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Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crossplay in 2024?


Key Takeaways
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 does not currently support crossplay, limiting players to compete only with others on the same platform.
  • Electronic Arts, the game's publisher, has hinted at the possibility of introducing crossplay in the future, as seen with Need for Speed Heat.
  • While there is no confirmation for crossplay in Battlefront 2 in 2024, the inclusion of the feature would enhance gameplay experience by allowing players from different platforms to interact and collaborate.

Battlefront 2 was released a few years ago. Furthermore, it was heavily criticized for how it handled progressions and microtransactions. This has changed now, however. The game is also free on PS Plus. Here are all the details you need to know if Star Wars Battlefront 2 offers crossplay.

Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay in 2024?

The gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront 2 revolves around shooting. The game was released in 2017. The game was released on several platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The most frequently asked question about Battlefront 2 crossplay might be answered as you proceed.

Most of the questions about Battlefront 2 crossplay are directed to EA or Electronic Arts. As a popular video game company, EA is reputed.

Playing crossplay allows players of different platforms to interact and collaborate. So, the question is when will players be able to play Battlefront 2 on multiple platforms?

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crossplay

To keep it simple, Battlefront 2 does not support crossplay at the moment. As a result, you can only compete or play with PlayStation 4 players if you are playing the game on your PlayStation.

Nonetheless, there is news that things may change in the future. Electronic Arts have introduced crossplay concepts with Need for Speed Heat for the first time.

Need for Speed Heat was just recently released, and it already has cross-platform functionality. In addition, it shows that EA at least is considering including the feature in their games. That’s great.

At the moment, it’s just hoped, and no actual information or confirmations have yet been shared. The league may also include FIFA 21.

Gaming becomes so much more enjoyable with crossplay. Players from different platforms can participate. If the game supports cross-platform play, you and your friend can enjoy playing it from their own homes.

It is one of the primary reasons why people crave it so much. A few games support cross-platform play, including Rocket League and Modern Warfare. As a result, expectations are high.

This is all about Is Battlefront 2 Crossplay in 2024? Now, you must have got your answer.


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