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Top 8 Best Slideshow Maker Apps for iPhone & Android


Looking for the perfect slideshow maker app for your Android or iPhone? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a list of the 8 best free slideshow maker apps just for you.

We all love snapping photos, whether it’s during a family vacation or just to pass the time. Thanks to the high-quality cameras in our smartphones, we end up with tons of pictures. But let’s be honest, scrolling through each one can be a bit of a drag. Wouldn’t it be great if they could just play like a movie? That’s where slideshow apps for iPhones and Android come in handy. They’re a dream for anyone who loves to bring their photos together and watch them come alive as a mini-movie.

With these apps, creating stunning slideshows from your favorite photos is a breeze. Plus, you can easily share them with friends and family online.

The best part? You don’t need any fancy photo or video editing software. Your iOS or Android device is all you need. So, let’s dive into these slideshow maker apps and see what awesome features they offer!

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Best Slideshow Maker Apps 

Best Slideshow Apps for iPhone and Android (Free)

#1 Dayframe: Slideshow Maker Apps

This is a handy slideshow creator for Android devices. However, you will need a bit of experience to use this app. Day frame comes with a number of features using which you can enhance the quality of your slideshows. You can create your slideshows offline using this software. However, this software drains the battery of your Android device quickly.

#2 FilmoraGO

This is a highly customizable user platform along with an easy-to-use interface software for Android devices. You can easily edit your slideshows here and add various effects to it. The professional setup and development tools of this software set it apart from all other slideshow-making apps. It also provides effects such as reverse, slow motion, and fast motion, etc. FilmoraGO also comes with an extensive collection of themes. You can easily share your slideshows on social media websites with your friends or family.

#3 Photo Slideshow Maker

This slideshow maker comes with some advanced tools which help in creating amazing slideshows. This slideshow maker provides many photo effects, filters, and frames so you can create fabulous slideshows from your photo gallery. It also has many simple editing tools which are much useful. It is available for Android devices only.

#4 Photo FX Live Wallpaper

This slideshow maker is quite popular amongst the Android users. Photo FX Live Wallpaper comes with a number of features that allow you to upload photos, design slideshows, add floating animation, etc. This software is ideal for all beginners since it is very simplified and easy to use.

#5 PicFlow

This slideshow maker for iPhones does not possess many features but is very handy. It allows you to dictate the timing of every photo uploaded and line it up to the tune that you have selected. You can add your favorite music using an iPod. It has 18 different transitions which you can use. Editing is very simple, you can crop with the swipe and pinch function.

#6 SlideLab

This app is a chartbuster for iPhones in the best slideshow maker category. You can create a slideshow of your photos with a few clicks and within a few minutes. You can either use the music on your smartphone or use the music stored in the app. The video gets automatically adjusted for Instagram, Vine, etc. The best part of this app is that it keeps your photos in their original size.

#7 PicPlayPost

This is a trendy slideshow maker app for iPhones. Here, you can put your photos, videos, music, and GIFs together to make an amazing video. You can create up to nine videos, GIFs, or photos in each project. The video will have a watermark of this app. However, it is customizable.

#8 iMovie: Best Slideshow Maker Apps

As you can make it out from the name of this app that it is for iPhone users only. This is one of the best slideshow makers for iPhones. It has many features included in it. You can change the audio for each clip. You can also add visual effects and background music quickly. But, this app is very limited regarding flexibility. It is definitely not ideal for beginners.

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Wrap Up:

Right above we have listed all the best slideshow maker apps for iOS and Android. These were some of the best slideshow makers for iPhones as well as Android users. These apps will certainly never disappoint you with their performance. If we have missed out on any such app that should have been mentioned above, then please let us know in the comments section below.

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