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What is Snapchat Planet Order 2024 and How does it Work?


Key Takeaways
  • Snapchat Planet Order organizes Snapchatters' stories by geographic location, creating a curated map of events and trends worldwide.
  • Snapchat Plus Planet Order uses planets to indicate friendship closeness, including features like badge colors and emoji decorations.
  • Snapchat's Friend Solar System in Snapchat Plus allows users to view their friendship position and interact with friends through planets and badges.

Snapchat gives users an engaging and entertaining experience with its innovative features. However, Snapchat has several unique elements, but perhaps the most intriguing is its Planet Order, which adds another level of interactivity. Nevertheless, many Snapchat users are unaware of Snapchat Planets. That’s the reason why we are here. In this article, we have mentioned every aspect of this topic. So, make sure to read until the end. 

What is Snapchat Planet Order?

What is Snapchat Planet Order and how does it work?

With Snapchat Planet Order, the stories of Snapchatters are organized and showcased according to their geographic location. This tool creates a curated map of events, trends, and experiences around the world by grouping Snaps from various users together.

What is Snapchat Plus Planet Order?

It is fantastic that Snapchat’s planet order allows you to see your connections to other users as you use the Snapchat Plus features.

Furthermore, you will be able to identify yourself as a close friend of the recipient by wearing the Best Friends badge.

By using the Friends emblem, you are clearly included in their inner circle of friends, whereas they are not included in yours. You are Mars’ fourth closest friend if you are the Moon in the Snapchat Planet Orders.

You can learn more about Snapchat Plus’ planetary system by checking out the table below. For Snapchat Plus, here is the planetary order.

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

What is Snapchat Plus Planet Order?

1. Mercury

There are two planets orbiting the sun in a line, Mercury being the closest to it and Venus orbiting the Earth. Thus, whichever person shares the most streaks with you will see the Mercury Bitmoji. Whenever you need help, you turn to your closest friend. A Pink Planet adorned with red hearts is used in place of the Planet. You are the best friend of your friend if you are assigned Mercury. Here are some of the features of the Planet:

  • Pink coloured Planet.
  • Red hearts around the Planet.

2. Venus

Your Snapchat friend’s Venus planet represents your position as the 2nd best friend in their best friend list. Here are some features of Planet:

  • Beige colored Planet.
  • Pink, blue, and yellow hearts.

3. Earth

In the Snapchat Planet Order list, you are on the 3rd number if you assign your friend or your friend assigns you the Planet Earth. Planet’s features include:

  • Green and blue colored Planet.
  • Red Hearts and Moon.

4. Mars

It means that you are the 4th most favorite friend of your friend if your friend assigns you the Planet Mars. There may be some users who are unhappy with this Snapchat Planet Order, but this is how Snapchat designed it. The features of the Planet are as follows:

  • Red colored Planet.
  • Purple and blue hearts around the Planet.

5. Jupiter

It has an orange color with a pink, blue, and yellow constellation surrounding it. Waving Bitmojis represents formal friendships with their suns. This Planet represents the 5th closest best friend in the Snapchat Planet order since Jupiter is the 5th closest Planet to the sun. Here is a list of the Planet’s features:

  • Orange-colored planet.
  • Pink, blue, and yellow stars around the Planet.

6. Saturn

With its golden ring surrounding the Planet and colorful stars around it, Saturn is a yellow-colored planet. There is a smile on the face of the person’s Bitmoji, which may also represent formal friendship. In Snapchat Planet order, it represents the 6th closest friend. Here are some of Planet’s features:

  • A golden ring around it.
  • Pink, blue, and yellow stars around the Planet.

7. Neptune

Neptune is depicted as a blue and yellow heart on a dark blue background. You use it as a way to represent your eighth closest Snapchat friend. There have been a few snaps shared between you and them, but not as often as you did with your Uranus friend. It is a long way away from you, but not impossible to reach. Planet’s features include:

  • Blue-colored Planet.
  • Blue stars around the Planet.

9. Uranus

Uranus appears as yellow and blue hearts on a blue planet with rings. Basically, it represents the seventh closest friend you have on Snapchat. Your Saturn friend and you have shared a few snaps, but not as many as with your Venus friend. Despite being far away, they are not very far away. Here are some of the Planet’s features:

  • Green colored Planet.
  • Yellow stars around the Planet.

How Does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

If you want to know where you stand in your friend’s Snapchat universe, subscribe to Snapchat Plus. You will see a Gold Friends or Best Friends badge on your friend’s profile once you subscribe. Best Friends badges mean you’re in the top eight of one another, and Friends badges mean you’re in the top eight of the other.

You can view your friendship position in the Friend Solar System by tapping one of the badges. Using planets as a way to represent closeness, Snapchat makes it fun to rate your best friends. In Snapchat, if you are Jupiter, you are their fifth most important friend. You can check your Planet by following these steps:

  1. Visit your friend’s Snapchat profile.
  2. To find out which Planet represents your position, locate and tap the Best Friends badge.

What Do All These Planets Mean On Snapchat Plus?

What Do All These Planets Mean On Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a necessity for users who cannot imagine their lives without it. In this manner, Snapchat+ is useful because it places your friends in a circle around you according to their distance from you.

There is a greater likelihood that they are relatively close to you if there are more streaks. Snapchat Planet Order also shows the number of people you have mutual friends with.

Users with upgraded accounts can also select their friends or best friend’s badge to access the features.

How can I Cancel my Snap Planets in Order Plus Membership?

The best way to cancel your Snapchat Plus Planets membership is to go to your profile, tap on the gear icon, tap on Snapchat+, and then tap on Cancel Subscription. Your billing cycle will end when the features are no longer available.


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