOS 17

This wallpaper will give you nostalgic feedback if you have ever used an iPhone X. While iPhone X is in seeing its evening, the wallpaper will make your iPhone feel special if you use this wallpaper. The iPhone X had a wallpaper similar to this one.

However, this wallpaper is slightly modified to give it a more contemporary look. Even if you are not using an iPhone, this wallpaper is perfect to give you the actual feel of using an iPhone. The download link is provided at the bottom.

Download Now

6. A Classic Lighthouse

A Classic lighthouse wallpaper for iOS 17 is a wallpaper for anyone who loves the calm and cozy atmosphere near the sea. This is also suitable for someone who loves scenic wallpapers or is into landscapes.

While nothing extraordinary, this lighthouse is set in a dusky atmosphere which makes it look phenomenal. While we don’t know the actual author of this image, so we can’t give credit for his/her magnificent work. Nevertheless, this wallpaper is suitable for every device irrespective of device. Below is the download link for this wallpaper.

Download Now

7. 3D Apple Logo

This 3D Apple logo is suitable for anyone who is a fan of Apple or its products. The color scheme is mild at best and doesn’t feature anything obtrusive. However, the best thing about this wallpaper is that since the majority of the image is black, this wallpaper can save a lot of battery for any user.

Moreover, we don’t understand the concept of different patterns inscribed inside the image. But you will still like it if you want an Apple logo on your screens. The download link is given below.

Download Now

8. A Japanese Torii

A Torii is a Japanese gate. Anime lovers can easily notice it because every anime character usually visits an institution to receive training before he goes on a mission. That’ about anime. However, this image is beautiful and suitable for anyone and not only anime lovers.

The sky is painted in red, which we find is a bit too loud. But there are blue elements as well, which give it a quiet feeling. The Torii is situated at the top of a mountain. This beautiful wallpaper can be downloaded by going to the link below.

Download Now

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have about downloading iOS 17 wallpapers. We hope you enjoyed these wallpapers and downloaded your favorite ones. Once iOS 17 is available, we will update this with many more wallpapers. You can comment and let us know if we have missed out on any.



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