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How to Fix Yellow Light On The Verizon Fios Router


Key Takeaways
  • Different colored lights on Verizon Fios router indicate different statuses: white, blue, green, red, and yellow.
  • A solid yellow light means no internet connection, while blinking yellow light shows connection strength.
  • Solutions to fix the yellow light issue include restarting the router, properly connecting Ethernet cable, preventing overheating, resetting the router, and contacting the service provider.

Routers have LEDs that indicate the status of your internet connection. Verizon router comes with different colour lights- White, blue, green, red, and yellow, each having some meaning behind them. A white light indicates everything is working fine with the router, blue light shows pairing, green shows no traffic, and red indicates some problem, but what does a yellow light mean?

A solid yellow light means no internet connection, whereas the blinking yellow light indicates the strength of the connection between your router and extender. The frequency of the yellow blinking light shows how strong the connection is. 

How to Fix Yellow Light On The Verizon Fios Router

Fix The Yellow Light On The Verizon Fios Router

If you are facing Yellow Light on the Verizon router and want to fix it, this article will help you.

Restart Your Router

The very first thing that you can do is reboot your router. This will fix any technical bugs on the route and the Verizon Router yellow light issue. To reboot your router, follow the steps given below-

  • Power off your router first. If your router has a battery backup, then disconnect that as well. 
  • Disconnect the router from the power outlet as well. 
  • Now, wait for a minute or two before continuing ahead. 
  • After waiting some time, plug the power cord into the power outlet and turn on your router. 
  • Check if the yellow light issue is still faced or not. 

Connect Ethernet Cable Properly

Ways To Fix The Yellow Light On The Verizon Router

Another thing that you must ensure is that your ethernet cable is properly connected to the router. You will find the ethernet cable at the back of your router. You can try unplugging the ethernet cable and then inserting it back in, ensuring it is properly connected to the router.

Also, check for any damage on the cable. If your ethernet cable is damaged, that may cause this issue. Check for any signs of wear and tear on the cable. If the cable is damaged, then you will have to replace it.  

If the issue was due to a damaged or loose cable, this should fix it. However, if you still face the Verizon Router yellow light issue, you should move to the next troubleshooting step in this article. 

Avoid Overheating Of Router

If you are facing the Verizon router yellow light issue, it can be due to your router getting overheated. This generally happens when your router is turned on for hours, and you don’t even turn it off for a minute. Also, when no proper ventilation is provided to the router, this may cause it to overheat. 

If you have been using your router for a long time, then turn it off for a few minutes and let it cool down. You can turn it on after some time once the temperature has dropped down. 

Also, ensure you are providing proper ventilation to the router. Keep it open with proper airflow to ensure it does not overheat. 

Bring Your Extender Close To Your Router

If you are seeing yellow blinking light on the Verizon router, it indicates the strength of the connection of your router and extender. Faster blinking light means a strong connection, whereas slow blinking light indicates a weak connection. The only fix for blinking yellow light will be to bring your extender close to your router. This will strengthen the connection of your router and extender and solve the issue. 

Reset Router

When you reset your router, it will revert to its factory settings. This will clear out all the changes made to the router and fix all the bugs which might be causing the yellow light issue. You can reset the router by following the steps given below-

  • Look for the Reset pinhole button on your Verizon router. Generally, you will find this at the back. 
  • Insert a pin into the hole and press the button for 20 seconds. 

Ways To Fix The Yellow Light On The Verizon Router

  • Your router will restart, and the issue should be long gone. 

Contact Your Service Provider

The yellow light issue is encountered due to the bad internet connection. You can contact your service provider if you are still getting a yellow light on your Verizon router. You may often encounter yellow light on your Verizon router when maintenance is going on with the network; your service provider regarding the same. If there’s anything wrong with your connection, they will fix it, or if there’s some maintenance going on, they will tell you when you can expect connectivity back again. 


Every color of the LED light on the router indicates the status of the connection on your router. A yellow light on the Verizon router means something is wrong with your internet. If you have been getting yellow light on your Verizon router, then the above steps should help you fix it. 


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