Google is more than just a search engine. For those of you who know, Google’s hidden games can be a good way to spend your time. Google has some hidden games which you can play by searching for certain keywords on the search engine. Google Snake Game is a popular game that is inspired by the old and legendary Snake Game that used to come on the Nokia phone.

If you are bored of playing the same Google Snake Game again and again and want it to be something different, then you can use Mods to make changes to it. Various mods on the internet can modify the Snake game and make it more interesting to play.

Best Google Snake Game Mods

Top 10 Best Google Snake Game Mods (2023)

This article lists the 10 best Google Snake Game Mods that you can use to modify the game. 

1. Google Snake Menu Mod

Top 10 Best Google Snake Game Mods (2023)

The very first Google Snake Game Mod that you can go for is Google Snake Menu Mod. This Mod can add multiple elements to the game to make it more interesting. For instance, this Mod can change the game’s map, adjust the game’s speed, and bring more obstacles or remove some obstacles from the game. This Mod developed by DarkSnakeGang can completely revamp the Google Snake Game as per your liking. 

2. Dark Mode Mod

Another Mod that you can use with Google Snake Game is the Dark Mode Mod. Dark Mode is an essential feature available not only on mobile phones but also on PCs. Dark mode not only looks aesthetic but is also comfortable for your eyes. However, Google Snake Game is available in light mode only. If you want the Google Snake Game to be in Dark Mode then you can use Dark Mode Mod. This Mod can be used in dark mode for the Google Snake game. Not only this but other colors can also be set to the game through this Mod. 

3. Change Board Size

Walls are acting as obstacles in the game. If you are in no mood to encounter the walls and move freely on the board then you can use this Mod. This Mod allows you to change the size of the board; you can make the size as big as possible. 

4. Mouse Mod For Google Snake

Top 10 Best Google Snake Game Mods (2023)

Google Snake can only be played using the keyboard on the PC. But wouldn’t it be better if you can play the game with the mouse as well? With the keyboard, the snake will always move in a linear direction, i.e, up, down, left, and right. With Mouse Mod for Google Snake, you will be able to use the mouse to move the snake around the board. The snake will move in the direction you move your mouse, and it will be much easier to play the game this way. 


The snake in the game becomes invisible when the internet is turned off. When this happens, the game will keep loading and the snake will be invisible. Think of how fun it will be to play the game like this, with the invisible snake. You can use this Mod to make the snake invisible on the board. When you do so, you won’t see the snake on the board, but you will have to make the correct moves to get past the level.

6. TimeKeeper Mod For Google Snake

If you are looking for a Mod that can keep up with your high scores as well as the fastest time taken by you to complete the level then you can go for this Mod. Well, the Google Snake game does not keep the track of your high scores, but if you want to implement this functionality in the game then you can use this TimeKeeper Mod. This is one of the best Google Snake Game Modes that you can go for. 

7. GoogleSnakeWall-EndgameSooner

If you want to remove the walls on the Google Snake Game then you can do it with this Mod. With this Mod, all the walls of the game will be removed, so you can play as long as you want to without any worry of collapsing with the wall. 

8. Animated Colors For Google Snake

Top 10 Best Google Snake Game Mods (2023)

If you are bored of the regular boards of the Google Snake game, then you can improvise them with this Mob. It allows you to add animated colors to the boards. You can also change the pattern in which the color would appear on the board. This looks more interesting and attractive than the regular static boards on the Google Snake game. 

9. DVD Screensaver Mod

Just like the name suggests, DVD Screensaver Mod will make your snake like the bouncing DVD logo. Not only this, but you can also customize the color of the DVD color. For instance, you can set the DVD logo to the dark mode or to any other color that you want. 

10. Google Snake Skull Poison

With this mod, the gray apples that you get will be replaced with the skull. When the snake eats this skull, your snake will also turn gray and start wiggling around. Not only apples but the fruits gray. If you want to undo the gray color on the snake then you will have to make your snake eat colorful fruits. Well, it is one of the weirdest yet most interesting Google Snake Game Mods that you can use. 

Final Words

These were some of the best Google Snake Game Mods you can use with the Snake Game and customize. You can use these mods to add elements to the game and make it more interesting. We have mentioned the GitHub link of all the Mods, so you can download the mods directly from the links and use them. 


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