Low-data mode on iPhone is helpful if you’re limited by your internet plan when it comes to cellular data. You can reduce your monthly costs drastically by using the Data Saver mode to reduce how much data applications and your iPhone consume. While this may seem like a great feature, you will not be able to auto-update your apps or download large files that could use significant amounts of data.

So, sometimes, we need to disable this feature, but we can’t as we don’t know the exact method to turn off low data mode on iPhone. Therefore, we are here to assist you. This guide will tell you how to turn off low data mode on your iPhone. So, let’s check out the guide.

What is Low Data Mode in iPhone?

Remember this if you wait until you have WiFi to do certain things like people normally do. This will block automatic updates, background tasks, and photo syncing, which can consume a lot of data on WiFi and cellular networks. Using data is still possible; this setting just limits some of the unnecessary data usage.

However, although it might seem silly to leave it permanently on if it saves you expensive data, it is important to know that iPhones are not designed to operate on fewer data. There is also a possibility that many of the installed applications will not operate correctly. You may have to make serious compromises in your iOS experience if you always leave the option enabled.

How Does Low Data Mode Work?

How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone

When Low Data Mode is turned on, your iPhone constantly checks for updates and syncs files to, let’s say, iCloud. However, the data is consumed when these files are transmitted over the Internet. Cellular plans with limited data can quickly add up if you use them excessively.

You can enable Low Data Mode on your iPhone to prevent some of these tasks from being performed so that it reduces the amount of data it uses so that you can let it be used for other purposes.

How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone (Mobile Data)

With iOS 13, Apple introduced a ‘Low Data Mode’ that is beneficial for users in a number of ways. When on a metered connection, users were able to save their precious data due to less usage over cellular and WiFi. But, if for any circumstance you want to disable this feature on your iPhone, make sure to perform these fixes:

  1. Firstly, hit the settings icon on your iOS device’s home screen.
  2. From the settings menu, select Mobile Data.How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone (Mobile Data)
  3. Next, click on the Mobile Data Options option located just below Mobile Data.How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone (Mobile Data)
  4. You can finally turn off Low Data Mode on your iOS device by tapping the toggle switch.How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone (Mobile Data)

How To Turn Off Low Data Mode for WiFi on iPhone

The majority of people do not enable this feature on iPhones when they are on a WiFi network. But, in case you accidentally enabled this feature previously, make sure to perform these steps to turn off low data mode on your iPhone when you are on WiFi connectivity:

  1. On the home screen of your iOS device, tap the Settings app.
  2. From the settings menu, select WiFi.How To Turn Off Low Data Mode for WiFi on iPhone
  3. Tap the information (i) icon on the left of the menu option.How To Turn Off Low Data Mode for WiFi on iPhone
  4. Click the toggle switch for WiFi to turn off the Low Data Mode.How To Turn Off Low Data Mode for WiFi on iPhone
  5. Your iOS device would no longer need to download updates for apps manually once the data mode is restored. In addition, you might also notice that the loading time of your web pages has improved.

Who Should Use Low Data Mode?

Anyone concerned about their data usage should use Low Data Mode. As smartphones have become more and more capable of using large amounts of data, that data can be more expensive when your billing cycle ends.

For example, if you’re using data for things like directions, emails, and Web browsing often exceeds your monthly data limit, you have to pay extra each month for things like app updates and photo syncing.

Why Should I Use Low Data Mode?

Low Data Mode is a good choice if you tend to exceed your data usage cap and wish to avoid any overage charges. Overage charges will result if you use more data than your monthly data limit.

Furthermore, when your data usage gets too high, cellular providers throttle it, which can lead to slow downloads and difficulty with high-data tasks, such as streaming video.

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So, that’s how to turn off low data mode on iPhone. We hope that you find this guide helpful. Meanwhile, in case you want to know more about this topic, comment below and let us know. 


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