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How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently – Working


Quick Overview
  • Snapchat account deletion may be desired due to privacy concerns, screen time reduction, or platform switch.
  • To delete your account permanently, visit the specified URL on a browser, enter login details, complete captcha, and wait 30 days.
  • Another method involves accessing the delete page through the Snapchat website, selecting account and security options, and waiting 30 days post-confirmation.

Snapchat, with its quirky filters and ephemeral messaging, has been a staple in our digital lives. However, there are various reasons why someone might want to delete their Snapchat account. Privacy concerns, a desire to reduce screen time, or simply moving on to other platforms are common reasons. Whatever your reason, the process to delete your Snapchat account is straightforward but requires some careful steps.

How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently?
How To Delete Snapchat Account?

Snapchat is crazy, right? But the craziness will be killing your time. After sometimes many people understand they are wasting time on Snapchat OR you maybe you feel bored of similar-looking social media and want to delete the Snapchat account permanently. This article is all about the people in that situation. If you want a small break you can deactivate the Snapchat account for some time and at any time you can come back to your snap life. But this article is all about the ways you can completely get rid of Snapchat in your future years.

Delete Your Snapchat Account Permanently

There is no option to completely delete your Snapchat account in your native Snapchat application. So you have to do the following steps to delete your Snapchat account permanently.

  1. Open your favorite browser and visit the following URL https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/delete_account

2. On the following page Enter your valid username and password.

3. Enter the captcha and prove that you are not a robot.

4. Click the login button.

5. Again you have to enter your login credentials and click the login button.

6. Now navigate to the bottom of the page and press the delete my account button.

7. Now, all you need to do is wait for 30 freaking days. Snapchat has all your data backed up for 30 days as the last call. In case you change your mind and return to Snapchat life you can do so by just logging in again to reactivate your Snapchat account.

How To Delete a Snapchat Account Permanently?

This is not another method it is just another way to reach the delete page. All you need to do is just head over to snapchat.com

  1. Click the support button at the bottom of the page under the company section.
    How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently?

2. Now select Learn the basics option.

3. Select the My Account and Security options.

How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently?
Account & Security

4. Then select Delete my account.

How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently?
Delete my account

Now like the previous method you need to enter your username and password of you Snapchat account and wait for the 30 days.


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