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Dell Warranty Check: How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status 2024


Dell Warranty Check 2024: With the rise of the internet, online shopping has become the norm for many people, from daily necessities to electronics and other valuable products. In the comment section, let us know which mobile phone you are currently using and how you purchased it. This will help us understand how many people are opting for online purchases. It’s safe to say that the number is quite high.

Dell Warranty Check: How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status

Laptops are one of the best selling products online. Major players like Amazon and Flipkart offer crazy deals and discounts, with prices cut by 20 to 30 percent in some sales. When buying laptops online, it’s important to pay attention to the warranty policy. Most laptop brands now offer a one-year free warranty that can be used in all their retail and partner stores across the country.

This means there’s no need to send the laptop back to the seller and wait for weeks to get the warranty claimed. This is especially important since most online sellers are from other states, and a local warranty can save a lot of hassle.

So it is quite impossible to visit their store and get our problem sorted. To make their customers convenient all the brands accept warranty in all their stores across the country. If you ever bought a laptop online and search for some warranty cards?

Nowadays, most laptops do not come with a physical warranty card or any other paper documents. Instead, they provide a digital version of your warranty information. This digital version is quite handy as it allows you to check your warranty status from anywhere at any time. If you are unsure how to check the warranty status of your laptop, in our case, we use Dell laptops.

If you are unsure about how to check the warranty status of your Dell laptop in the US, Canada, or India, this article is all you need. The process is quite similar for all brands and countries, so there’s no need to worry. Let’s get started with this article without any further delay.

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Before checking the warranty status of your laptop, you need some information to confirm the laptop you are using is yours. So before checking make sure to have these below mentioned details.

  1. You need to have a serial number of your laptop along with your model number.
  2. For Dell users, you need an express service code to check the warranty status of your laptop.

To check the warranty status of your laptop, you can find the necessary details on the back of your laptop or on the box it came in. Once you have these details, you can proceed to check the warranty status of your laptop with ease.

How to Check Dell Products Warranty Status Online: 3 Ways

Three Ways To Check Your Dell Laptop Warranty Status:

Method 1: Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status By Calling Their Customer Care

Not only for warranty status, but you can also call your laptop manufacturer’s customer care line to get details of your laptop.

How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status

You can just google your manufacture helpline number and call from your mobile.  For Dell laptops, you can use this number to call their customer care.

DELL HELPLINE: 1800-425-4002

But you have to bear with their crazy automated assistance. It at least takes 10 minutes to get the details you need. If you don’t have this much time to spare, we have other methods for you as well.

Method 2: Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status Online

If you have all the details which we mentioned earlier, you can get the warranty details of your Dell laptop within a matter of few clicks. To get this, follow these steps.

STEP 1:  Open any browser of your choice and visit this address.  https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19?app=warranty

Dell Warranty Check: How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status

STEP 2: Enter the details it is asking for and hit the submit button. Or you can use the detect PC option to make the website detect everything automatically. Only if you are surfing from the same PC, do you need to find the warranty details of.

STEP 3: Once you hit the submit button, you are prompted with your laptop’s warranty status. Also, you can extend the warranty if you want. Before wrapping up, let us tell you one more method to check the warranty status of your Dell Laptop.

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Method 3: Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status By Dell Support Assist

Dell support assist is a program that is pre-installed on all the Dell laptops which helps to find out all the details and get help from their customer executive. Using this you can also get the warranty status of your laptop. Let us see how to do it.

To check the warranty status of your Dell laptop, follow these steps:

1. Click the “Start” button and search for “Dell Support Assist”. Hit enter once you find it.

2. If you don’t have this program, you can download it from the official Dell website.

3. Once you have opened the program, click on the “Show Details” option.

4. This will show you all the details of your laptop, including its warranty status, service ID, serial number, and more.

You can use any of these three methods to check your laptop’s warranty status. Let us know which method you prefer.

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