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How To Fix Halo Infinite Not Saving Progress


Halo Infinite is going through a lot of tough times because of the increase in the number of bugs and glitches. So, even though it has become popular all around, that growth will not be consistent if the developers don’t work on fixing these issues.

One such error is the Halo Infinite not saving progress issue. Many gamers are facing this error and are looking for some fixes. If you are also facing this error then here is “How to fix Halo Infinite not saving progress.

Fix Halo Infinite Not Saving Progress

The game usually saves your progress at the end of an extended battle in Halo Infinite. A player will lose all progress if he or she dies before reaching a major checkpoint. The result is that you’ll have to start from scratch after a previous checkpoint was saved.

So, if you cannot save your game’s progress in Halo Infinite, here are some fixes that you can try.

Make Some Room

Halo Infinite’s save files cannot be created if the hard drive where they are stored is completely full. Therefore, having low space on your computer can lead to many bugs and errors.

So, you should make some room on your PC. Once done, reboot your computer. See if it’s possible to save your progress.

Fix the Game

You can try fixing the game. After repairing Halo Infinite’s game files, many gamers successfully played the game again. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to the Windows Settings menu.
  • Choose Apps & Features.

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  • Go to Halo Infinite.
  • Choose Repair & Reset.
  • Re-customize your graphic settings.

Fix Halo Infinite Save Failed error

Final Words

This is How to fix Halo Infinite not saving progress. Most probably your error will be solved by following the steps above. However, if your error is still not fixed then please comment down the exact problem below.


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  1. I’ve played 15 hours the first time and second time 4 hour’s and didn’t even save checked points I got storage this made me quit even though I’ve been play halo since I was 6y I’ve let it go but I want to fix the problem


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