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How to Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy


Key Takeaways
  • Hogwarts Legacy is a popular game based on Harry Potter, attracting millions of players who enjoy experimenting with mods.
  • Mods in the game provide various benefits such as unlocking achievements and special powers for entertainment purposes.
  • Two main ways to install mods in Hogwarts Legacy include using a Mod Manager for easy management or manually replacing files for specific mods.

Hogwarts Legacy is an action-adventure game based on the Harry Potter web series. We all have watched the Harry Potter series and want to experience it. Now, we can easily do this with the help of the Hogwarts Legacy game. Millions of players have downloaded the game, and the downloads are increasing daily. There are a lot of players who play the game to complete the story and have fun doing it. However, some other players love experimenting with the game by doing different things.

When you think of the experiments, how can we forget the mods? The mods are one of the ways through which we can do different things in the game. We can install different mods in the game through which you can do different things like unlocking achievements, using special powers, and much more.

But the players must install the mods in the game for everything mentioned. Those who have not done this are confused about the steps. Don’t Worry! We are here to help you by briefly explaining how you can install mods in the Hogwarts Legacy game.

What are Mods in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Thousands of players still don’t know about the mods. If you are one of them, don’t worry. It is not a big theory that you have to worry about. So the Mods are developers who bypass the game files through which you can use different game powers. In simple words, the mods can be said as the hacks/cheat codes that we use to get different achievements in the game.

To make you understand it, here is an example. If you have played the Hogwarts Legacy, then you might have seen that there are a lot of achievements that you need to unlock by completing different tasks. Thus, you can easily do this by installing a mod of Unlock Achievements in Hogwarts Legacy, which will do this for you.

Also, you don’t need to worry as there is no disadvantage of installing mods until you download the mods of good and famous developers. The mods are only for entertainment purposes in the game. So if you want to install mods in Hogwarts Legacy, check out the heading below to learn about the ways.

How to Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy

There are different ways available by which you will be able to install the mods in Hogwarts Legacy. Both ways are easier to implement. However, you can implement them according to your convenience. But we will explain both ways properly so you can install mods in Hogwarts Legacy. The different ways you can install mods in Hogwarts Legacy are listed below.

Using Mod Manager


The first step to installing mods in Hogwarts Legacy is the mod manager. It is one of the best ways to try different mods in the game. As we will be installing the mods with the help of the mod manager, we will get different features through which we will be able to manage it and handle all the mods. Below are the steps that you have to follow to do this.

  • First, download the Vortex Mod Manager. (Click Here)
  • Install the Mod Manager and all its necessary files to make the app workable on your system.
  • Now, open the Mod Manager, and go to Games.
  • Click on the Unmanaged Section, and select the Hogwarts Legacy game.
  • After it, click on Manage, and it will ask you to install an extension. Click the Download button.
  • Now, you will need to log in to your account. If you don’t have a nexus account, create one.
  • Once you have logged into your account, go to the mod manager, and you will need to find the game’s directory.
  • After it, you will see the game in the Managed Games.
  • That’s it; you have set up the account. Now, search for the mods of Hogwarts Legacy, and start installing the mods.
  • Once you have installed the mods, then run the game. The mod will be active for you.
  • You can also remove the Mod from the Mod Manager. Once you want to remove mods, click on it and select the Remove button.

Replacing Files

The above method was for those who want to install many mods in the game. If you do not want to install many mods and want to try only specific mods, then follow the steps listed below to do this.

  • First, download the mods from the Nexus Mods.
  • After downloading, you will need to extract the files.
  • Once you have extracted the files, go to the location where you installed the Steam and the game.
  • Visit the location of the game, which will be like C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Hogwarts Legacy\. This is the default location; if you have changed the location to another drive, then access it.
  • You have to copy the mods files to the Pheonix folder in the game’s directory.
  • When you are copying, it may also ask to overwrite some files. Confirm it.
  • Now, run the game, and the mods will be working.
  • If you want to remove any mods, then go to the same location, and delete the files of the folder mod. That’s it.

Wrapping Up

We hope you now understand how you can install mods in Hogwarts Legacy. There are a lot of players who don’t know about the mods and how to install them. But this post has explained the mods and how you can install them. We have explained two methods through which you can install the mods.

If you are considering installing many different mods, the Vortex Mod manager will be good for you. If you don’t want to install many mods, then the manual way will be good for you. However, we suggest that you follow the first way, as it gives you a lot of features, and you can easily install, uninstall, and modify the mods with it.

FAQs- Install Mods in Hogwarts Legacy

1. How do I install Hogwarts legacy?

You can install the Hogwarts Legacy from the game store.

2. What is the easiest way to install mods in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you want to install mods in the Hogwarts Legacy, the Mod Manager we listed above is the easiest way for you. You have to follow the steps properly in the system to do this.

3. From where can I download mods for Hogwarts Legacy?

You can download mods for Hogwarts Legacy from Nexus Mods. They provide different types for the players. Basically, it’s a platform where the developers can publish their mods for the players.


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