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Is Rogue Company Crossplay? How to Cross Save


The Rogue Company, developed by Epic Games, is now available on consoles and PCs for free in Open Beta. This news has completely enraged gamers all over the world. In the meantime, many are eager to see if the game supports cross-platform play. The following guide will answer any questions you may have about Rogue Company’s cross-platform play and how to cross-save.

Is Rogue Company Crossplay? Steps to Cross-Save

The competitive multiplayer game Rogue Company is very popular. The Open beta for that game just became available for both the PC and consoles. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this game for a long time. The closed beta was released a long time ago.

Rogue Company has become more popular. It is now the most played title by Hi-Rez Studios. The game will continue to receive updates in the future. But, for now, the title’s roster of characters makes it an exceptionally fun title.

For those of you just joining the bandwagon, here’s where you can find out whether the game supports crossplay. Additionally, check out how crossing works.

Is Rogue Company Crossplay?

Yes, there is crossplay support for Rogue company. Through the Epic Games Store, players can now play The Rogue Company Crossplay on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the game’s creators, players can now play and progress across all platforms. The latest Rogue Company CrossPlay game features for the PC version have been released through the Epic Games Stores for Hi-Rez’s gaming consoles as well.

Players may also use the Rogue Company Cross-Save feature instead of the Crossplay function. This allows them to play when, where, and however they choose. You can ensure that your game progress will be saved by linking your account to ink.roguecompany.com.

How to Cross-Save?

Your progress is synchronized across all platforms in Rogue Company. But, if you want to cross-save from Rogue Company to other accounts, you must link them all together.

You can link your accounts by visiting the game’s website. Choose the gaming platform you’ve been using. Use your username and password to sign in.

If you have another gaming account on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Epic Games store, you can link that as well.

After you have completed that, choose your primary account which will be the system you most frequently play Rogue Company on. If you are using a different system, you will still be able to play on your primary account.

Rogue Bucks are only available on the platform in which they are earned, so cross-saving is a neat option available.

Benefits of Linking Account

Various benefits can be gained if your account is linked to multiple platforms. Below are some examples.

  • You will be able to combine your friends’ contact information after linking your accounts.
  • Playing and communicating with them will be possible no matter which platform you use.
  • As long as you have linked your Steam and Hi-Rez accounts, your Steam friends will be imported as well.
  • Rogue Company’s Social tab appears directly below your nameplate, in the top right corner of the homepage. When you are in account management, select the account where you want to keep your progress.
  • Any cosmetics, achievements, and advancement items, no matter which platform is your primary, will be accessible across all linked platforms.

Final Words

This is about Is Rogue Company Crossplay? Learn to Cross-Save. Now you know the answer to your question. Rogue Company is crossplay and you can enjoy playing it with your friends.


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