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Fix Dark and Darker Stuck on Matchmaking Loop Problem


Key Takeaways
  • Dark and Darker is available as early access with the final game set for release in Q4 2024.
  • Many users have faced a matchmaking loop problem preventing them from joining matches.
  • Solutions include restarting the game and device, running as administrator, ensuring stable internet, updating the game, repairing game files, and enabling crossplay.

Dark and Darker has been made available as early access, while the final game will be released in the Q4 of 2024. Though the game’s final build has not been released yet, gamers can play the early access version of the game. Recently many users have come up with a matchmaking loop problem because of which they could not join the match.

Fix Dark and Darker Stuck on Matchmaking Loop Problem

In this article, we will guide you on how you can fix the Dark and Darker Stuck on Matchmaking Loop problem.

How to Fix Dark and Darker Stuck on Matchmaking Loop Problem

Restart The Game And Device

The very first thing that you should try doing is restarting the game. This will clear any bug in the game that might be causing the issue. If restarting the game didn’t help fix the issue, try restarting the device. See if that fixes the issue; if the issue is still encountered, move to the next step in this article. 

Run Dark And Darker With Administrative Privileges

You might face this issue when the game does not have sufficient permissions. You can run the game as an administrator to fix this issue. 

  • On your desktop, right-click on the Dark and Darker shortcut icon and click on Properties. If you don’t have this shortcut on your desktop, then follow the steps given below-
    • Press Windows key and search for Dark and Darker. Right-click on the relevant search result and then click on Open File Location. 
    • Here, right-click on the game and then click on Properties
  • In the game properties, head to the Compatibility tab. 
  • Here, check the checkbox for Run this program as an administrator.

How to Fix Dark and Darker Stuck on Matchmaking Loop Problem

  • Click on Apply and then click on OK to save the changes. 
  • Now, do the same for Steam Client
  • Once done, launch Dark and Darker and see if you encounter the issue. 

Ensure Your Internet Is Stable

If Dark and Darker are stuck on the matchmaking loop, it might be because of the unstable internet. You can try troubleshooting your internet by following the steps given below-

  • Bring your router close to your PC. 
  • If you have a dual-band router and your PC support 5Ghz Wi-Fi then switch to a 5Ghz network for a much more stable connection. 
  • Close all the background programs that might be using the internet. Disconnect all the other devices connected to your Wi-Fi. 
  • We recommend you connect your PC to your router through the LAN cable instead of the Wi-Fi network. 
  • Avoid using any VPN. If you are connected to a VPN network, then that may cause slow internet, so disconnect from the VPN network. 

This should fix the issue with your internet, and you should no longer face the matchmaking problem on the game. 

Update Dark And Darker

You might also face this issue if the game is outdated. We suggest you update your app to the latest version to avoid such problems. To update the game, follow the steps given below-

  • Press the Windows key. In the Start Menu, search for Steam, click on the very first option that appears. 
  • Head to the Library on the Steam client, and click on Dark and Darker here. 
  • Steam will start checking for any available updates. Click on the Update button to install the update. 
  • Once the game is updated, restart your PC and relaunch the game. 

Repair Game Files

Corrupted game files might also cause this issue. You can repair the game files to fix this issue. You can do so by following the steps given below-

  • Open Start Menu by clicking on the Start icon. In the Start Menu, type Steam and open it. 
  • In Steam, click on the Library. 
  • Here, right-click on Dark and Darker and then on Properties.
  • In the Properties, head to the Local Files tab. 
  • Here, click on Verify Integrity Of Game Files

How to Fix Dark and Darker Stuck on Matchmaking Loop Problem

  • This will scan for corrupted game files and fix them. 
  • After the process is completed, restart your PC. 
  • Now, launch Dark and Darker on your PC and see if you are still facing the issue. 

Enable Crossplay

If crossplay is disabled, then that may also be the reason behind this issue. Check whether crossplay is disabled, and if it is disabled, then enable it.

  • Launch the Dark and Darker game on your PC. 
  • Head to the Settings of the Dark and Darker. 
  • Here, click on Account and then click on the Enable button next to Crossplay. 
  • Restart the game to save the changes.


If Dark and Darker are stuck on the Matchmaking loop and you cannot join the match, this guide will be helpful. We hope you no longer encounter this issue while playing the game.


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