You might have to record your screen when streaming video or showing something on your PC. The recording screen isn’t something new that has been added to Windows 11, and we have this option available in Windows 10. You have native apps as well as third-party apps to help you record screens on Windows 11. If you don’t know how to record a screen on Windows 11, this article will help you.

Record Your Screen in Windows 11

In this article, we will be discussing how you can record a screen in Windows 11 easily.

How To Record Screen In Windows 11

Recording Screen Using Game Bar

Windows 11 comes with Xbox Game Bar. This app is enabled by default on Windows 11, and you can easily record the screen using this app. However, you can only record regions that have no control over the recording area with the app. You can record your whole screen or the file explorer with this app.

To use Xbox Game Bar, follow the steps given below-

  • Firstly, launch the application of which you want to record the screen. 
  • Now launcher game bar app by pressing Windows + G key combo.
  • Now select the capture option in the Game Bar window.

How To Record Your Screen In Windows 11?

  • When you try to record the screen using the Game Bar app, you will have the option to enable voice recording. To enable voice recording, click on the mic button that is present on the capture pane. You will generally find this option on the left side of the screen. You can either press Windows + Alt + M key combo to enable or disable the mic anytime you want to.
  • Click on the start recording option on the capture pane to begin recording.
  • If you want to stop recording, you can press the Windows + Alt + R key combo.
  • When you stop recording, you will see a banner on the right side of your screen which says game clip recorded, using which you can check the recording. You can either click on the show all capture button on the toolbar to check all the recordings you ever recorded.
  • You can now view, edit, or play the video recorded.

Recording Using PowerPoint

You can record the screen in Windows 11 using PowerPoint. However, you will need Microsoft 365 subscription to use PowerPoint to record the screen in Windows 11. If you want to record the screen using PowerPoint in Windows 11, then follow the steps given below-

  • Open the PowerPoint application on your PC.
  • Click on the Insert option in the PowerPoint.
  • Here you will see the Screen Recording button. Click on it
  • You will be able to record your screen now.
  • The screen will dim, and you will see a toolbar appearing on your screen.
  • Next, you will have to select where you want to record and click on the Record button.
  • Your recording will begin after you are done recording. Press the Windows + Shift + Q key combo to stop the recording.
  • Now, to save the recording, right-click on the slide with the recording and click on Save Media As. 
  • Next, choose the location to save the file, and you are done with it.

Third-Party Screen Recorder for Windows 11

You can either use various third-party apps to record the screen in Windows 11. Third-party apps make it easier for one to record the screen. Moreover, it brings various features over the native apps to record the screen. Native apps like Xbox game bar or PowerPoint may be limited in features record screen. Recording with third-party apps is easier, and you get many more features than native apps, and that too for free.

OBS Studio

Various third-party apps like OBS Studio and Bandicam make it easier for one to record the screen. You can download the apps from the official website install them on your PC. You can then use the app to record the screen and your audio with it. These apps will give you many more features like recording from the camera or some other input sources.


Final Words

These are some methods to help you record screen in Windows 11. You can follow the above steps to record the screen. We have mentioned both native apps as well as third-party apps to record screens. We hope this article helps you with your query about recording the screen in Windows 11.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, the 3 screen recorder introduced in the article are all very useful, and totally free, that’s so good. Sometimes, i will also use Joyoshare VidiKit to screen record the Disney plus videos~


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