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How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Gym Membership


Key Takeaways
  • Planet Fitness is a popular American gym chain offering fitness programs and facilities to its members, with over 1500 outlets worldwide.
  • Members can choose between a basic plan or a black card membership, each with different fees and services offered.
  • To cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you can visit the outlet in person with valid documents or send an email with a written application for cancellation.

Looking for a guide to cancel your Planet Fitness account? This article provides you with several methods to easily do so. Planet Fitness is a well-established American fitness center franchisor and operator, headquartered in Hampton, New Hampshire.

How To Cancel Your Planet Fitness Account
How To Cancel Your Planet Fitness Account

Fitness plays a crucial role in our lives, encompassing both mental and physical well-being. Planet Fitness is renowned in the realm of physical fitness, popular among Americans for its gym facilities and exercise programs.

People join Planet Fitness for various reasons such as weight loss, strength training, aerobics, and more. Gyms are ideal for starting a daily routine that not only keeps you fit but also healthy and free from health complications.

However, sometimes reality doesn’t match expectations. Suppose you’ve started a Planet Fitness plan and realize it’s not what you expected, or you’ve simply changed your mind. In such cases, you might consider canceling your Planet Fitness membership. This guide will walk you through the steps and methods to effectively cancel your Planet Fitness account.

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Planet Fitness (Quick Guide)

Planet Fitness is an online Gym chain with almost 1500+ outlets with world-class service. The most appreciable thing about Planet fitness is that even after being such a big name it still offers free trials to its clients. Which is a good thing so that you can judge, and then only you have to pay the amount and start your package.

It creates a good and pleasant environment for people to exercise that helps to put up some extra energy inside you. Planet Fitness has many outlets in America and has also some international centers in Canada, Panama, Ontario, etc.

Planet Fitness Membership Charges

Now let us quickly go through the membership plans that are widely offered by Planet Fitness. There are basically two types of membership plan one is basic and the other one is black card membership.

  • Basic Plan– In this plan, you have to pay 10$ monthly fee with some extra fixed charges. This membership gives you free access to Fitness training, Wifi, Home club entry.
  • Black Card- In this plan, you have to pay 22.99$ monthly with the fixed charges. This membership gives you free access to many other premium services.
  • Note- There is a fixed charge of 49$ yearly and a first-time entry fee varying from (5 $- 49 $).

How to Cancel Planet Fitness?

So there are a couple of ways by which you can Cancel your Planet fitness contract. We will list out some of the best methods here. So let’s get started.

Visiting your Planet Fitness Outlet

If you choose this method then remember that in this method you have to visit in person to your nearest Planet Fitness outlet and do some basic things.

Step 1. First of all, collect all your legal Id and documents like ID proof, Planet Fitness documents and doctor recommendations (if any).

Step 2. Now you need a written or a printed application that provides all the legal details and a valid reason for leaving or discontinuing.

Step 3. Now go and visit your nearest Planet fitness outlet and meet Clients in charge and talk to him about the cancellation.

Step 4. After you have completed all the formalities and resolve up the payment. ask for a printed or written form regarding the cancellation of your membership.

Step 5. You have successfully canceled your Planet Fitness membership and you are good to go.

Sending an Email to Planet Fitness

By using this method you can easily cancel your membership directly by sending an E-mail to Planet Fitness. To use this method you have to follow some simple steps or guidelines that are listed below.

  • First of all, find the legal documents you signed when you first applied for the membership.
  • Now check for the cancellation policy page. There you will find the mail ID.
  • Now you have to mail a written application regarding cancellation of your Planet Fitness membership.
  • While mailing the document remember to add all the legal documents and your membership details.
  • Wait for the reply from Planet fitness for the same.

That’s it you have successfully canceled your Planet Fitness membership by sending an E-mail right from your place.

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In a Nutshell

Planet Fitness offers a fantastic chance for those eager to exercise and maintain a fit, healthy body. I highly recommend giving Planet Fitness a try – if it’s not to your liking, you can always cancel the membership. Hopefully, this article has been a helpful guide in canceling your Planet Fitness account. Feel free to share this information with friends. Your support helps us grow and reach a wider audience. Cheers!

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