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Fix Cash Out Functionality is Not Currently Available on Uber Eats


With Uber Eats, millions of users around the world can now order food online with ease and convenience. In recent user experiences, however, the lack of cash-out functionality has proved to be a significant inconvenience. It is currently unavailable for Uber Eats to give delivery drivers immediate access to their earnings.

However, since users cannot cash out, it faces criticism, and that’s why we’re here. In this article, we have mentioned some troubleshooting methods that will help you resolve the Uber Eats Cash out not working issue.

Why Is Uber Eats Cash Out Not Working?

Why Is Uber Eats Cash Out Not Working?

There is a problem with your Uber Eats as the Cash Out not working because your weekly cashout limit has been reached, you have completed less than 25 deliveries, earned a lot of money in one day, or you picked an incorrect payment profile, accumulated your earnings, or selected an incompatible payment method. This could also happen if your driver account gets hacked or there is a server outage. 

Fix Cash Out Functionality is Not Currently Available on Uber Eats

Here are some fixes that will help you resolve the CashoutCash functionality that is not currently available on Uber Eats:

Fix 1: Submit Your Payment Information Again

You will not be able to cash out and get the Cash Out not working issue if you provide incorrect payment information. It has been suggested that in this situation, you should reenter payment information, even if you are sure you don’t need to make any changes.

You should make sure that your first payment is made to the correct person and that the name and address of the person who holds the bank account are accurate. If you would like to request a cashout again afterward, you can do so.

Fix 2: Change of payment method

Change of payment method

It’s been a while since you could cash out your Uber earnings to your bank account, but after numerous calls to customer support, they have been slow, unresponsive, and unable to help you.

In an attempt to resolve the issue, have you contacted support, and when they were unhelpful, have you changed payment methods from card to Venmo or PayPal? You should be very cautious when you add or remove cards from your Uber cash-out account. It is not necessary to remove the old card.

You will be locked out of instant pay whenever you change your debit card. Whenever someone attempts to steal your money, Uber assumes it’s someone trying to steal your money.

In addition, Uber will double-check that you are the rightful owner of the account whenever you change the Cashout information multiple times in a short period of time.

Your account has been blocked because Uber believes that you have been phished. Basically, they protect you from scammers who might steal from you. Due to a change in payment method, Uber has to implement phishing protection measures to prevent Cash out delays.

Fix 3: Upgrade the app

Upgrade the app

If Uber Eats cashout is not working properly, there is most likely a bug in the app; upgrading it may fix the problem. In addition to repairing previously discovered problems, most upgrades incorporate additional features as well.

Nevertheless, to prevent the misuse of credit card information, the server will not allow any purchases from your mobile app if it is not updated. It is important to regularly update the app in order to avoid the Cash Out not working problem. Uber Eats Driver is available for download on iOS and Android devices from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Fix 4: You Have a Pending Levy Order

Your bank account will show the Cash Out not working notice of the Uber app if statutory or court-ordered fees are deducted from your earnings. In some cases, drivers with levy orders are no longer able to cash out due to outstanding taxes, child support payments, etc. If you owe the IRS money, a tax levy gives the IRS the legal right to seize your property to pay off your debt.

Fix 5: Your Bank’s server or network is down

Is your bank not updating your balance after you just cashed out from delivering? Do you have any contact information for Uber Support? Have you spoken to, texted, or emailed them? What is Uber’s statement regarding the transaction?

Did they say it went through on their end? Due to the fact that electronic banking does not work when bank servers are down, you must trace whether the money in your bank account actually exists.

Uber returned the money to wallets and said it failed to process the payment. Deposits were backlogged, and balance updates were unavailable because their bank servers were down.

Fix 6: Hold off until the server is back up

It is not necessary to change your payment profile at another financial institution if your bank’s server goes down. Moreover, it is usually just a temporary interruption that will be resolved within 24 hours. Thus, you should try it again tomorrow. Similarly, if Uber’s servers aren’t up, the same reasoning applies.

Fix 7: Contact Uber Customer Service

Contact Uber Customer Service

Whenever you run into difficulties, be sure to try the solutions listed above first. By visiting the Uber Eats Support page, you can contact the Uber Eats Support team if these steps are not successful. Then, you can contact them to troubleshoot the Cash Out not working problem and restore your account as soon as possible.

When will my funds arrive?

With instant Cash out, the funds are in your account within minutes after you make a withdrawal. Daily maintenance takes place between 21:30 and 04:00 EST. If you make cash-outs during this time, your payment will be held back. Your payment will be processed once maintenance has been completed, and the Cash Out not working issue will automatically vanish.

Additionally, there is a maintenance window on Saturdays. There is a possibility that the timing of this window may change. In the app, you will see clearly what these maintenance windows are when you cash out.

In order to qualify for two-day cashouts, you need to withdraw money before 14:00 on a business day. Within two business days, your funds will be available.


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