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How to Activate TS 1 Gratitude Protocol on Overwatch Underworld

Unlock the secret: Activating TS-1 Gratitude Protocol in Overwatch Underworld. ūüĒć Step-by-step guide! ūüöÄ


Key Takeaways
  • Season 6 of Overwatch 2 has commenced, featuring new skins, player icons, sprays, and co-op missions in King's Row from August 10 to September 5
  • Underworld event showcases the free PvE Story mode, Invasion, with different missions releasing weekly such as Death from Above and Ultimate Zones
  • Players can activate TS 1 Gratitude Protocol in Overwatch Underworld by accessing Play, selecting Missions, choosing New Event Missions, entering Underworld - King's Row, and selecting desired difficulty level

Overwatch 2’s Season 6 event has arrived! It includes Brigitte Sparkplug’s skin and player icon, along with some sprays, voice lines, Battle Pass Experience, and player titles. Players can participate in co-op missions in King’s Row between August 10 and September 5. During this event, omnics must be saved from Null Sector’s forces. Anyway, if you want to know about how to Activate TS 1 Gratitude Protocol in Overwatch Underworld, then make sure to read the guide until the end.¬†

What Is Underworld Story Missions?

What Is Underworld Story Missions?

Underworld is a free PvE experience that is the focal point of the Underworld event. Under the new Missions tab in the main menu, you’ll find all the Invasion missions that have just been released.¬†

Essentially, Underworld is a trial of the new PvE Story mode, Invasion. You and three other players are assigned to complete various tasks and objectives around a map by destroying waves of Null Sector robots. Underworld looks and feels like an updated version of King’s Row, with a Null-Sector-inspired paint job and several new areas to battle in.

As a whole, the Underworld event consists of four different types of missions. There are currently four modes available in Underworld, and the others will roll out over the course of the week. There is a slight difference in its take on the Underworld formula, as each has a different mechanic, a different Hero roster, and so forth: 

  • On August 14, Underworld: Death from Above will be released.
  • On August 21, Underworld: Ultimate Zones will be released.¬†
  • While on August 28, Underworld: Invasion Mystery Swap launches.¬†

Difficulty Modes in Underworld Mission in Overwatch 2

The different difficulty modes in Underworld may also be of interest to veteran players looking for a challenge. You can choose from four difficulty modes when you queue up for Underworld: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Legendary. 

By increasing Underworld’s difficulty, missions will become more challenging. It will be harder for enemies to hit, they’ll spawn in higher numbers, and they’ll have a higher health pool. It’s also important to note that on the hardest difficulty, Legendary, there’s a special weekly modifier that dramatically changes the gameplay.¬†

How to Play Underworld Story Missions: Activate TS 1 Gratitude Protocol

How to Activate TS 1 Gratitude Protocol on Overwatch 2 Underworld

Underworld is a set of free co-op PVE story missions that were introduced in Overwatch 2 Season 6. In order to Activate TS 1 Gratitude Protocol:

  1. You can access Play through the primary menu.
  2. Choose Missions from the playlist.
  3. From the Missions hub, select the screen announcing New Event Missions Available.
  4. Enter¬†Underworld – King’s Row.
  5. In this section, you can select the King’s Row Event Missions and the difficulty level you desire.

What is The Primary Goal?

So, as you know how to activate TS 1 Gratitude Protocol, do you know the primary goal of doing this?

As you play Underworld’s first edition, you are tasked with fixing and protecting a robot called TS-1 in order to free some imprisoned citizens from a bunker deep within King’s Row. In the Null Sector, you will face off against some robots that look awfully familiar before charging the front lines to eliminate any remaining enemies.

There is a lot of fun to be had in these missions when compared to others. It is only through cooperation or special skills that one can defeat the Invasion-inspired enemies in the Null Sector. Furthermore, there are hidden lore pieces hidden throughout the landscape as well as specific challenges to complete. Lastly, the new story missions are a nice change of pace from the usual Overwatch fare, which may encourage some gamers to invest some money in the story missions.

If you’re wondering how long you have to activate TS 1 Gratitude Protocol or how long this promotion will last, remember that it will only last until September 5 because Underworld is only open for a month.

Step Description
1 Go to the “You’re Welcome, Human!” challenge in Overwatch 2.
2 Wait for the Bot to start walking.
3 Use the communication menu in the game.
4 Select “Hello” or “Thank you” from the communication menu while facing the TS-1 robot.
5 Successfully activate TS-1’s gratitude protocol.
6 Earn rewards: 2,500 Battle Pass XP.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s all we have for you on how to Activate TS 1 Gratitude Protocol in Overwatch Underworld. Thank you for giving me valuable time to read this guide. We hope you find this guide helpful. But, in case you face any issues while activating TS 1 Gratitude Protocol, comment below and let us know.¬†


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