In Short Hacks: Download Best Lock Screen Apps For Your Android Smartphone. These 23 Cool Lock screen Apps will replace your boring old android screen with new best one. You can simply download any of these apps from the article, Best Lock Screen Apps 2020

Top 30+ Free Best Lock Screen Apps For Android 2017
Free Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

As the saying is ‘the First Impression is the last impression’ whenever you take your smartphone out of your pocket for some work, the first thing you hit upon is your lock screen. Hence, it is very important for you to have an interesting and attractive lock screen for your smartphone. There are many apps that give you an opportunity to customize your lock screen.

Lock Screens protect your privacy, data and also protects your device when your device accidentally wakes up. Hence, here we give you some of the best lock screen apps which will provide you with some of the marvelous features which you would love to have. So let’s take a look at this list and find out what they have to provide.

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 Best Android Lock Screen Apps (Free)

Download Best Lock Screen Apps For Your Android 2020 for free. These Best Lock Screen Apps Protect Your smartphone from being hacked or protect your data from being stolen.To Download any of the free lock screen apps for your Android from below’s List.

#1 Gesture Lock Screen | Best Lock Screen App

Using this app, you can draw numbers, letters, shapes, signatures, and gestures to unlock your smartphone. Also, you can set 4 to 8 digit password for your device. Also, you can customize this lock screen using this app. You can change wallpapers, edit screen items, change the format of date and time, password keypad and much more.

#2 Next Lock Screen | Best Lock Screen App

This app allows you to set custom passwords with a PIN or pattern code. It also provides fingerprint unlock in hardware sorted devices. The notifications from current apps such as gmail, whatsapp can be viewed. Many tools such as quick access to Camera, Flashlight, WiFi etc are available. Also, it checks local weather with automatic updates. Some more features are controlling music player, changing wallpapers, etc.

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#3 ZUI Locker

The highlighting feature of this app is that it updates your wallpaper in daily basis. It is a smooth and a beautiful app. It is a highly efficient as well as a highly customizable screen locker. Also, it keeps your device safe from unwanted users. The distance sensor will prevent the phone from accidentally waking up.

#4 CM Locker

This is one of the most downloaded screen locker. You can use PIN or pattern code for locking your device. Fingerprint unlocking is supported in hardware supported devices. It protects your device while snapping the photo of any intruder who enters a wrong password. Also, you can choose from a variety of styles and themes.

#5 SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

The notification bar looks great when you use this app which won’t let you miss any notification. You can customize your lock screen in any way you wish to. Each day of yours starts with an amazing wallpaper.

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#6 Knock Lock

When you use this app, unlocking your smartphone is just a knock away. It is the latest method one can use to protect a smartphone. Also, it is invisible! Yes you read it right, it is invisible! It seems just like some magical pattern which unlocks a smartphone. It is a safe as well as an amazing app. Download this app to learn more about it!

#7 OS8 Lock Screen

The basic feature of this app is to provide an iOS like experience to its users. It simulates iPhone 6/iOS 8 lock screen. You can use PIN to protect your device from unwanted visitors. It is a small and an effective app. Also, it provides with iOS keyboard password, 12 and 24 hour format for displaying time, sound settings and much more.

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#8 Signature Lock Screen

You can unlock your device by drawing anything you like such as shapes, numbers, signatures, etc. It is much similar to the ‘Gesture Lock Screen’ app. It can be used as an alternative for ‘Gesture Lock Screen‘ app.

#9 My Name Lock Screen

This app allows you to customize your mobile lock screen with your name, photo and your background but a PIN is also set . It comes with a variety of customization features. you can lead images from gallery or directly from the camera. Also, it has different effects.

#10 Voice Lock Screen

Using this app, you can use voice commands to unlock your device. There is no limitation to the number of voice passwords which can be added or deleted. You need to enter the recovery password or backup password to unlock or change voice passwords. Even this app comes with a variety of tools which will help you in customizing your lock screen.

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#11 AcDisplay | Best Android Lock Screen Apps

It will let you know about new notifications by showing a minimal, beautiful screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. And if you want to see what’s going on, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket to view all the latest notifications. Must try out this app in your device. This is the best lock screen app for your android device.

#12 Cover Lock Screen | Best Lock Screen App

One of the best lock screen app. this one is the great app that makes your android lock screen looks cool. With this get fast access to the right apps at the right time. Cover learns which apps you use in different contexts and puts them right on your lockscreen for easy access. Automatically see different apps at home, in the car, at work, and when you’re out. So if you like this app then don’t forget to download this app from google playstore for free.

#13 Hi Locker | Lock Your Android Screen

This Hi Locker is one of best lock screen app that i had used before.This amazing tool can customize the android lock screen. And they are always looking for ways on bringing various updates. Besides being the cool lock screens app for android, the Hi Locker is easy to use and configure. You can download this screen lock app from google playstore for free.

#14 Echo Notification Lockscreen

If you are looking out for the Amazing and fastest notification screen lock app for device, then you need to try the Echo Notification Lockscreen. This is the perfect application for the Android device.

#15 Corgi 

This is one of the best app that you will surely love to try in your android mobile. Corgi is your personal magazine right on the lock screen. Read news and stories from your favorite websites with no need to unlock. To start, follow a few websites by topic, or find a specific website by typing it in the search bar.

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#16 Keypad Lock Screen

This one is amazing lock screen app for your device. This app contains lots of features like keypad lock, pin, password features and many other things that let you help to make your android lock screen more cool and amazing.

#17 Picturesque Lock Screen

This one is also great app this app contains hell lots of new features like it would show you Notifications, News, Contacts, Call logs and much more. Actually, This lock screen app is launched by Microsoft so this app have great trust flow as well. You can download this app without any worry from google playstore.

#18 Fingerprint Lock Screen App

Insane, Yes This app is like a prank app Which makes any person fool so that when anyone trying to open your device this app demands for fingerprint. but in reality, there is no need of fingerprint. this app is cool lock screen app and helps you alot.

#19 Locker Master | Amazing Lock Screen App

This amazing lock screen app let you help in Easily design your own custom lock screen with Locker Master’s DIY editor. There are plenty of unique locks in this app that you can use on your android device.

#20 Lock Screen Zipper

The best lock screen application. I must say you should have to try this Lock Screen Zippper, trust me this app won’t dissapoint.

[appbox googleplay com.banana.apps.lockscreenzip]

#21 Revolver Lock Screen

#22 Pattern Lock Screen

#23 Lock Screen & AppLock Security

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best lock screen apps for Android which can be used by anyone to add numerous features and to customize their lock screen as they wish. If we have missed out on any of such useful app or if you have any query then, please let us know in the comments section.

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