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How to Fix Eufy Robovac Making Loud Noise


Robot Vacuum Cleaners are gaining popularity over the traditional vacuum cleaner. Robot Vacuum Cleaners have various benefits, like it saves your time, cleaning any surface, reaching corners and any area that is difficult to clean, automatic control, etc. Eufy Robovac is a popular robot vacuum cleaner with features like automatic scheduling and low noise while cleaning the house. 

Though noiseless or low noise cleaning is a feature of Eufy Robovac, users have complained that their vacuum cleaner has started to make weird loud noises. If your Eufy Robovac is also making loud noises and you are worried about the reason behind it, then you will find this article helpful. Let’s see the reason for Eufy Robovac making loud noises and how to fix it. 

Why Is My Eufy Robovac Making Loud Noise?

Hearing loud grinding, rattling, or beeping noises on the Eufy Robovac can distract you. You may hear these loud noises on your Eufy Robovac due to the following reasons-

  • You might hear a loud noise when the side brush motors of the robot have stripped gears. To check it, you can rotate the side brush manually with your hands and see if it makes some clicking noise. If it does, then the side brush is causing the loud noise issue.
  • Another reason that can be causing Eufy Robovac’s loud noises is dirt stuck in the rolling brush bearings. When dirt, hair, or debris gets stuck in the rolling brush bearings, it might stop the bearing from rotating smoothly, thus making loud noises.
  • If the suction inlet on the robot vacuum cleaner is clogged from the dust, then that can also cause the Eufy Robovac to make loud noises. You can also face this if there is debris or dust on the filter or brush.
  • You must also check for worn filters and brushes as that can also cause loud noises on Eufy Robovac.
  • Check the extractors in the cleaning head of the Robovac. If they are rubbing together against each other while cleaning, then that can cause loud noise on the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Not only this, but if the rolling brush or the brush guard is not installed properly or is dirty, then that can also cause this issue.

How to Fix Eufy Robovac Making Loud Noise

How To Fix Eufy Robovac Making Loud Noise 2023

Now that you know why Eufy Robovac is making a loud noise, you can continue with the steps given below to fix the issue-

Clean Dust Collector

You will have to clean the dust collector frequently. If the dust collector is full, it can cause issues with the suction, and your Eufy Robovac may make loud noises. Clean the dust collector by following the steps given below to fix this issue-

  • First, turn off your Eufy Robovac.
  • Now, press the release button of the dust collector to remove it.
  • After removing the dust collector, clean it.
  • Once done, put back the dust collector properly in the Eufy Robovac.
  • Now, turn on the vacuum cleaner; it should no longer make noise.

Clean Rolling Brush Bearings

The rolling brush must be cleaned properly; a dirty rolling brush can cause loud noise on Eufy Robovac. You can clean the rolling brush bearings by following the steps given below-

  • Turn off Eufy Robovac, pull the release tab, and unlock the brush guard.
  • Now, remove the rolling brush from the Robovac.
  • Clean the rolling brush off any dust and dirt. You can use a brush to clean the rolling brush.
  • Also, ensure no hairs are stuck in the rolling brush, and if there are any, remove them.
  • Once you have cleaned the rolling brush properly, reinstall it into the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Ensure you have installed the rolling brush properly into the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Also, remove the brush guard and reinstall it properly.

Note- You must ensure that the rolling brush and the brush guard are properly installed in the Eufy Robovac, or else they might also cause loud noises.

Clean Or Replace Filters And Brushes

You must clean the filters and brushes on your Eufy Robovac. Over time, filters and brushes may collect dirt and cause such issues. You must clean them from time to time to avoid such issues. You can use a comb and a brush to clean the filters and brush the vacuum cleaner. Ensure you do it carefully and do not damage the filters and brush.

It is preferred if you clean them frequently after a few uses to avoid too much dirt collecting over the brush. If there’s still some dirt or dust on the filter/brush and you cannot clean it, you can replace them. Filters and the brushes are disposable, and you will have to replace them every 2-3 months to be on the safe side.

Properly Install Extractors

If the extractors are not installed properly, they might rub against each other, causing the robot vacuum cleaner to make loud noises. You can remove the extractors and then reinstall them properly, ensuring they don’t rub against each other.

Clean The Wheels

When hairs and threads get stuck in the wheels, they disturb the motion of the wheels. Due to this, the robot vacuum cleaner may face problems while moving and making loud noises. Clean the wheels of the Eufy Robovac. You can use a knife or any sharp object to clean the dirt stuck inside the edges. Use a damp cloth to clean the outer surface of the wheels.

Contact Customer Support

If you are still facing loud noise issues with the Eufy Robovac, we suggest you contact the customer support of Eufy. You can contact Eufy customer support through the support page. Upon visiting the customer support page, you will see three ways to contact customer support- email, call, or live chat. You can go with any method you are comfortable with.

Upon contacting the customer support team of Eufy, ensure you tell them about your problem in detail. They will guide you with what can be done next to solve the issue.

Bottom Line

We know how irritating it can be to hear all those loud noises when your Eufy Robovac starts to clean your house. Not only is it irritating, but it also disturbs you while working. If you have been following the same issue, then you can follow the steps given above to fix Eufy Robovac making a loud noise.


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