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Smart Square Mercy Login at mercy.smart-square com 2024


The Mercy software is an advanced technology that helps hospitals maintain patient records easily. They need their mobile phones to access this software. It is fully secured software as it needs a password to log in. This software has many benefits for the hospital staff using, which they can easily maintain the records of the patient, and anyone in the hospital can use it. This is the guide to help you log in to Smart Square Mercy.

What Is Smart Square Mercy Login?

Smart Square Mercy Login At Mercy.smart-square.com – 2022

Mercy Healthcare Organization created a portal that works online for healthcare sector workers known as Smart Square Mercy Login. This brilliant portal offers many online services to the employees, such as storing information, their working timetable, taking all their leaves, taking holidays, and much more. The information is all private, and only the employees working at Mercy can get the information. They also require a username and password for this.  

Login At Smart Square Mercy Portal

If you want to log in to the Smart Square Mercy portal, you require some basic requirements. The following are the requirements-

  • An electronic gadget using that you will log in to the portal. It can be anything like a computer system, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • Account credentials for logging into your account. 
  • A connection with good internet speed. 

Now, you can log in to the Smart Square Mercy portal by following the given steps-

  • Firstly, open any of your browsers on your device, and search for the official website of the Smart Square Mercy portal; visit the site.
  • Enter the required details to log in to your accounts, such as the username and the password.

Smart Square Mercy Login At Mercy.smart-square.com – 2022

  • Now, lastly, click on the Login button.

This is the process using which you can log in to your account on the Smart Square Mercy portal. 

Benefits Of Smart Square Mercy Portal

The Smart Square Mercy portal has many benefits in storing patients’ information. You can log in to the portal by the given above steps. Given below are the benefits of the Smart Square Mercy Portal-

Easy To Use

The Smart Square Mercy portal is easy to use, and anyone can use it easily. You can access patients’ information only if you have a username and password. You can easily access the portal, book the patient’s appointment on the portal, and get the schedule. It is designed so that the employees can keep the data of many patients together.

Safe And Secure

This software is secured so data will not be leaked. You can only use the software or the portal if you have the username and password of your account. All the information is kept private. Hospital administrators have the right to keep an eye on their employees. So they can access the account easily at any time. No third party can use your account and access your information.  

Convenient To Use

This portal handles all of your details in a very convenient way so that it also remains secure and private. This portal allows you to easily manage your staff, patients, and appointments. With the help of the username and password, you can update the user’s profile at any time. All the information is kept confidential using the IP hiding feature.  


It is a great affordable tool and can be used in any emergency or future case. You can give any emergency case to one of your staff members without knowing the employee’s name. 


Here, in this article, we have discussed all the essential information regarding the Smart Square Mercy portal. You can now easily log in to the portal. You can reset your password using the above steps if you have forgotten it. Also, there are a lot of benefits of using this portal, which are also mentioned above in the article. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- 

What Is Smart Square Mercy Portal?

Smart Square Mercy portal is a portal that is used by hospitals or by healthcare staff. This can be used in many ways. This can be used to store information about the patients, schedule any meeting, any emergency case, and many more.

How Can We Login To Smart Square Mercy Portal?

You can easily log in to the portal. But keep in mind some of the requirements you need for logins, such as any device, all the credentials for login, and a good internet connection. The steps are already provided above to log in to the site.

How To Reset The Password For The Portal?

It is very easy to reset the password for the portal if you have the login information. The steps are provided above to reset the password. 


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