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How to Cancel Audible Account Subscription & Trial Membership


Key Takeaways
  • Audible by Amazon offers a subscription-based service for audiobooks, newspapers, and magazines, with a vast library of over 200,000 titles.
  • Membership features include ad-free offline listening, access to purchased books after cancellation, and multi-device compatibility.
  • Methods to cancel Audible subscription include online from the website, contacting customer support by phone, or via email, with FAQs on credits, book access, and refunds provided.

If you love reading books, we are sure that you must be carrying around your favorite book to complete it as soon as possible. But, it is difficult to carry more than one book while traveling to your workplace or anywhere else!

How convenient would it be, if you could carry all your favorite books at once and someone would read them out for you? Also, there are quite a few people who cannot read the books by themselves but, can listen to audiobooks or podcasts effortlessly.

If you are amongst either of the two types of people mentioned above, you must make use of Audible by Amazon.

What is Audible?

Audible is a subscription-based service that provides audiobooks, along with an audio version of newspapers and magazines. This service is owned by Amazon and has an extensive library of more than 2,00,000 audiobooks from different genres.

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Features of Audible membership include:

1. Ad-Free Offline Listening of your books.

2. You can access your bins even after canceling your subscription.

3. Highly compatible. Can be accessed on iOS, Android, Kindle, etc.

A new member is provided with a free trial after which, a minimum of $14.95 is deducted from the member’s bank account per month. If you have subscribed for a premium plan or an annual plan, the subscription amount varies accordingly.

Thus, if you are not making full use of your Audible subscription or if you feel like this subscription is a burden on your pocket, it is recommended that you cancel it to save your money.

How to Cancel Audible Subscription

How To Cancel Audible Account Subscription & Membership

Here, we have listed some of the methods which you can use to cancel your Audible subscription.

Method 1: Cancel Audible from its website.

You can use any device to cancel your Audible subscription from its website. The steps to be executed are listed below.

Step 1- Launch a web browser on your device and go to ‘Audible‘ on this website.

How to Cancel Audible Subscription

Step 2- From here, use your login credentials to log in to your Audible account.

Step 3- After logging in, you will notice that your username is displayed at the top-Right corner of the window. Click on it.

Step 4- From the drop-down box that appears on your screen, click on the ‘Account Details‘ option.

Step 5- In the new window, you will notice a ‘Cancel Membership‘ option in blue. Click on it.

How To Cancel Audible Account Subscription & Membership

Step 6- Then, follow the on-screen instructions to successfully cancel your Audible subscription.

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Method 2: Cancel Audible Trial Via Customer support.

In this method, all you need to do is ask the customer support team to cancel your Audible subscription.

Dial 1 (888) 283-5051 or 1 (206) 577-1377 from any phone to contact the customer support team of Audible. To cancel your subscription, you will be asked your login credentials, so keep them handy.

Method 3: Cancel Audible Via Email

In this method, you need to send an email to the customer support team of Audible.

You can enter your cancellation request along with your full name and login credentials in your email and send it to social-support@audible.com this ID.

You will receive a confirmation email within a couple of days, informing you about the cancellation of your Audible account.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Some frequently asked questions include:

Q1. Do I lose my credits if I cancel Audible?

Yes, as your credits are directly linked to your membership ID, they are immediately expired on the cancellation of your Audible subscription.

Q2. Can I listen to my books after I cancel my Audible subscription?

Yes, you can access all your books on Audible even after you cancel its subscription. Only exceptions are titles you have purchased through Audible Escape. You can access those titles only till their expiry date arrives.

Q3. Will I get a refund after I cancel my Audible subscription?

No, you are not be entitled to any refund after canceling your Audible subscription.

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This is all you need to know about Audible before you start executing the methods to cancel its subscription. We are confident that one of the methods listed above will help you in successfully canceling your Audible subscription. The steps involved in each of the above-listed methods are easy to understand and execute.

If you have any queries or if you know of any better method to cancel the Audible subscription, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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