When it comes to Apple products, the built-in apps are always more useful because they were designed specifically for this particular product which presupposes that all necessary aspects have been taken into consideration. Here is a detailed overview of Pages and iBooks in terms of how useful these apps are for reading books and managing documents.

Let’s start with Pages. This word processor has been created to help you better manage and edit your documents. No matter whether you are working on your college research paper or are creating a personal training program, Pages is a great app to help you add comments, pictures, as well as share the document with others who can collaborate on this project with you. What is particularly advantageous about this app is that it offers tons of templates. Thus, you can start by choosing a template for your document and move on as soon as you have ideas in regards to how you want it to be structured.

What is more, Pages is very useful when it comes to writing a paper for university. You do not have to acquire any additional knowledge to get a hang of the app. Learning will become much simpler as you will have a safe and fast essay writing service on every device you own. Fast essay writing is possible when you have enough time and an efficient app to help you deal with this task. You will soon become a quick essay writer who will manage to complete all their tasks on time.

Speaking about the app called iBooks, starting from iOS 12 it has been renamed to Books. There are tons of new cool features which will make reading books on your phone or tablet much more useful. For instance, there is a full dark mode which will allow you to keep reading that book about a developer academy or any other work of literature you are interested in even when everyone in your apartment has already gone to bed. In addition, you can easily change the font size and theme colors. Thus, you can adjust the whole book in accordance with your own preferences.

Another cool feature of the Books app is the ability to download PDF’s right from the website. You can also create a collection of books that deal with similar topics or subjects to make it easier for you to find the book you need.

When you are looking for an efficient way to organize all papers and documents on your iPhone, you should definitely take into consideration the built-in app called Files. It is the place where all your documents are stored, and you can easily find each of them in a couple of seconds. Both navigation and search are very easy in use. You can organize all your files by tags, folders or favorites. Another superb feature is the ability to share your files and add people in case you want them to collaborate on something with you.

Taking everything into consideration, there is no need to look for other applications on the App Store when the built-in apps on your iPhone have proven to be extremely useful. If you work a lot with different documents or write tons of papers, such apps as Pages, Files and Books will definitely come in handy as there are tons of really cool features. Most importantly, you will not have to download tons of other apps from the App Store and spend your precious time checking them out. Everything you need has already been built in into your iPhone. Learn more about these apps, start using them and you will see how great it is to have everything you use for work or studies properly organized in your phone. What is more, you will have access to these documents on all of your devices.

No matter where you are and what device you have brought with, you will always be able to get some work done. This is a very useful feature as more and more people choose to work in different places or even while travelling. Therefore, being able to keep working and having access to all vital documents plays a very important role.