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How to Modify or Change Netflix Subscription Plan 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Netflix offers three subscription plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium, each with different features and prices.
  • To change your Netflix plan on Android or PC, simply access the settings, choose the desired plan, and follow the prompts to continue.
  • The Basic plan allows for one screen in standard definition, Standard plan offers two screens in HD, while the Premium plan provides four screens in HD and Ultra HD.

Are you watching your favorite movies, TV Shows, or web series on Netflix? If yes, then it’s great. Netflix is the most popular online streaming app where you can easily watch TV shows and Movies. However, to use Netflix, you need to pay money and buy the subscription plan. In the premium version, you can enjoy all the movies and shows. You can also watch TV episodes, including movies of your choice. So, if you want to change the Netflix plan on an Android device or Tablet, then check out this post and follow the steps.

How To Change Netflix Streaming Plan 2020
How To Change Netflix Streaming Plan

Netflix has three plans, and one is a basic plan, second is the standard plan, and the last one is a premium plan. You can use any one plan on your device. Now, if you have a basic plan or any other plan and you want to change it, then you can change from the settings. It is a very easy process to change the Plan on Android, tablet, or any other device.

If you also want to change the Netflix plan on your Android device, then follow the given steps and change the plan.

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How To Change Netflix Subscription Plan On Android

How To Change Netflix Plan On Android

If you want to spend money on higher video resolutions, want to get another Netflix plan, or want to buy a cheaper plan, then here is how to change your Netflix Plan; the procedure is very easy to change your plan on your Android or iOS device.

Follow the given steps and change the Netflix plan.

  • First of all, open the Netflix app
  • Click on Menu which is at the bottom right side
  • Now, click on Account.
  • Scroll down, and see Plan details.
  • Under that choose change plan.
  • Here you will see three plans: Basic, Standard (HD), Premium (Ultra HD)
  • Choose any plan as per your wish and click on Continue.

Basic Plan: In the basic plan, you can watch on one screen at a time in standard definition. You can also download video on your phone or tablet.

Standard (HD): Here you can watch on two screens at a time. HD quality is also available. You can download videos on two phones or tablets.

Premium (Ultra HD): In this plan, you can use four screens at a time. And you can watch in HD and Ultra HD quality. Download videos on four phones or tablets.

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How To Change Netflix Subscription Plan On PC

If you are using Netflix on your PC and want to change the plan, then follow the given steps.

  • First of all Sign in to Netflix on the web page on your computer
  • Then go to the My Account page.How to Change Netflix Language
  • Now, click on Profile which is at the top right corner.
  • There you will see Plan details.How To Change Netflix Streaming Plan
  • Click on it.
  • Then click on Change Plan.
  • Select any one plan and click on continue

So, these are the steps you can follow to change the plan in your Netflix account.

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Netflix Streaming Plans Details

Netflix has three different streaming plans. Each has a different price. Check out the details of the three streaming plans.

How To Change Netflix Streaming Plan
Change Netflix Streaming Plan
  • Netflix basic plan: The basic plan is $8.99 per month, and it is for one single user only. The video resolution is just 480p.
  • Netflix standard plan: If you have a family and all of them want to use Netflix, then you can choose this plan. This plan allows you to stream shows up to two devices from the same account at the same time. And the video resolution is up to 1080p. The price of this plan is $12.99 per month.
  • Netflix premium plan: Netflix premium plan is $15.99 per month. If you want streaming quality up to 4K, then you must sign up for the premium plan. And the stream limit of this plan is up to four streams at the same time from the same account.

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So, this is how you can change the plan on Netflix. If you are a regular user of the Netflix account, then you must buy any plan from the three plans. Netflix has so many exciting movies, web series, and Shows. This feature is quite useful for people who wish to watch a movie or TV show by upgrading and downgrading plans. If we have missed out on any such useful method to change the language of Netflix or if you have any queries regarding the methods listed above, please let us know in the comments section below.

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