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How to View Snapchat Stories Without them Knowing: Snapchat Stories Viewer


Key Takeaways
  • Snapchat is a popular app known for unique features like the inability to screenshot snaps.
  • Snap images are visible for 24 hours, with viewers listed, raising concerns about privacy.
  • The post provides 7 methods to view Snapchat stories secretly and lists tools like mSpy, Snapchat Phantom, and SpyFone for this purpose.

Due to the app’s uniqueness, Snapchat instantly acquired popularity after being released. Its best feature is that no one can screenshot any snap you share, regardless of what kind of picture you upload.

Snapchat images are visible on your profile for 24 hours, and you are informed of how many people have viewed them. If you don’t want to be on their watch list, what do you do? How can you access Snapchat Stories privately?

People you follow on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp are aware of your viewing of their stories. If privacy is an issue for you, you might wish to spy on these articles without the poster’s knowledge.

As a result, this post goes through seven methods to view Snapchat stories secretly. There is a straightforward method for viewing someone else’s Snapchat story without their knowledge.

How to View Snapchat Stories Without them Knowing: Snapchat Stories Viewer

Learn How To Watch Snapchat Stories Anonymously

Snapchat is a well-known instant messaging and media-sharing app. It makes it simple to interact with friends, exchange images and videos (known as Snaps), watch live stories from all around the world and find out about the latest news on Discover. The software has several filters, excellent tools, and exciting features. Because of this, Snapchat quickly overtook other platforms as the most widely used among users. It serves as a repository for memories that are shared instantly through Snaps, kept forever in Stories, and enjoyed in groups.

People boast about the best moments in their stories, and as friends, you share those memories with them. You must give credit to both the app and your worry about losing something peer-driven. You cannot ignore them, regardless of how you feel about them. since everyone in your social circle—friends, colleagues, and everyone else—is busy socializing here.

It’s unique because no one may copy or save your posts without first notifying you. Additionally, you will see a list of who has seen your posts, and they will remain up for 24 hours. But have you ever thought that you could view someone’s Snapchat story secretly? Have you ever needed to check out a user’s stories but refrained out of fear that they might find out?

How To Check Out How Many People Have Viewed Your Snapchat Story

If you’ve just joined Snapchat and shared a story, you might be curious about who watched it and screenshotted it. To do this, take the following actions:

Determine the Number of Viewers of Your Snapchat Story

  • Tap on the Snapchat app on your phone or tablet.
  • Select the “Profile” area from the menu.
  • You may view the stories you shared by tapping on “My Story.
  • Swiping up will display a list of viewers for that story, so you can see who has seen it.

Who Can View My Snapchat Story?

Snapchat allows you to prevent users from seeing your stories, but you must adjust your story settings to do so. Three options are shown below for Snapchat: Everyone, My Friends, and Custom.

How to change your Snapchat story’s privacy settings:

  • Simply run the Snapchat application and go to the “Profile” section.
  • After that, choose Settings (the gear icon) under Profile.
    snapchat Stories Anonymously
    snapchat Stories Anonymously
  • Click “View My Story” under “Who can see my story?
    snapchat Stories Anonymously
    snapchat Stories Anonymously
  • The options listed below will now be visible. Depending on your circumstances, you can select Everyone, My Friends, or Custom.

How To Watch Stories on Snapchat Anonymously

According to Snapchat and the majority of social media networks, stories can be viewed for 24 hours before automatically disappearing.

Therefore, users who have followed them will still be able to know who has viewed their stories even after the shared stories have been erased.

Snapchat does not offer a direct way to view shared stories, which is usually a good decision.

Users can still get around this by using a few smart methods that allow them to browse stories on another user’s profile without letting their activities be known. Let’s talk about how this technique works.

How to View Snapchat Stories Secretly 2023

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on seeing Snapchat stories in secret using several techniques.

1. By Disabling Mobile Data or WiFi

You can easily view someone else’s Snapchat story by turning off mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Turning off mobile data or WiFi will allow you to watch Snapchat stories anonymously.

