Apple TV is one of the most popular but expensive TV that helps you build that Apple ecosystem. Although the Apple TV hosts a lot of features but those features require that you have a remote. One of the most important features of any Smart TV is WiFi connectivity. Without that, a smart TV is as good as a dumb TV.

So, if you have lost the remote or went somewhere for vacation and that place doesn’t have a remote, here’s our guide to help you connect your Apple TV to WiFi without remote.

How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi Without Remote

Connect Apple TV to WiFi Without Remote | Lost Apple TV Remote

There are two methods by which you can connect Apple TV to WiFi without the remote. The first remote requires that you have an iPhone or iPad, which you definitely have. The other method requires you to have a Bluetooth keyboard.

The second method comes in handy if your iPhone is the only iOS device available at house or you are at your friend’s house away from your home. With that being said, let’s begin.

Use Your iPhone or iPad as an Apple TV Remote

Probably the most straightforward method to connect Apple TV to WiFi without a remote is to use your iPhone or iPad as a remote. Further, it is fairly easy to connect your iPad or iPhone, or Apple TV and then use it as a remote. Follow these steps to do the same:

  1. Connect your Apple TV using an ethernet cable to your router.
  2. Open iPhone or iPad’s control center and click on Apple TV Remote. How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi Without Remote
  3. If it is not there, go to Settings > Control Center and enable Apple TV Remote. How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi Without Remote
  4. Once you click on Apple TV Remote, you will see a PIN displaying on your TV. How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi Without Remote
  5. Enter that PIN on your iPhone, and your phone will be connected to your TV.

Now your iPhone is ready and can be used as a remote. Go to settings and connect WiFi by following the on-screen instructions. Once connected, you can unplug the ethernet cable you earlier connected.

However, what will your other family members do if your iPhone is the only iOS device at home and you have to take it with you? Well, the next method is just for them.

Connected Bluetooth Keyboard

Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to use it as a remote for Apple TV is another method that will save you from the hassle of keeping an iPhone or iPad nearby. Just follow these steps, and your keyboard will become your favorite remote:

  1. While your Apple TV is on, turn on the Bluetooth keyboard and make sure it goes into pairing mode.
  2. Now, using your iPhone as a remote, go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth on your Apple TV.
  3. Now your Apple TV will start looking for nearby devices.
  4. Make sure to place the keyboard near Apple TV.
  5. When the Bluetooth keyboard shows up on available devices, pair it using the code displayed on the screen.
  6. Now your Apple TV is successfully connected to the Bluetooth keyboard.

Can You Use Your iMac’s Keyboard as an Apple TV Remote?

Yes, you can also use your iMac’s keyboard as an Apple TV remote. You have to download a particular application named Typeeto from the AppStore and use it to pair it with your apple tv.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can connect your Apple TV to wifi without a remote. We hope this guide has helped you. If you have any questions or face any issues during this whole process, make sure to comment down below.



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