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How to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging No Light


Key Takeaways
  • AirPods case not charging and no light indicates dead battery or other issues like dirty connectors, faulty cable, software problems, or a broken connector from a fall.
  • To fix the issue, clean the lightning connector, check and change the cable, address deep discharge by letting it charge for 15-20 minutes, reset AirPods, or contact Apple support if all else fails.
  • Regularly clean the AirPods case, use a 12W charger, and consider investing in an AirPods case for prevention.

So, you have had a busy day, and now you want to groove into your AirPods. But you see that there’s no juice left. Now you put those AirPods in the case and put it to charge only to see that the AirPods case not charging no light. Well, we have all been in this situation and experienced quite a lot of frustration.

As a result, for those who are currently in this situation don’t need to worry because here we have a guide that will pinpoint the exact issues as to why you are facing this problem and how you can fix this. Let’s get started.

How to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging No Light (2023)

Why AirPods Case is Not Charging and No Light?

If the AirPods case is not charging and there’s no light at all, the case’s battery is dead. There are a variety of other factors that could play a role in causing this issue. However, here are some of the most common reasons for this to happen:

  • Dirt: Your connectors are dirty and need a thorough cleanup.
  • Faulty cable: Your charging cable may be damaged, and that’s why you are unable to charge the AirPods.
  • Software issue: Even AirPods can sometimes have a problem with the firmware. But this becomes ineffective until the AirPods have at least 5% of battery.
  • Faulty Connector: You may have mistakenly dropped your AirPods along with the case and now the connector or tiny wires inside the case have broken.
  • Wrong Charger: AirPods case is best charged with a 12W standard adapter. If you happen to use the 20W Fast charger, the AirPods case won’t charge, and there won’t be any light.

Whatever the reason may be, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to fix the issue.

Ways to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging No Light

Here we have listed 5 potential fixes that will help you to resolve the AirPods case not charging and no light issue. Make sure that you follow the fixes in the way they are mentioned.

Fix 1: Clean Your Lightning Connector

How to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging No Light

The most obvious fix to resolve AirPods case not charging and no light is to check whether there is dirt inside the connector. During the daytime, pollution, dirt, and soot can easily get inside your AirPods connector and clog it. As a result, you won’t be able to charge them and hence see no light.

You cannot clean a lighting connector with simple tools like earbuds or cotton swabs. There are specialized tools to do this, such as AirPods cleaners.

How to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging No Light

They are readily available in the market $2-$5 and will do the job nicely. Make sure to clean your AirPods case regularly to prevent this from happening.

Fix 2: Check and Change the Lightning Cable

There can be a faulty lighting cable that is causing the issue. Try changing it and checking. You can also use the cable to charge any other Apple device and check whether it is working fine. If not, you can use another cable for checking.

Other than this, if you have a QI adapter, try to wirelessly charge your case to see whether the lights are turning on. If not, there’s a problem with the AirPods case itself, not the cable. If this works, the cable is damaged. It can also mean that the connector is faulty, for which you have to visit a local service center and let professionals diagnose it.

Fix 3: Check for Deep Discharge

In our case, we have seen that sometimes AirPods are deeply discharged. Consequently, when they are put to charging by connecting the cable, the light doesn’t turn on. However, the light does turn on after 15 to 20 minutes. This is because the magnitude of the battery has become so low that it is unable to pick up the charge.

Make sure that you keep the AirPods connected to the charger for 15 to 20 minutes and let them charge. It doesn’t matter, even if the light is not turning on. Just let it charge and wait. After some time, you will surely see the charger light turning on, and your AirPods will be charging. If this doesn’t help, follow up with the next fix.

Fix 4: Reset Your AirPods

How to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging No Light

If you have tried all the ways and nothing worked, resetting your AirPods is probably the best way to fix all ongoing issues, including not charging and no light. The resetting process is quite easy.

Put the AirPods back in the case and then press and hold the white round button. Keep the button pressed for 10-15 seconds until the Amber light flashes. Once the lights have flashed, put your AirPods to charging and check whether it charges. Make sure to let it charge for 15 minutes and then check whether the light turns on.

Now, your AirPods might normally be functioning, or you may see no result. The last fix is the way to go if you see no result.

Fix 5: Contact Apple Customer Support

If none of the above fixes have worked, it is probably time that you take your AirPods to an authorized Apple Service Center and have them checked thoroughly.

The professionals at Apple will diagnose your issue and fix it. If you have a warranty fixing the issue won’t cost a dime. But if the warranty is over, they will give you a fair estimate.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix if AirPods are not charging and no light is there. We hope this guide has helped you. If not the guys at Apple Service Center will. To prevent this from happening in the future, it is recommended that you purchase an AirPods case that will save it from future drops and dents.



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