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How to Fix Instax Mini 11 Flashing Orange Light


Trying to capture photos on your Instax Mini 11 but encountering an Orange light flashing on it? This might leave users worried as to why they can be facing this issue. If you see a blinking orange light on your Instax 11 Mini, then it might indicate the following issues-

  • Flash isn’t fully charged
  • Batteries are dead or low
  • Jammed film

No matter how good Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is, issues like such can be encountered by anyone. There is nothing to be tensed about if you encounter Instax Mini 11 flashing orange light.

How to Fix Instax Mini 11 Flashing Orange Light

How to Fix Instax Mini 11 Flashing Orange Light

Let’s go through all the steps you can follow to fix Instax Mini 11 Flashing Orange Light.

Replace Battery

If you see that your Instax Mini 11 is flashing orange light, then the battery on the camera is weak. A new battery pack can click around 100 photos, and if you have clicked 100 photos or are about to reach the threshold, the camera will flash orange light. You must replace the battery on your Instax Mini 11, and the issue will be fixed. The steps to do so are mentioned below-

  • Firstly, power off your camera.
  • Open the battery compartment, remove the old batteries, and replace them with new ones.
  • Once you have replaced the batteries, close the battery compartment and turn on your camera. You won’t see the orange light on the camera now.

Let Flash Charge

You might encounter Instax Mini 11 Flashing Orange Light if your flash is not charged. It might take a few seconds for the flash to charge. Wait for a few seconds when you turn on the camera or after you click a photo for the flash to charge, and then you can click photos without any issues.

Check The Film In The Camera

If the film is jammed or stuck in the compartment, then that can also cause this issue. You can follow the steps given below to fix jammed film in the Instax Mini 11-

  • Turn off your camera before moving ahead.
  • Open the film compartment available at the back of your camera.
  • Remove the film from the compartment. Ensure you remove the film carefully.
  • Check for damages on the film. If there is no damage, reinsert the film back in the compartment; however, if the film is damaged, then replace the film with a new one.
  • Once you have inserted the film, close the film compartment and turn on your camera.

Reset Camera

If you have tried replacing the battery and even checked the film but still face this issue, you can reset the camera. This can be done by following the steps given below-

  • Ensure your camera is turned on.
  • Open the battery compartment on your camera.
  • Remove the batteries and re-insert them.
  • This will reset the camera, and you will no longer encounter the issue.


Flashing the orange light on Instax Mini 11 should stop you from taking photos. If Instax Mini 11 flashes orange light, the above guide should help you solve it. We hope this help solve the issue, and if the issue is solved, give us a thumbs up in the comment section below.


Why Is My Instax Mini 11 Flash Not Working?

If your Instax Mini 11 Flash is not working, you must check the batteries on the camera. If the batteries are not aligned properly within the battery compartment or are dead, then that can cause such issues. Reinsert the batteries correctly, and if they are dead, replace them with new ones.

Why Am I Getting Orange Light On My Instax Mini 11?

You will likely encounter the orange light issue on your Instax Mini 11 due to a dead battery or when the film gets jammed. We have discussed the steps to fix this issue in the article above. If Instax Mini 11 is flashing orange light, you can follow the steps in this article to fix the issue.

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