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How to Fix Instagram Filters Not Working on Android & iPhone


Key Takeaways
  • Instagram filters are essential for users to enhance their photos and videos, but many have reported issues with them following a recent update.
  • Possible reasons for Instagram filters not working include poor internet connection, app bugs, or server downtime.
  • Solutions to fix the issue include force stopping the app, rebooting the device, clearing cache data, checking for updates, adjusting location permissions, and reinstalling the app if necessary. Contacting Instagram support may be needed for further assistance.

Everyone knows someone who is constantly on their phone, making videos and photos for Instagram. It seems everyone wants to be popular, so they are running this race. This race, however, relies heavily on Instagram filters. On Instagram, you can select from various filters that can reduce reflections, atmospheric haze, and glare.

However, many users have reported a bug with the Instagram filters since the last patch update, which prevents them from using them. Nonetheless, don’t worry because, in this guide, we’ll tell you how to fix the problem. Hence, let’s check out the fixes to resolve the Instagram filters not working issue. 

How to Fix Instagram Filters Not Working on Android & iPhone

Why Can’t I Use Effects on Instagram?

Instagram filters are not working on your device, and an error saying you can’t use this effect on your device is often caused by your internet connection. In order to find Instagram effects and use them when you want to record them, you will need a strong internet connection. You may be experiencing issues with Instagram filters because of a poor internet connection on your device.

There’s also possible that some random bug within the app may cause your Instagram video filters to not work. Furthermore, this app’s bugs tend to occur when there’s a glitch, which can lead to unwanted issues, such as filters not working properly.

Fix Instagram Filters and Effects Not Working

It is entirely dependent on Instagram as it can only address issues that they cause. Nevertheless, if you want to ensure there is no issue originating from your end or device, you can try out the steps below. Thus, let’s begin the fixes:

Force Stop Your Instagram App

Currently, we do not know what causes this issue. It is, therefore, advisable to force stop and then relaunch the Instagram app. 

Hence, you can force-stop your Instagram app by simply following these steps: Tap & Hold Instagram app > Info > Force stop. You’re done. Once you have re-opened it, check if the Instagram filters still aren’t working. Fix Instagram Story Camera Not Working

Reboot Your Device

Despite force stopping Instagram, if the issue persists, we suggest you try it again after rebooting your device, but this time after rebooting Instagram. In some cases, this has helped Instagram users resolve the issue where filters are not showing. It would be a good idea to try this as well. 

Clear Cache Data of Instagram

Have you tried this before? Nevertheless, if you have not done so, you should, as corrupted or old cache data may lead to this type of problem. You should therefore clear them from your device. Here are the steps you need to take: 

  1. On your device, go to Settings and then click App Management
  2. From the App List, choose Instagram from the list.
  3. Click on Storage Usage, then tap on Clear Cache on the next page.

Check For Instagram Update

You should update any pending application updates on your PlayStore, especially if an Instagram update is available. There is a possibility that officials are already aware of this error and have already rolled out a patch update to resolve it. Hence, it is essential to check whether your app needs to be updated and, if so, to do so. 

Check Location Permission

There are a lot of Instagram effects that are location-based. There may be a problem finding your Location at a particular location or when the system is having problems getting your accurate Location. The fix will be to enable Location if it has been disabled or to revoke permission if it has already been granted.

  1. Initially, go to the Settings app on your phone.
  2. After that, tap on Apps and then Instagram.
  3. Go to Permissions and click Location.
  4. Then, tap on Don’t allow if the Location is allowed or select Allow only while using the app if Don’t allow was previously selected. Then, reboot your device and check whether the Instagram filters are not working issue gets resolved.Check Location Permission

Logout And Re-Login To Your Account

No luck yet? There’s no need to worry! You can try logging in again. You first need to tap on your profile and then tap on the three vertical buttons at the top. 

Next, select Settings and scroll down. After that, click the logout button. You’re done. Please log into your account again using your credentials and check if our beloved filters have begun to work. 

Instagram Server Down

There is also a possibility that Instagram might be to blame because the server might be down, which can also lead to your problem. Using DownDetector/Instagram, you can determine whether that is the case.

After that, you’ll either see if Instagram has been experiencing server problems, and you can figure out why Instagram’s effects aren’t working. Otherwise, you’ll see a message saying Instagram is not experiencing server problems at the moment, so it’s not a technological problem.

Check If The Error Occurs on Any Other Account

In case the error still bothers you, we suggest trying a different account to see if it occurs on yours. Therefore, try it out and let us know how it goes. 

Reinstall Instagram

The problem still remains after you have tried all the fixes mentioned earlier but haven’t found the solution. Reinstalling the Instagram application on your device is the last step that you need to take if you cannot resolve the problem. 

This is the only option that will assure you that every error with the app has been resolved unless it was a server issue. 

Contact Instagram Support

If you still find that the Instagram filters are not working on your account, then it is highly recommended you contact the Instagram support team. Then, explain everything to the team and wait until they provide any fix to you regarding this problem.

From Author’s Desk

So, that’s all we have for you concerning how to fix Instagram filters that don’t work on your phone. I hope you find this guide useful. Feel free to comment below if you need more information.


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