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How to Fix USPS DI Not Available for This Package 2024


Key Takeaways
  • USPS tracking allows customers to monitor the progress and delivery of their packages, providing dates, times, and updates during transit.
  • Reasons for the "DI Not Available for This Package" error include delayed data updates, technical glitches, incorrect tracking numbers, unscanned packages, and customs processing for international shipments.
  • Solutions to fix the error include verifying the tracking number, waiting for updates, visiting the local post office, contacting the sender or USPS customer service, and utilizing USPS Text Tracking feature.

Postal services like the USPS are essential for delivering packages, mail, and other essential items across the country. It is important to note, however, that USPS also suffers from occasional errors and glitches, such as any other large-scale operation.

It is possible for customers to receive an error message stating that “DI Not Available for This Package 2024”. So, it may be frustrating for recipients to receive this notification, leaving them wondering if their packages have been delivered. Therefore, if you want to know how to fix the USPS DI Not Available for This Package error, make sure to check out the fixes we have mentioned here. 

How to Fix USPS DI Not Available for This Package 2024

What is USPS Tracking?

As your mail and packages are shipped, you can track their progress with the United States Postal Service. In addition to tracking the shipment’s status, dates and times, and delivery dates, they can also get other updates during transit.

However, to ensure that packages reach their destinations on time and safely, customers trust USPS to monitor their packages. You can track mail and packages sent by First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Priority Express Mail, and even international mail.

If you would like to track your package via USPS, you can visit the official website or download the USPS app and enter your tracking number to receive the latest status updates.

Why does the USPS.com tracking system say “delivery status information is not available for your item via this website”?

When the USPS.com tracking system displays the message “delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site,” it typically indicates that the tracking information for the specific package is not currently accessible or updated in their online system. This situation can arise for several reasons. One common reason is that the tracking number might have been entered incorrectly or the tracking number is not yet active in the USPS tracking system. It can also occur if the package has not yet been scanned into the system by USPS or if there’s a delay in the electronic updating of tracking data.

What Are the Reasons of The USPS DI Not Available for This Package Error?

  1. Delayed Data Updates: USPS’s tracking information is based on complex databases and systems. It is possible for data updates to be delayed occasionally, resulting in the “DI Not Available” error. The system may take some time to catch up and synchronize the tracking information.
  2. Technical Glitches: USPS’s tracking infrastructure is no different from any other technological system. There may be temporary glitches that prevent certain packages from receiving tracking information.
  3. Incorrect Tracking Number: Sometimes, tracking numbers are entered incorrectly or mistyped. To ensure accuracy, double-check the tracking number.
  4. Package Not Scanned: Tracking information may not be available if the package has not been scanned at certain USPS checkpoints. The reasons for this can range from human error to peak times.
  5. Customs Processing (International Shipments): Delays in customs processing can cause tracking information to be unavailable for international shipments. You may not be able to access tracking details until customs have processed the package.

How to Fix USPS DI Not Available for This Package 2024

To resolve the “DI Not Available for This Package 2024” error, let’s explore some potential solutions:

Verify Tracking Number

Verify that your shipping confirmation or receipt contains a tracking number. Verify that the digits and characters you entered are correct. It is possible for even a small mistake to cause an error of “DI Not Available.”

Wait a Few Days

It is not uncommon for the USPS tracking not to update today. There are many possible reasons for this, such as delayed scanning, as we discussed above. Consequently, if your status hasn’t been updated yet, it might be done in a few hours. If there have been any updates, you can check back later.

You should contact the USPS at least five working days after the tracking does not update in transit concerning your late package. There’s a good chance that your mailpiece will appear in a few days, or at the very least, your tracking information will change.

Visit Your Local Post Office

You can visit the Post Office to ask a postal worker why your USPS tracking is not updating face-to-face. It may seem more speedy to some people to use this option as they might feel they will receive faster responses. Moreover, this is a good option if you have a Post Office close to your residence or business.

However, you should carry your mailing receipt with you so that the person behind the counter can give you the details of your package. If you do not provide them with a tracking number, they are unable to search for your item on their system and tell you where it is.

You can also choose one of the above two options if you don’t have time to visit the Post Office. It’s important to be patient as the USPS deals with hundreds of thousands of items every day, and a few slight hiccups shouldn’t be a problem.

Contact the Sender (Retailer or Shipper)

You can contact the sender (online retailer or shipper) about the problem if you are the recipient. You might be able to get additional insights from them or have them initiate an inquiry with USPS on your behalf.

Contact the Post Office Customer Service

The best and fastest way to fix DI Not Available issues after drop-off is to contact the Post Office directly. This option is also viable if a mailer needs to offer extra details about their package or has several additional questions.

In order to contact their customer support team, mailers are asked to call the USPS’s 1800 275 8777 number. In addition to providing them with your tracking number, you can discuss your issue in depth with them as well as receive some information about your mail.

There is a possibility that you will be given an update within 24 hours or even by the USPS representative on duty. Depending on their ability to access tracking information.

For technical support, you can call 1800 344 7779 and for delivery tracking, 1800 222 1811. It may help you understand why your USPS tracking does not update in 2024 if you call one of these numbers or send an email to the USPS website’s email address.

Steps to Track Your Package When USPS Tracking is Not Working

Many people have problems using USPS tracking because tracking numbers don’t work or can’t be updated. It’s usually during festivals or sales that these problems occur.

It takes them a long time to process the packages they receive. Nevertheless, they avoid scanning the barcode and directly delivering the package to increase the delivery process’s speed.

During peak seasons, USPS often skips scanning packages for convenience. Consequently, you do not have to worry about tracking information updates. Nevertheless, you can still use the following method;

  • It will take a few days for their tracking information to be updated.
  • Moreover, you can track your package using the USPS Text Tracking feature by texting your tracking number to 2USPS (28777).
  • If you would like to know the current status of your package tracking, contact USPS customer service.


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