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How to Use Fatal to the Flesh Website


The website Fatal to the Flesh offers users the opportunity to play on the blank canvas without worrying about the target or following levels.

It was developed by Rafael Rozendaal in 2004. And, it provides a place where some can show their talents and spend their time. Here’s everything you need to know about fatal to the flash.

What is Fatal To The Flesh?

Upon visiting Fatal To The Flesh for the first time, users are presented with a blank white screen. And, when the cursor is moved across the screen, the fragment appears on a white red background.

It represents a wound on the skin. More pieces will appear as the user moves the cursor across the screen. It basically allows users to make bloody wounds on white screens.

It can also be used as a digital alternative to actual self-harm. And, it does not promote self-harm in any way.

So, when users think they need to hurt themselves, they can distract themselves by playing simulation games on the site.

Using this site, users can express their emotions in a non-destructive way. The Fatal To The Flesh website offers a way for users to express their grief on a blank page by playing a simulation game.


  • The websites act as signs-like cues to prevent people from harming themselves.
  • By using this simulation technique, people are prevented from making fatal decisions that can be life-threatening.
  • By using this site, people can stop self-harm and protect themselves from self-inflicted injuries.
  • People can express their emotions on white paper that resembles the human body, rather than their actual self.
  • There are red markings on each cut to make the cut appear more realistic and natural to website users.

Some Technical Information

The user is taken directly to a blank page on the Fatal to the Flesh Website with no description or instructions. And, depending on the speed of the mouse movement, the marking on the map will vary.

As the mouse moves faster, the ditch grows deeper. And, as the ditch forms, more red drops flow out. The website has a trust rating of 67%.

And, because of the age of the website and the availability of HTTPS protocols, the trust rating is positive.

In the technical data of the site, there is no country name mentioned by trusted rating providers.

And, it has been 17 years and 298 days since the domain was created. It was registered on February 8, 2004.

Also, it is widely believed that the longer the domain age, the more credible the website is.

However, there is no information provided about the website’s developer or author. The website also does not have any other important technical information.

Using Fatal to the Flesh Website in 2023

The site is very easy to use. Users simply need to visit the site. Then, with the blank sheet, the screen can be shrunk to their liking. And, when the mouse is moved quickly across the screen, the zoom out shows the depth.

And, when you rotate the mouse slowly, you will see small strokes appear on the screen. This website also offers other harmless games as another means for users to harm themselves digitally.

Final Words

This is all about Fatal to the Flesh 2022. So, whenever you have an urge to physically harm yourself then you can use this website as an alternative. However, if you regularly have such emotions then it is better to consult an expert rather than visit such websites.


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