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How to Watch Pluto TV For FREE Without Ads


Media consumption has been revolutionized by streaming services, which offer instant access to a wide variety of content. There are a variety of channels and on-demand options available on Pluto TV. However, Pluto TV’s ad-funded model can interfere with uninterrupted viewing. Pluto TV can be viewed without ads with some simple techniques and tools, ensuring an immersive and seamless streaming experience. In this article, you will learn different methods using which you can easily watch Pluto TV without ads. Therefore, let’s get started with the guide.

Does Pluto TV Show Ads in Its Free Version?

Does Pluto TV Show Ads in Its Free Version?

Pluto TV does have ads, but you still have the option to watch Pluto TV without ads. However, there are about six ads per commercial break on Pluto TV for every 30 minutes of content. Moreover, sometimes, after the break, you get another 10 seconds of We Will Be Right Back.

Pluto TV is free, but there is a catch, and most users are aware of it. However, you may still like to avoid the ads, so you should find out how to do so. Here are some simple ways to skip or avoid commercials on Pluto TV without missing anything important about the program you’re watching.

Can You Skip Pluto TV Ads?

There are ways to skip the commercials on Pluto TV without missing anything important in the program you are watching or streaming if you find them particularly annoying – and they can be.

Although Pluto TV allows you to skip commercial breaks, watching Pluto TV means skipping the same length of time on the program you are watching as well. 

With some apps and settings on your streaming device, you can also avoid a good number of commercials from showing up at all. In order to get the best results, you should combine these solutions instead of just trying one at a time.

How to Watch Pluto TV Without Ads 2024

So, if you want to experience an ads-free environment while watching your favorite content on Pluto TV, you must try out these methods to watch Pluto TV without ads:

1. Use Brave Browser

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Default settings in the Brave browser block advertisements on every website. It does not even require any changes or adjustments to your browser. You will also be protected from tracking cookies, ads, and other tracking technologies. With Brave, you can skip Pluto TV ads without a problem.

While Brave will stop some of the ads on Pluto TV, it will not stop all of them. This is because some ads are streamed alongside the program you are watching on Pluto. But, anyway, in case you can perform these steps in order to install the Brave browser on your device:

  1. To download the installer, visit the Brave website
  2. Start the installer and let it download Brave.
  3. You will see a new page once the browser has finished downloading and installing.
  4. At the top right of the browser, click on the Menu bar (3 lines).
  5. Make sure Brave Ad Block is selected.
  6. Choose the filters that apply to your location under Additional Filters. In this way, you will be able to block ads in your browser in addition to those already available. 

You can watch Pluto TV programs on the Brave browser after setting up the Brave browser and signing in to the Pluto TV website.

2. Just Skip The 15 Seconds

If you do not mind missing 15 seconds of the program you’re watching and do not mind skipping the average 15 seconds that commercial breaks last, you can skip the average 15 seconds that commercial breaks last.

It’s okay to skip some commercials for 10 seconds; if the commercial is longer, you won’t lose anything by skipping for five extra seconds. To minimize the time you miss from watching or streaming the program, try to watch it as little as possible.

  1. Wait for the countdown to commercials to begin.
  2. At that point, pause the program.
  3. After 15 seconds, play the video.

#3. App Should Be Uninstalled And Then Reinstalled.

It is important to remove this piece of harmful software from your system as soon as possible. You can use any other program in the same way. However, it is a good start.

Go to the Start menu and type Control Panel. Select it. In the popup box, click Uninstall a Program. Locate Pluto TV from the list. You can uninstall it by clicking on it. By double-clicking on the entry, you can also perform this operation.How to Uninstall Microsoft Office 2016

You can also type Add or remove programs into the search bar on the Start menu. You will see a list of installed programs in the window that appears.

Use the Search this list box to locate Pluto TV, or go to the entry, click Uninstall, and then click OK. There is a possibility that Pluto TV is not included in these listings. However, this does not mean it is not present on your computer.

4. Reset Your Browser To Its Default Settings

To finish the process, restore your browser to its default settings after you’ve deleted Pluto TV. The only purpose of this is to ensure that any data left over from Pluto TV isn’t able to infect your browser again. When you perform this action, you will lose all your bookmarks, modifications, and extensions. As a precaution, you should still do this. You can do this by going to your browser’s settings and hitting the Reset button.

5. MalwareBytes

It is also possible to remove Pluto TV advertisements using Malwarebytes. Your computer will scan for ads, malware, and ransomware. Make sure to conduct at least two more scans and cleanings after it scans and cleans the first time to ensure that no adware is missed.


Once the software is installed, launch it and run a full system scan. When you run the check, all dangerous software on your computer will most likely be discovered. In the popup window, select Quarantine Selected and click Yes to restart your computer. Pluto TV should therefore be removed from all computer systems.

Why Does Pluto TV Have So Many Commercials?

Although there are a number of concerns circulating on social media these days regarding streaming TV advertisements, the market for these advertisements is expanding quickly.

In 2023, Pluto TV is forecast to generate $1.14 billion in net U.S. advertising revenues, an increase of 77.7 percent from this year. Across all screens, including linked TVs and mobile devices, Pluto TV saw a spike in total viewing minutes and average monthly watch time per user, as well as a surge in users and advertising dollars. 

Sum Up

Because Pluto TV is supported by ads, you will encounter them in various forms as you watch. However, you can use the methods outlined above to watch Pluto TV without ads. We encourage you to try them all and share in the comments which one was most helpful for you.


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