The Amazon ERC, or Employment Resource Center, connects Amazon employees with the company’s HR department. Amazon’s ERC helps users with their work-related concerns and questions. They provide help to employees in more than 48 countries and 15 languages. These ERCs are spread throughout nine locations and respond to inquiries via mail, phone, or chat. If you are an Amazonian employee with a question and need to contact HR, you will need the Amazon ERC phone number.

Let’s discuss how you can contact the Amazon HR department through the Amazon ERC phone number.

Amazon ERC Number | How Do I Contact Amazon HR?

Amazon ERC Number

You will need the Amazon ERC phone number to contact the HR department of Amazon. If you face any issue with Amazon as an employee, then you can do it through the Amazon HR phone number (00 1 206-922-0880).

Function Of Amazon ERC Department

The main function of the Amazon ERC Department is to support the HR sector. You can contact them to get details like work shifts, work assigned, payroll, and such stuff. Let’s discuss some functions of the Amazon ERC Department-

  • Their main work is to support the HR team to assist the employees. 
  • They guide the employees with the work they have to do. 
  • The team of the Amazon ERC department is well trained to assist the employees with their problems. 

Ways To Contact HR Department

There are various ways to contact the Amazon HR department. If you have any queries with them, then they will be there to assist you. Given below are some ways through which you can contact the HR department of the Amazon-’

  • You can contact the Amazon HR department through the Amazon ERC number which we have provided.
  • Another way to contact the HR department is through the mutual LinkedIn account of someone you may know. 
  • You can contact them through their email- address,[email protected]
  • If you prefer, then you can also contact HR directly on the campus. 

Work Time Of Amazon ERC Number

The ERC number does not work 24/7, but they have a fixed time between which they operate. The number is operable between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all the working days. There are around 3000 employees that attend the query of employees. For the best service, we would suggest you call the number between 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. 

Final Words

This is how you can contact the HR department through the Amazon ERC phone number. If you want to contact the HR department, then you can follow the guide above. You will be able to get your query to the HR department and get it solved. 


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