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How to Join Goth Clique in BitLife


We have tons of amazing games to play in this gaming era that provide us with a real-life experience. BitLife is also one of the trendy simulation games that provide us to experience a real-life journey of a person from birth to death. There are many things to do in this game, like getting married and having some children. The most exciting thing about this game is to join the Goth Clique.

Joining Goth Cliques in BitLife is not an easy task; users need to follow a proper process to do it. The Goth is mainly characterized by a person who loves to become sad and has ugly looks, and they like to stay in the dark and love depressing situations. Joining Goth Clique makes the whole game quite interesting, but as we said, it is not an easy task. This guide briefly explains how to join the Goth Clique in BitLife.

How to Join Goth Clique in BitLife - Full Guide

Join the Goth Clique in School in Bitlife

Let’s move forward to learn more about BitLife.

Bitlife – An Introduction

BitLife is a popular simulation game for Android and iOS where users need to create their avatar and choose their parents. It depends on you to decide how you can die in this game. There are a lot of opportunities to do with this game, like getting married, having kids, work opportunities, and many more.

It is a free-to-play game for all the users, but if someone wants to have a more amazing experience, they have to make some purchases to go with some resources. The most fantastic thing about this game is that users can also interact with other players and become family members of other players. In this game, users can also escape prison, and join Goth groups for more entertainment. If you want to see the dark side of the BitLife game, then you can join Goth Clique. You can explore goth culture after joining the group in the game.

What are the Requirements for Joining Goth Clique in Bitlife?

If you want to join any Clique in the game, you have to fulfill the basic requirements of the game. The basic requirement of the Goth Clique does not have many complications. Two basic things are required –

  • The first thing required is that your avatar should have low looks. It should not be a celebrity, and it should not have any success in its career.
  • Another requirement is that your avatar shouldn’t be very happy. If it seems happy, then the Goth Clique is not for your avatar.

How to Join the Goth Clique in BitLife?

BitLife is an amazing game where you can also do a lot of adventure, even some weird things. If you want to join Goth Clique in BitLife, you have to meet certain conditions. You can join the Clique by following these steps:

  • At first, you need to make sure that your avatar has low looks and happiness. But if you are good-looking, you can join God Mode; it will help you lower your looks and happiness. Indirectly, it will increase the chances of joining the Goth Clique. Your looks should be less than 20% to join the Clique.
  • The second thing you will be required is low happiness. You need to do different things to come below 30% of your happiness level. Like you can join different Cliques in the game and face rejections more times. Facing sad moments will also make your happiness level down, and it can also be done by losing our close ones.
  • You have to start finding Goth Clique, which will be available for you in the School Tab. So search for it until you get the results.
  • It might happen that you will not get accepted for Goth Clique, but you dint need to worry about it. You should try making your happiness level low, and once it is reached the target, you will get accepted into the Clique.


How can I download the BitLife game?

Ans. It is a pretty easy task to download BitLife, and you can find it simply on Google Play Store and Apps Store.

Can I get entry in Goth Clique with high looks?

Ans. The direct answer is no, as this Clique is not for the avatars having good looks, and you need to go with a low-look avatar to join Goth Clique.

Can I join the Clique with low looks and high happiness?

Ans. No, it is a compulsion that you should have low happiness. So you should start working on it to make your happiness level low to join Goth Clique.


This was the complete guide on how to join the Goth Clique in BitLife. You can achieve your target by following the basic steps given above. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask us in the comments section.


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