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How to Fix Halo Infinite Play Button is Greyed Out


Halo Infinite is the most recent game in the series, and it has been a big hit with gamers. They haven’t been able to keep up with the pace, which has caused a lot of bugs and glitches in the game. When Halo Infinite Play doesn’t work, one glitch is that the button turns grey and doesn’t work at all. We’ve shown you how to fix Halo Infinite Play when the button is greyed out in this article.

Fix Halo Infinite Grey Play Button

If you face this error, you can check out a few of the fixes below.

Get the English Language Pack

Access the Halo Infinite Control Panel. Click on Y to download. Download and install the English language pack. Make sure you select English as your default language. Then follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Halo Infinite Settings.
  • Navigate to the Accessibility page.
  • English should be set as the Visual Language.
  • Make sure the Audio language is set to English.
  • You should exit the game. Restart it.

The Play button should be now available.

Update Your PC Driver

There are numerous reports claiming that many issues with games and applications can be solved by simply updating your graphics driver.

Multiple issues related to the game’s launch or graphical glitches can be resolved by installing the latest graphics driver. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open the Quick Access Menu by right-clicking on the Start Menu.
  • From the list, select Device Manager.
  • Expand the Display adapters category by double-clicking it.
  • Select the dedicated graphics card by right-clicking it.
  • Click on the Update driver. Select Find drivers automatically.
  • Updates will automatically be downloaded and installed if there are any available.

Reboot your computer after you’ve finished seeing the changes.

Press Play and Wait

Don’t change the window after clicking the Play button. You’ll see a timer appear. Keep it running and do not select anything. The game should appear after 10-15 seconds.

Restart the computer or console if nothing happens. And, repeat if necessary.

Clear the Steam Download Cache

It might also be necessary to clear the Steam client’s cache to resolve the game files’ glitches. When a game download is interrupted, the files can conflict with each other, which may cause the game to fail. It is therefore necessary to clear the client’s download cache. Here’s how:

  • Launch Steam. From the top-left corner, select the Steam tab.
  • Click on Settings. Select Halo Infinite.
  • Click on the Clear Download Cache button. Click OK if prompted.
  • Save the changes by clicking OK. Then restart Steam.

Install the Game Again

It is possible Halo Infinite is not completely installed on your computer if the Play button is still greyed out. The game cannot be played if it is partially installed because you can only customize the settings.

The game should still be installed in the background. Halo Infinite may be installing new updates. Try again after the process is complete if this is the case.

Uninstall the game if it’s not currently being installed. It is most likely that you accidentally deleted some language files or the game did not install them.

Try Disabling IPV6

Apparently, Halo Infinite has trouble running on Windows computers that have IPV6 installed. Therefore, you must disable the game from the Control Panel in order for it to work as intended.

  • Open Run by pressing Windows + R. In the search box, type “Control Panel” and press Enter.
  • Now click the ‘Network and Sharing Center‘ tab.
  • Choose ‘Change Adapter Settings‘ after that.
  • Right-click on your current network connection and choose ‘Properties‘.
  • Once you have unchecked ‘Internet Protocol Version 6’, click ‘Ok‘.

Relaunch Halo now. Try opening the customization again.

Final Words

You can fix the Halo Infinite Play button that is Greyed Out by following the methods above. Make sure that you follow them properly otherwise you could damage some of your important files.


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