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What is Cash App SWIFT Code 041215663 or 073905527?


For those seeking a fast answer regarding the Cash App SWIFT Code, the correct codes are either 041215663 or 073905527. If you need more detailed guidance, please read on for a comprehensive explanation.

When it comes to international transactions, the SWIFT code for Cash App is a critical piece of information. The confusion between the two codes, 041215663 and 073905527, is common, but each serves a specific purpose. This article will provide clarity on this issue and guide you on how to effectively use the correct SWIFT code for Cash App.

Errors in international transactions can often be attributed to using the wrong SWIFT code. Each bank and financial institution has its own unique SWIFT code, which ensures that funds are transferred to the correct destination. Cash App, being a popular financial platform, has specific codes that need to be used accurately.

What is Cash App SWIFT Code 041215663 or 073905527?

What is Cash App SWIFT Code 041215663 or 073905527?

Bank SWIFT Code Routing Number Bank Address
Sutton Bank 041215663 041215663 1 S. Main Street, Attica, OH, 44807
Lincoln Savings Bank 073905527 073905527 301 Washington St, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613

Understanding the correct SWIFT code for Cash App is crucial for international money transfers. SWIFT codes, also known as BIC (Bank Identifier Codes), are used worldwide to identify banks and financial institutions. They ensure that money is sent to the right place. Cash App, a popular mobile payment service, utilizes two different SWIFT codes: 041215663 and 073905527. These codes correspond to two different banks that Cash App partners with: Sutton Bank and Lincoln Savings Bank, respectively.

Identify Your Linked Bank:

  • Open the Cash App on your mobile device.
  • Go to your profile or account settings to find information about the bank linked to your Cash App account.

Determine the Correct SWIFT Code:

  • If your account is associated with Sutton Bank, the SWIFT code is 041215663.
  • If Lincoln Savings Bank is your Cash App’s linked bank, use the SWIFT code 073905527.

Verify with Cash App Support:

Contact Cash App support for confirmation. They can provide the most accurate information regarding your account’s linked bank and its corresponding SWIFT code.

Check with Your Bank:

It’s a good practice to cross-verify the SWIFT code with your personal bank. They can ensure that the code you’re using is correct for international transactions.

Use the Correct SWIFT Code for Transactions:

When making an international transfer, enter the appropriate SWIFT code based on the bank linked to your Cash App account.

How to Check Your Cash App Details?

Look at your Cash App account to determine which bank is associated with your account.

Use the Appropriate SWIFT Code:

  • If your account is linked to Sutton Bank, use 041215663.
  • For Lincoln Savings Bank, use 073905527.

Confirm with Your Bank: Before making an international transaction, confirm with your bank that you are using the correct SWIFT code.

If you’re unsure about which SWIFT code to use, there are a few alternative steps you can take:

  • Contact Cash App Support: Reach out to Cash App’s customer service for clarification on which SWIFT code applies to your account.
  • Consult with Your Bank: Your bank can also assist in determining the correct SWIFT code based on the receiving bank’s details.


Understanding and using the correct Cash App SWIFT Code is essential for smooth international transactions. By following the steps outlined above, you can avoid errors and ensure your funds are transferred accurately and efficiently.


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