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How to Remap HBO Max Button to Max on Android TV Remote


HBO Max is a very famous app that has been providing users with great movies and shows. The HBO Max has thousands of movies and series that have been watched by users without any issues. They all love streaming over the platform due to various reasons. One of the many includes series and movies by HBO. There are a lot of movies and series that are produced by HBO, and they are very great to watch.

The company is also working on making the HBO Max streaming platform a great video streaming platform so that users can stream shows and movies without any issues. Recently, some changes have been released by the company itself for HBO Max users. The users are reporting some issues with the release of the changes on their Android TVs.

The users are reporting that they are not able to use HBO Max due to various reasons. Also, HBO Max is not providing the latest shows and movies on the app. In this guide, we are here with the guide where we will tell you about the latest changes to the HBO Max and the new Max app available for the users. You will also understand the steps involved in remapping the HBO Max to Max on your Android TV.

Why Should You Remap HBO Max Button To Max on Android TV Remote?

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The users cannot use the old HBO Max on their Android TVs. It is because of the update that was released by the company itself. Recently, the HBO company has released another app for users where they will be able to stream the movies and shows that were available on HBO Max. In the Max app, they will provide all the latest shows and movies that will release soon.

Apart from it, there are chances that they will be adding more movies and shows for the players to increase the app’s popularity among the users. However, your old HBO Max app is not in use anymore. So you have to switch to the latest Max app for watching shows and movies. If you use the default HBO Max app, you will not be able to get a lot of updated shows and movies.

Many users are using the HBO Max app to watch shows and movies. Also, they have mapped the HBO Max on their button to launch the app instantly. Many TV providers have made the HBO Max default with some button so that the users can open it in one click. But as the HBO Max is not of use anymore, the users are thinking of remapping the

How to Remap HBO Max Button to Max on Android TV Remote

The users using the HBO Max with a simple button click are now searching for a way to remap it with the new Max app. However, they are confused about how it will be going to happen. It is because this is something that the users are new to. So we will list the steps needed for the users to follow to do this. We will help you with all the steps that are required for you to follow to complete the mapping of the Max without any issues. You have to follow the steps which are listed below to do this.

  • First, the users have to turn on their Android TV and ensure that they are running on the latest version of the operating system.
  • Once they have checked the version, open the Play Store on your TV.
  • Now, search for the app of Button Mapper from the Search Bar.

  • Install the application on your Android TV.
  • Once the installation is completed, you have to open the app on your Android TV.
  • After doing this, go to the Accessibility of the TV.
  • Give permission for the app to make changes.
  • You have to open the Button Mapper app.
  • Now, select the button which is mapped to the HBO Max.
  • After it, open that button and select the Max app for that particular button from the list.
  • Wait for the process to get completed. Once the procedure is completed, you will be able to use the button for accessing the Max app with a simple button click.

Wrapping Up

Thousands of users are there who use HBO Max on their TV regularly to watch shows and movies. They were frustrated by the button mapping to their Android TV remote. As the Max app has been released for the users recently, so they were looking for the procedure to remap the HBO Max to the Max app.

However, due to the lack of proper guides on the internet, the users were not able to do this. In this guide, we have listed the steps the users will need to follow to map the HBO Max button to the Max app. We hope with this guide’s help; you will be able to do this.


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