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What Does The X Mean on Snapchat? How to Remove it


Key Takeaways
  • The X icon on Snapchat has different meanings, such as indicating that a person isn't added to your friend list or has blocked you.
  • To remove the X icon, you can add the person as a friend, block them, or clear the Snapchat app's cache.
  • The X icon may still appear even after adding someone to your friend list, which can be resolved by clearing the app's cache.

Snapchat is an American messaging app where you can instantly send messages, photos, videos, etc. This popular social networking app’s key feature is that the message you send is only available for a short time before disappearing.

But many unknown things about Snapchat make us curious, one of which is the X icon you see on it.

If you also want to know what the X means on Snapchat and how to remove it, this article is for you. Here, I’ll share with you every meaning of the X and will teach you the easy removal process.

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What Does The X Mean on Snapchat?

The X on Snapchat has different meanings depending on where it’s placed, such as n the friend list, chat box, etc.

But you shouldn’t worry about that, as I’ll share about every X on Snapchat so that you clearly understand what it’s trying to convey.

X Beside The Snapchat Name

Snapchat asks you for contact permission; if you give that, it’ll show you the names of all the contacts available on Snapchat. But if anyone is in your contact book, but you haven’t added him on Snapchat, you’ll see a grey X next to his name. So, X next to the Snapchat name suggests that the person isn’t added to your friend list. After adding him to your Snapchat, the X icon will be removed automatically.

Clicking X will open up options like Block, report, and clear conversation. If you don’t want the person’s name to appear again on your Snapchat, it’ll be better to block him.

X Icon Instead Of The Camera

If you see an X icon beside the name of a person with whom you were friends. It means the person has blocked or removed you from his Snapchat.

By visiting his profile, you can also know if he has blocked or removed you. If you see the Add button there, he didn’t block you but removed you from his Snapchat.

Generally, you see a camera icon beside your friend’s name on Snapchat, but when he blocks or removes you, it turns to the X icon. 

In this case, you can block, remove, or delete the conversation with the person by clicking the X button.

X Beside Your Snapchat Friendlist

Another X you may notice on Snapchat is on the friend list and beside someone’s name. It means the person isn’t added to your friend list. 

There’s also an Add button; if you click that, the next person will receive a request, and if he accepts that, he’ll be on your friend list, and the X icon will turn into a camera.

If you don’t want to add that person to your friend list, you’ll also be able to remove that person from the suggestion by clicking the X icon.

These suggestions are from your contact book who use Snapchat, but you or the next person hasn’t added each other as friends. You’ll also get to know who’s using Snapchat and easily be connected to them.

How To Remove The X Icon on Snapchat?

The best way to remove the X icon on Snapchat beside any person’s name is to add them. If he accepts the request, it’ll automatically be removed and turned into a camera icon.

If he doesn’t accept the request, blocking will be the best option to remove the X icon. You can click it, followed by a block to do that.

If you click the X on the friend’s suggestion, it’ll be removed instantly and won’t appear until you uninstall and reinstall the app.

It’s also possible that you still see the X icon after adding him to your friend list. In this case, it’ll be better to clear the Snapchat app’s cache to eliminate the issue easily.


Does X on Snapchat mean unfriend?

If you’re friends with someone on Snapchat, you’ll see a camera icon beside his name, and if it changes to an X icon, that means he blocked or removed you. If you can’t add him back, he surely has blocked you.

Why is there an X icon if we’re still friends?

You may see the X icon beside the name even after adding him to the friend list. This issue mainly occurs because of the cached data; it’ll be better for you to clear the cache to get rid of it.

What does the blue person with a check mean on Snapchat?

You see the blue person with a check mark when you add someone on Snapchat, and he doesn’t add you back. You may also see this icon if you were friends previously but the next person unfriended you.


So, this was all about the meaning of X on Snapchat. Hopefully, you have a clear idea about it and learned how to remove it. If you still face any problems, feel free to drop your queries in the comments below.


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