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Is Madden 21/22 Cross Platform? Detailed Guide

Madden 21 is not a Cross Platform


Video games based on the Madden NFL franchise are among the most popular in the world. However, is it possible to make them cross-platform? Madden 21 was released exclusively for Xbox One and PS4 on August 20th. But, neither PCs nor mobile devices can play the game.

Their exclusive deal with Microsoft likely influences EA Sports’ decision. Because they will soon release an upgraded version of the Xbox One, this version will support both Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. “Project Helix” is a feature on the new console. Using this, players can play multiplayer games against players on other consoles and PCs.

And there’s also speculation that EA wants people to buy Madden 19 to play the game instead of on other platforms. Because this will be able to give them the best online player base possible, so, does this theory mean Madden 21 might be released cross-platform after Madden 19?

Is Madden 21 Cross Platform? Detailed Guide

What is Madden 21?

Another great Madden NFL game has been developed by EA Tiburon: Madden NFL 21. And a number of new features have been included in this year’s game, including realistic graphics and animations.

You can choose the team for which you will play. And the opponent can also be chosen by you.

So, you can easily find something that fits any situation with so many options available. Whether you’re playing alone or with a friend.

It also features top-notch graphics. And the character will feel real. You can easily navigate this fast-paced game with the controls.

But, the biggest question in the player’s mind is whether Madden 21 is cross-platform or not?

Is Madden 21/22 Cross-Platform?

As with every previous game in the series, Madden NFL 21 does not have a stadium. So, this means unfortunately you cannot play with someone on another platform, such as PlayStation, Xbox One, or PC.

Upon hearing that Madden was releasing a new game, many players wondered whether it would be possible to play with other players on another console.

But, when the game launched, they said that cross-platform play wouldn’t be possible. And, a lot of people were disappointed because of this. Most players saw this as an opportunity lost.

So, Madden NFL 21 will not be available on the Xbox One or PC. As a result, console and PC gamers will not be able to play together.

Is Madden 22 Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

As of 2023, there will be no PC version of Madden 21. Additionally, Madden 21 has not been announced for Xbox One either. The PS4 and PS3 are likely to be the only platforms that will host the game.

The PC version of Madden may never be released due to budget constraints. The company would make considerably less money if a cross-platform release cost 700 dollars than if it was exclusive to one console.

And, because of the lack of revenue from development costs, it might not become cross-platform.

Is Madden 22 PS4 and Xbox One Cross-platform?

The Madden 22 platform does not exist between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players are unable to play with each other.

It can be challenging for these games to work together across platforms if they are on both consoles because both console developers want to make more profit with their respective versions of the game.

So, make sure your friends are playing on the same console as you if you want to play Madden 22 with them.

Is Madden 21 Cross-platform for PC and PS4?

Madden NFL 21 is not available on the PS4 and PC. In other words, if you own a PS4, then you can only play with people who also own a PS4. And, you will not be able to play against your friend if he has a PC.

Pc and PlayStation differ in features, making cross-platform games very tough. So, this is the primary reason for there not being cross-platform games.

Players of the PlayStation use gamepads, while PC users have a mouse and keyboard. Because of this, games have a difficult time balancing reactions between consoles.

And, playing Madden NFL 21 on your console or PC can make the game tense or unresponsive due to the PC controls. Secondly, the hardware might be different.

Several input methods are available on the PlayStation that do not appear on any keyboard, such as the touchpad, cheer stick, and DualShock control buttons.

However, it is important that today’s games are cross-platform. Since there are so many different devices, it’s crucial that players can play their favorite titles on multiple platforms without any problems.

But, that is certainly not the case with Madden 21.

Is Madden 21 PS4 and PS5 Cross-platform?

Unfortunately, there are no crossroads between Madden NFL 21 and PS5. Therefore, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players cannot play together.

Is Madden 21 Cross-platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S?

No, there is no crossroad between Madden NFL 21 and the Xbox Series X/S. Therefore, neither console can compete with the other.

Are there Any Two Platforms That Madden 21 is Cross-platform?

There isn’t a stadium with two different stadiums in Madden NFL 21. Thus, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mobile, Stadia, and PC players cannot play together.

Players must be on the same device to play together.

Madden NFL 21’S Cross-Gen Features

Simulation football fans have grown tired of EA and the Madden NFL franchise due to its heavy focus on microtransactions.

Furthermore, the fact that EA is the only company allowed to make simulation-based NFL games does not help.

Franchise Mode fans seem to have suffered the most this year. Compared to Madden 20, there are no significant changes in Madden 22.

Thus, the hashtag #FixMaddenFranchise was created on Twitter by fans of the game mode.

So, EA has promised that Franchise Mode would be updated and changed in the future. And, franchise Mode will be improved with patches this year.

But, still, due to Madden 21’s lack of cross-play, players can only play online with others who own the same console. PlayStation 4 players can only play against PlayStation 4 players.

And, Xbox One players can only play against Xbox One players. However, this may not be a bad thing.

As there is still the possibility to compete online as Madden Ultimate Team and The Yard are popular games among the multiplayer community.

Final Words

So, we hope that now you have got an answer for whether Madden 21 will be cross-play or not. Actually, for the first time in EA’s history, Madden 21 will not support cross-play. There are also currently no plans to change this restriction in future games. During its first year of release after the next-generation console was released. And, Madden 20 was cross-platform on both consoles. EA, however, decided not to do this for this year’s version of the game.

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