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How to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription on Roku


CBS All Access has been replaced by Paramount+. The service was launched in 2014. Users can access the service from anywhere in the world. There is also limited content available for free. Subscription offers are also available. Subscribers can watch video content on the site. There are two different subscription plans for Paramount plus. The plan costs $5 per month, and it is ad-supported—the ad-free premium for $10 a month. However, if you want to know how to cancel Paramount Plus on Roku, then continue reading.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku 

ViacomCBS lied to customers about the content coming to Paramount Plus, promising too much and delivering too little. This is the prevailing reason we found among those who claim to be ready to cancel their accounts.

This is problematic, as the content will be posted over months, primarily since various television and movie licensing deals exist. These can’t be rescinded just yet. There are still bits of content on MTV, Comedy Central, Smithsonian Channel, Paramount Network, and BET. There are also plenty of originals on Paramount Plus.

However, you need to take a few steps to remove Paramount Plus from your Roku device. Then, whenever and wherever you like, you can cancel this subscription. On Roku, you can cancel Paramount Plus in three different ways.

  • Utilizing a Roku device
  • Using the Roku website
  • Using the Paramount+ website

Cancel using Roku device

This method can be used to cancel Paramount Plus subscriptions on Roku devices.

1. Launch Roku TV. Click the Home button.

2. Choose the Paramount+ channel.

3. On the Roku remote, press the (*) button.

4. Click Manage subscriptions.

5. Select Cancel subscription.

6. Click Cancel subscription again to confirm the cancellation.

Your subscription to Paramount+ has been canceled via Roku.

Cancel using the Roku website

Roku’s website also allows you to cancel your subscription.

1. Visit the Roku website. Log in with your Roku account.

2. Click Manage Account after signing in. Select Manage your subscription.

3. Choose Paramount+ TV. Click the Unsubscribe button.

4. Finally, click Yes, Unsubscribe to cancel your subscription.

The Paramount+ subscription can now be canceled.

Cancel using Paramount Plus website

As an alternative to using the Roku device and the Roku website, you can cancel your subscription through the Paramount+ website. The method works if you subscribe to the official channel.

1. Launch your browser and navigate to Paramount’s website.

2. In the upper right-hand corner, click the user’s initials.

3. Select Account.

4. Select Cancel Subscription from the drop-down menu.

Your subscription has now been canceled through the official website.


This was all about How To Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku. There is a total of 3 ways to do it, and all of them are mentioned above. You can use any of them.

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