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Top 10 Best VR Box Apps for Android and iOS


In Short Hacks: Virtual Reality (VR) Apps are quite popular these days. So we decided to list some of the FREE VR Apps for your Android and iOS Device. You can download and install these apps directly from this article. So have a quick look over these amazing VR Apps of 2020.

Top 10 Best VR Box Apps for Android and iOS
Top 10 Best VR Box Apps for Android and iOS

The latest development in the field of technology is the all-new VR box. However, these VR boxes have been on people’s minds since the 1960’s. In the 1960’s, we had amazing stereoscopic videos, motion-tracking headsets, etc. We also had Interactive Google Street View-like experiences during the 1970’s. However, the latest VR boxes come with Tack-sharp displays, powerful processors, and all-around sensors. Before VR Apps, we wanna to add some light on VR History and what exactly VR is? We Hope you love to read it 🙂

What is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the stereoscopic (3D) displays by which you can get a virtual experience assumed an environment in front of your eyes by the use of computer technology.

Who invented Virtual Reality (VR)?

The invention of first VR had started since the late 50s. But exactly, In 1968, Ivan Sutherland, with his student Bob Sproull, designed what was widely considered to be the first VR and augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD) system.

Anyways, Let’s see what is the future of these VR technologies.

The VRs we have been using nowadays are affordable, impressive, fun to use, and phone-powered. Talking about phone powered, there have to be apps that support VR boxes on smartphones. And fortunately, there is a long list of such apps that support VR boxes on smartphones. You can also play a number of games using the gaming apps for your VR boxes.

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10 Best VR Box Apps for Android (Free)

So let’s discuss some of these most amazing VR apps and games which you can use to experience the thrill of VR boxes on your smartphone.

#1 YouTube: Best VR Apps

Since YouTube is the hub of all kinds of videos, you can watch its endless catalog in a 360-degree virtual reality mode. You must use ‘360‘and ‘VR‘ as keywords to search for compatible videos on YouTube. This app is absolutely free for both Android as well as iOS users. However, YouTube is the best VR experience for Android in 2019

#2 Google Cardboard

This is a must have app for all those who own a Google Cardboard headset. Other VR users can also download this app to use all the other apps provided by Google such as Google Earth, Google Maps, etc. VR Android apps of 2020

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#3 Sisters

A Virtual Reality Ghost Story: This is a really scary game which should be avoided playing during the night. The virtual reality provides the real scare factor to the players. The Android, as well as iOS users, can have this game for free.

#4 Seene

There are many apps using which you can click your photos in 360 degrees. However, Seene app triumphs over all those apps due to its additional feature which allows you to easily share your 360-pics with your friends. This app is entirely free for both Android as well as iOS users. Free apps for VR Box 2019

#5 InCell VR

This is a gaming as well as an educational app. The job of InCell VR is to, recreate human cells, with the feeling that you’re flying through them. It had a lot of scientific look in it. However, you can get this app on your Android device and iOS device for free.

#6 Orbulus

This app is the best option for all those traveling enthusiasts who wish to go to new place frequently. Orbulus gives you a new perspective on real-world places where you can’t go personally. Even this app is absolutely free for both Android as well as iOS users.


Just like every other entertainment app, the New York Times is trying hard to broadcast news in the virtual reality format. This kind of news will definitely look way more better than the mainstream news. Android, as well as iOS users, can have this app for free.

#8 VeeR VR

A lot of people have been waiting for such be technology to be launched. VRSE is one such amazing app such has music videos and fun shorts in it. This app is best to watch documentaries on. This app is entirely free for both Android as well as iOS users.

#9 Jaunt VR

This app is similar to many another app. It can do things which different apps have to offer. Here, you can watch entertaining videos and more serious short-films. Also, it provides with news from all around the world. Even this app is absolutely free for both Android as well as iOS users. Download Free VR Box Apps 


As the name suggests, this app has a lot if documentaries on serious issues such as riots, refugees, earthquake relief, etc. The content of this app is loved by all and must be watched. Just like every other app, this is also free for both Android and iOS users.

A VR Tour! 😛

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Wrap Up: These were some of the must have best VR apps which you must download if you own a VR box. You must have noticed that all the apps mentioned above are totally free for Android as well as iOS users. These VR Box apps for Android gives you an awesome experience. If you know any such app which must have been listed above then, please let us know in the comments section below.

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