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How to Watch Netflix, Prime, Hulu Content for Free in 2024


Today at itechhacks, We are going to discuss How someone can watch premium content that is only available on Netflix, Prime, and Hulu for free without purchasing any subscription. The love for cinema and entertainment is a never-ending process. People try to squeeze in at least one hour for entertainment daily. Imagine getting a one-stop solution for it. Let’s start.

The Watched App is the new solution for bringing a delightful smile to your face daily. So, without making any investment, you can enjoy features like Netflix in it, and that too for free. You need a smartphone and a good internet connection to install the app on your phone.

Now, you can use the watched app as an excellent alternative to Netflix as well. Netflix is also good, but it is way too expensive when you are getting this multimedia browser for FREE. The watched app is considered one of the best movie-watching apps.

Now, let’s get the information about its features and how it has crossed 1 million downloads in the Play Store.

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Feature of Watched App:

How To Watch Netflix, Prime, Hulu Content for Free in 2020

  1. The most attractive feature is it comes for Free. You can watch amazing movies, and series for free.
  2. While logging in to this app, you will not see any advertisements (NO ADS).
  3. While experiencing lags, you just need to wait for 30 seconds to watch the movie without any instinctive reflex.
  4. Almost all the series and all the movies are available on the Watched app along with TV shows.
  5. You will get the subtitles while watching the movies and series.
  6. By using URL huhu.to, you can watch everything in this app (the HUHU.to code helps its users to unlock the contents uploaded in Netflix and other online streaming paid subscription services.
  7. Since 1900, you will be able to watch all the movies and series in this watched app.
    The shows for which you pay on Netflix and Disney+, but you will get to watch it for free.

Those features attract its users to use the Watched app a little more. It is really helping us to enjoy our quarantine days and adding value to the love we have always given to the entertainment field.

As we have got to know about the features of this Watched app, now let us move forward to its Pros and Cons while using it. Everything in this world has its useful and useless sides.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of the Watched app

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Watched App Huhu.to (The Pros)

  • It is a free app (Free multimedia browser)
  • No advertisement running.
  • Almost all movies and series are available.
  • Subtitles are available in some of the movies and series.
  • With an updated version, you can download the movies as well.
  • Good Quality (Video Resolutions)

Watched App (The cons)

  • The main battle between you and this app is the server. You have to do many things to play with the servers (Especially American ones).
  • Once it shows connection lost, it requires your enduring patience to get back to the movies and series you are watching (the genuine playback error).
  • In most of the things you love to watch, you will see the pop-up messages ‘there is an error or ‘nothing found.’
  • After every minute of watching, it starts freezing.
  • Language Problem (if you choose a different language, it shows a different language)
  • Most of the series have no streaming. As English is accepted as a global language, it requires most movies and series in English.
  • No option for selecting audio.
  • You can’t play this on TV.

Despite having its limitations, people are using and enjoying it. The reason is, it is available for free. If you want something for free, then definitely you need to struggle with the process. Especially when the matter is about your daily entertainment, you can also wait a little longer to connect with the servers.

Watch Netflix Content for Free on Watched

Step 1:  Download Watched App from the Play store.

How To Watch Netflix, Prime, Hulu Content for Free in 2020

Step 2: Open the app and click + at the top right corner.

Step 3: Type “‘huhu.to” and click on Continue.

How To Watch Netflix, Prime, Hulu Content for Free in 2020

Step 4: Search for any Netflix Content! Done.

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Fix Server Problem in Watched App

Now, let’s find solutions for the SERVER problem of the Watched app.

The main benefit you are getting from the Watched app is good content to watch for free. So, a little problem in connection error is viable. Here you will find some tricks to solve your problems while watching movies online on the Watched app.

  • Make sure you are using a good server so that you will not find issues while reconnecting it.
  • Use the URL huhu.to get connected with the content you want to watch.
  • The lag you will get when you jump on the server in the full-length movies, you just wait there for only 30 seconds, and for the rest of the movie, you will be able to watch without any disturbances.

Try those mentioned above, and it will fix your server problem.


  • Huhu Resolver
  • Deutsche Serien
  • diziay.me
  • Films Française
  • Deutsche Medien
  • Deutsche Filme 2
  • Mehr Serien
  • Série Française
  • English Movies and Series
  • HUHU.TO TV Resolver

Huhu.to Alternatives

#1 Netflix

#2 Hulu

#3 Hotstar

#4 HBO

#5 Amazon Prime Videos


As time goes by, you will be unlocking more new features of this app with a new interface. So, your duty is to update this app from time to time. New features like screen orientation to rotate and get full-screen views will come soon in this watched app. Wait for some time to enjoy new features. All the bugs will be sorted out soon. You can install this app and enjoy your free time of quarantine days. This app will not let you feel down. You need a little patience!

I love surfing the web in search of different exciting things & write about Movies, News and Gadgets and that’s the reason I have started writing for itechhacks.



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