  • You must sign in before you can access your Snapchat account.
    snapchat Stories Anonymously
    Snapchat Stories Anonymously
  • Next, tap the Story icon located at the bottom of your screen.
  • After arriving at the Stories page, you should reload the website and wait for all of the stories to load. Never open any of the other person’s stories if you don’t want them to know you viewed their story page.
    snapchat Stories Anonymously
    Snapchat Stories Anonymously
  • After refreshing the stories page, exit the Snapchat app and switch off your mobile data. Additionally, you need to stop using WiFi if you are.

If you’re asking why it’s because Snap makes the stories available in this format.

  • Restart Snapchat on your smartphone. To view Snapchat stories anonymously, tap the story icon at the bottom of the screen.
    snapchat Stories Anonymously
    Snapchat Stories Anonymously
  • You can view someone’s Snapchat story secretly if you tap on one of the preloaded stories.
  • When viewing the story, ensure your mobile device is in airplane mode or you have disabled Wi-Fi and mobile data.

2. Using the Snapchat Discover Feature

Using the “Snapchat Discover” feature, it is possible to read someone’s story on Snapchat without them knowing about it.

Steps for using the Discover function to view a Snapchat story:

  • Open the Snapchat application on your phone.
  • From the homepage, slide left to access the Snapchat Discover tab. Public figures, websites, and other people can upload the most recent stories here.
  • On the “Discover” screen, scroll until you find the article you want to read.
  • Once you locate the profile, tap on it to view its story.
  • Additionally, you can share this Snapchat story with your friends. Pressing and holding the stories button will bring up this option. The video can be personalized and texted to friends.

3. Using a Different Snapchat Account

Using a different Snapchat account, you can view another person’s Snapchat story.

How to view a Snapchat story of someone using a different Snapchat account:

  • Create your new Snapchat account. On Snapchat, you may see someone else’s story without letting them know that you have a second account, which keeps your identity a secret.
  • One technique for secretly viewing someone’s Snapchat stories is using a friend’s phone.

Snapchat’s many unknown tips and tricks improve the entire experience. However, Snapchat does not let you view another user’s feed secretly. You can secretly access someone’s Snapchat story using unofficial methods.

Best Snapchat Story Viewers Apps and Tools

Here are a few of the top Snapchat Story Viewers.

There are several ways to see the Snapchat story. For those who do not want to use manual techniques, several tools can be found online that allow you to see Snapchat stories.

You can download the following tools from your mobile device to view other peoplSnapchatchat stories:


snapchat Stories AnonymouslyOne of the best-known and most widely used spying applications is mSpy. You can use it to track your children’s or employees’ activities. You can monitor their phone activity remotely, including the images and videos they share with others, using social media platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, and others.

Snapchat Phantom

It’s a customized version of Snapchat. Android and iOS (iPhone) smartphones both support it. By using this significantly modified version of the software, you can bypass the theSnapchattions imposed by the original Snapchat app.


snapchat Stories AnonymouslyYou can download the SpyFone app from the App Store or the SpyFone website at spyfone.com. Using this free app, you may keep an eye on your loved ones’ and your children’s activities. Users can secretly view the Snapchat activity of others.

Coco Spy

One of the best spying applications is Coco Spy, which can be used as a Snapchat spying tool to access other people’s stories secretly. Snapchat is 100 percent safe and works with both iOS and Android smartphones.

The Truth Spy

snapchat Stories Anonymously

With the help of this spy tool, users may keep tabs on other users without letting them know they’re being observed. You may use the app to view the story, which works with Android and iPhone devices.


One of the best apps for spying on mobile phones is Spyzie. 100% security is guaranteed for users. It can be used to keep an eye on your kids’ and employees’ actions while at work.


You can post pictures and videos as stories on the well-known social networking site Snapchat. You might find the above tips helpful if you sometimes want to see another person’s Snapchat Stories Anonymously.

Additionally, you can watch a user of Snapchat or another social media platform using the top Snapchat apps to know about their activity. Please feel free to share this guide with your friends.



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